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The Man Who Resurrected Lady Gaga -- Revealed

12/6/2010 7:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery man who donated half-a-million bucks to an AIDS charity and brought Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and a ton of other celebs back to life (on Twitter)  -- has been revealed ... as a BILLIONAIRE.

Lady Gaga

TMZ has learned ... pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr donated roughly $500,000 earlier today to the Digital Death campaign  ... which benefits the Keep a Child Alive organization.

Rahr's donation freed up scores of celebs who pledged to go silent on their social media sites until the group raised $1 million.


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Where were the celebs with big fat wallets? Don't these celebs get paid by sponsers on Twitter. They are trying to nickel and dime, guilt, the average person into donating for every cause. Funny but this guys 'drugs' sold in America are so expensive many people go without medication, so we can support the rest of the world medications needs at discounted prices. Oh and who wants to donate to Alicia Keys homewreckers charity?

1363 days ago


While I know the money was well spent on a charity, I would have preferred the donations be towards...keeping the "celebrities" SILENT.

1363 days ago


So tired of celeberties asking us for money.i know it all for a good cause but with the money they make they should give way more.what some of theses celebs make in a year most of us wont make in TEN life times.Im tired of hearing how they spent million of dollars on a party (SICK).So stop asking for money and stop spending it in a gross display of wealth!!!!!

1363 days ago


omg bless this man .. how was i supposed to liveee without kim kardashians tweets?....bwahahahahaahahah you saved we can reweet them kissing their own asses.. shewww

1363 days ago


No one was donating? Speak for yourself you ignorant bitch. THAT'S WHY THEY MADE 500K AND JUST NEEDED ANOTHER 500K TO RAISED $1 million. THINK...THINK...THINK HARD. By the way, I didn't gave them ****, all aids victims should go to hell or move to another planet. We don't need y'all stupid ****s. ..Then again wouldn't their be less blacks in the USA? Just saying.

1363 days ago


the only reason ppl didnt wanna give money because they'd rather keep them dead...damn thanks alot whatever your name is

1363 days ago


Does anybody know if the celebrities actually donated any of their own money to this charity? Or do they just want everybody else to do it and take the credit themselves for supposedly raising the $ by logging off twitter?

1363 days ago


amen sant

1363 days ago


This campaign was one of the worst I’ve ever seen run. It was offensive to people ACTUALLY dying of AIDS, it was SELF-SERVING for these celebs… it was POORLY organized… just thumbs down all over. Whoever donated to this cause should have just taken their money to another organization that doesn’t promote/glamourize the ego’s of celebs and mask the process as a charitable act. In all honesty, the campaign said: “We won’t talk to you until you donate… we know we’re that important to you.” And while I encourage ALL people to donate to the world-wide charities in order to assist those living with or dying of this horrible disease… I just don’t feel this was appropriate. “Digital death”? REALLY? So we’re saying that you should somehow corelate Kim Kardashian NOT tweeting about her shoes or being in the gym (accompanied by a glamorous coffin photo) to children dying of AIDS? Good cause? YES. SELF-SERVING and Egotistical? Absolutely.

1363 days ago


Hey, does anyone know who I donate money to in order to shut up Kanye West's Twitter feed?

I'm not a billionaire, but I do care about humanity, and I'd like to help out.

1363 days ago


IDIOT!! send his money back... give some to me! I need to pay rent and bills!

1363 days ago


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1363 days ago

My two cents ;)    

why......................oh why..............would one bring Kim K back and godzilla jr aka khloe k???? if i had a million i'd pay to make sure all kardashians would be banned from media

1363 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

pharmaceutical mogul huh? pharmaceutical moguls are the ones making people sick with their harmful meds. Think about it, all the accidental death caused by meds.

1363 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

celebrities get paid to tweet on twitter..... they promote products and add the word (ad) and they get paid.. google it and you'll see.

1363 days ago
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