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The Man Who Resurrected Lady Gaga -- Revealed

12/6/2010 7:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery man who donated half-a-million bucks to an AIDS charity and brought Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and a ton of other celebs back to life (on Twitter)  -- has been revealed ... as a BILLIONAIRE.

Lady Gaga

TMZ has learned ... pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr donated roughly $500,000 earlier today to the Digital Death campaign  ... which benefits the Keep a Child Alive organization.

Rahr's donation freed up scores of celebs who pledged to go silent on their social media sites until the group raised $1 million.


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Didn't alicia and her charity organization just have a black ball to support the same cause, not just recently but every year. The ball is a good way to raise money, but this digital death thing was crap w.all their photoshoots and publicity they get just to get a pat in the back. Wondering, do celebrities think that common folks don't help out in causes like these even b.f they became famous. They only help out people once they get their million dollar paycheck in matter of a year or years, while others work their butt off. Even the doctors in the clinics in africa and india are doing all the hard work. These celebs just drop by and sprinkle their magic dollars, come on for once go out there and work and not do it for publicity and a cameraman exploiting those kids. Americans don't need to see problems 3rd world countries face through the lense of celebrities, obviously they are well aware of the statistics of aids in south africa or india. Obviously,common folks can just get up and help.

1396 days ago


"pharmaceutical mogul????" Wow, how does one sleep at night knowing one has gotten filthy rich off of price gouging sick people or charging those 80 year old grandmas $60... per pill for their BP medication. Until crap like this is addressed, Obamacare will never work

1396 days ago

Ed D    

I'm all for giving to a charity if your rich but who the F does this guy think he is. Couldn't he have picked something else. We finally had a legit way to shut them all up and he ruined it all for us. What a jackhole

1395 days ago


While it's nice that some Billionaire donated money - exactally why did he have to? Doesn't Lady GaGa have enough cash in her piggy bank to Bail Herself out - or is she another useless Star who thinks that simply Attaching their name to a project is Help/Work enough?? How about they actually donate some actual money to the projects they support, instead of moaning that they will be silent UNTILL their fans (who are mostly poor) pony up the cash for the pet project....Bleeeghhh

1395 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah what a stupid thing this was. Gaga, Kim K and Timberlake are worth millions of dollars and instead of donating the 1 million dollars between themselves they have to suck more money from their fans who made them millionaires to begin with. Frickin joke.

1395 days ago



1395 days ago


I think Interpol should put out a warrant for this guy's arrest. His donation that put these a-holes back on Twitter is every bit as much endangering our lives as anything that wikileaks guy did!

1395 days ago


damn you, damn you, look at what you did !!!

1395 days ago


I don't understand how or why some of the people on here are so nasty?? I think TMZ should raise the posting limit as I'm sure these people are immature children spending their day j**king off at their computer.

If you have nothing constructive to say, then maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourselves.

This idea was a great opportunity to raise some media interest in the charity. I'm not fan of any of them and my life is real enough not to spend my time in the virtual world of twitter & Co. But a good idea that worked.

1395 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Does Lady Gaga Male Version Of "Sasha" give him permission to do that.

1395 days ago


Worked for that guy for a bit. He is a strange one and is all about publicity. The company he runs is crazy!

1395 days ago


I'm glad he made the donation to the charity but really it was so much nicer and quieter not having to listen or read about all the minutia these celebs keep talking.

1395 days ago


"pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr". Funny how a guy who is so much a part of the problem of drug addiction by the entertainment community and many other american's these days, is hailed as hero for throwing money at something...a reconsideration of the "source" really needs to happen. Maybe when we have the courage to say "no thank you" to sources that continue to profit so greatly from remaining part of the problems of this planet, then we can move forward.

1395 days ago


Stop buying from this guy's pharmaceutical company. We wanted these people to STAY dead.

1395 days ago


Lady Gaga's twitter and Facebook and Myspace fans are fake and do not exist and are created by marketing companies she hired herself to boost her career and popularity. And that is why nobody from her Twitter/Facebook/Myspace accounts was able to raise the money needed for the AIDS charity she is promoting. Because they are not REAL!!!

1395 days ago
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