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New Michael Jackson Album Leaks on Internet

12/6/2010 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album is now the victim of music pirates ... ALL 10 tracks from "MICHAEL" have leaked online -- a week before its official release date.

Michael Jackson New Album Leaked

The tracks are now up on several file sharing websites ... and unless Sony Music authorized it -- this is a clear case of illegal piracy.

The official, aka legal, release date is next Tuesday -- December 14.

UPDATE: Sony had no comment.


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Michael Jackson's 'Michael' Track-By-Track


"1. "Hold My Hand" (Duet with Akon)
Akon originally wrote this uplifting single for himself, but after being tapped by Jackson to help piece together the King of Pop's next album, the Senegalese singer decided that Jackson's presence on the track was vital. "The song was pretty much finished, but his delivery creates a whole other environment -- his tone and energy just made that record seem completely different," says Akon, who ended up recording the song with Jackson in Las Vegas in 2008. "We decided we would make it his record featuring myself, because I felt like he'd give it more mileage, and the record would be so, so much bigger if it was a Michael Jackson record."

2. "Hollywood Tonight"
A cautionary tale built around breakneck beats, "Hollywood Tonight" finds Jackson telling an intense story of a girl who lets glamour go to her head. The track sounds like Britney Spears' "Lucky" crossed with Justin Timberlake's "Lovestoned," but co-producer Teddy Riley had Jackson's own hits in mind when concocting its danceable sound. "I was looking at just doing the next level of 'Billie Jean' meets 'Dangerous' or 'Doggin' Me Around,'" says the producer, who previously worked with Jackson on tracks like "Remember the Time" and "Dangerous." "It's like one of those driving bass lines that you will remember."

3. "Keep Your Head Up"
"Give me your wings so we can fly," Jackson sings on this inspirational track, which feeds off of swelling backing vocals and slow handclaps at its conclusion. R&B producer C. "Tricky" Stewart was brought in to "add a last bit of polish" to the track, but he says that all of the components of a classic Jackson song were already in place. "It starts small, gets big and ends with a big choir and big drums-the Jackson sound that everybody has come to know and love," says Stewart.

4. "(I Like) The Way You Love Me"
"(I Like) The Way You Love Me" begins with the audio recording of a voicemail Jackson left his engineer, in which he sings the hook and describes the drum arrangement of the track. The simple sketch eventually led to this blissful love song, which recalls "The Way You Make Me Feel" with its layered vocals and gentle percussion. "It's a song he had in his heart for many years," says Theron "Neff-U" Feemster, who worked with Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx prior to co-producing the track alongside Jackson in Los Angeles. "I'm glad he trusted me enough to complete his vision."

5. "Monster" (featuring 50 Cent)
After opening with a terrifying scream, "Monster" quickly unveils its stuttering beat as Jackson begins lashing out at those who see him as "an animal;" at its climax, the singer can only manage the painful question, "Why?" Riley says that the harrowing song was too slow when he first began working on it, and that he spent a while adding some funk to the darker themes. "I brought in guitars. I brought in bass. I brought in keys. I brought a lot of effects and sounds that kinda took it to the next level," says Riley. The producer also worked with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who added a bruising verse to the song earlier this year. "Michael always wanted to work with 50," says Riley. "He came right in and did what he does, and took it in another direction, and it came out incredible."

6. "Best of Joy"
One of the last songs that Jackson worked on before passing away, "Best of Joy"'s message of commitment takes on a new resonance in the wake of the singer's death: "I am forever," Jackson coos, adding, "We'll never part/Our love is from the heart." Feemster says that the track was completely finished before Jackson's death, and that it was meant to be unveiled during his "This Is It" tour. "You can't help but smile when you hear it," the producer says of the song.

7. "Breaking News"
When it first debuted in early November, "Breaking News" presented a more defensive side of Jackson, who attacks the media for turning him into a "boogie man." Recorded in the New Jersey home of co-producer Eddie Cascio in 2007, the song's simmering beat and throwback feel can be credited to Riley, who claims responsibility for many of the song's major musical elements. "'Breaking News' was a track that, when I first heard it, I wanted to take to the next level and make it very exciting, very interesting, and kind of change things up," says Riley, "and we completed our mission doing that."

8. "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)
After seven songs of R&B-influenced pop, "Michael" takes a left turn with this Lenny Kravitz collaboration, which develops an industrial rock groove that's a bit reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails. "You're the fire that keeps me warm!" Jackson bellows on the chorus, as guitars envelop his voice and Kravitz repeats the song title like a lullaby. Aside from Kravitz's blistering solo on the bridge, "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" is highlighted by some spectacular percussion courtesy of Dave Grohl.

9. "Behind The Mask"
This kinetic pop song was originally performed by Yellow Magic Orchestra before Jackson asked to add some lyrics to match the danceable beat. A saxophone solo soon segues into a series of electronic blips, and Jackson offers the command, "Take off the mask, so I can see your face!" while computerized backing vocals contribute to the tightly packed production. "Mask" is a must-listen if only because, out of all the songs on "Michael," it holds the highest number of Jackson's signature "hee-hee!" exclaims.

10. Much Too Soon
"Michael" ends with its most somber song, as "Much Too Soon" finds Jackson wistfully looking back on a relationship that he could not make work. "I'm hoping that my prayers will see, The day that you come back to me/But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon," sings Jackson, who produced the song alongside McClain. Written around the time of the "Thriller" album, "Much Too Soon" stands as a powerful final reminder of Jackson's emotional vocals and effortless songwriting."

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His brothers have said they tried to do interventions...if they were not saying he had a drug problem...then what were they intervening for??? I am NOT calling MJ an ADDICT...his family has done that on their own...His mom....JOE....Jermaine....Latoya....Janet....

i don't need to know who you are..but I am sure you were not with MJ 24/7 to know who he talked too and when....

1383 days ago


Jackson syringes still not tested


"Attorneys for the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death asked a judge on Wednesday to order testing on two syringes and an IV bag found in the pop singer's home that they say are rapidly deteriorating.

The request comes after more than a month of private meetings between defense attorneys, prosecutors and the judge to try to get testing on the items performed.

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team has expressed urgency for the testing, saying fluids in the items are deteriorating rapidly and have become "salt" in one of the syringes.

The testing they are seeking may determine the quantities of drugs in the items, which the cardiologist's lawyers say could be crucial information for a trial.

Attorney J. Michael Flanagan told The Associated Press that he submitted a motion asking a judge to order the testing after being unable to reach an agreement with prosecutors about the testing. No hearing date has been set, he said.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death in June 2009 at age 50. Authorities say he gave the singer a lethal dose of sedatives, including the anesthetic propofol and painkiller lidocaine.

"We are running out of time," Flanagan said.

An e-mail message for district attorney's spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Transcripts of the meetings about the syringes obtained by the AP show Murray's defense team is willing to have the items tested by the Los Angeles coroner's office. The fluids have degraded and it remained unknown whether the proposed testing will yield useful information, according to the transcripts.

Murray's attorneys contend testing, which would establish the quantities of the drugs, should have been done along with other tests after the singer's death.

Flanagan said he had been trying to get the testing done for more than five months to no avail.

Prosecutor David Walgren had downplayed the potential value of the testing during a Nov. 4 meeting, telling a judge his office didn't concede the testing Murray's team is seeking "is relevant to anything or important."

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1383 days ago



If the executors approve re-releasing of MJ's work I will buy it if its packaged right. When "For All Time" was released with the Thriller 25 box set.......I could not stop playing that song!!!!!OMG!!!!!
Call me crazy: I hope the new re-released CD packaging reflects some of that gawd awful bazaro looking funiture that MJ had custom made. HILARIOUS!!!!Or something that's distinctive about him. I would love to have something like that along with his music because it reflects him,,,,,not Sony/Epic!!!

btw: when Motown had their 50th anniversary, the box set was a replica of the original hitsville building,,,,,therefore it can be done with some imagination!!!price tag about $100.00

1383 days ago


regarding what anyone says about mj and drugs , i would hope they would just keep it private because i feel murray s people will try and use it to their benefit..
i just looked at the album cover and it is jacksons live..i think they were in new york.they produced it ..its excellent
have a good day !
that was a great post Nan!!!!! Everything is an open book now dayz!!!!! Murray is guilty whether people speak about the fiasco or not!!!! ?Deals are being made. Palms have been greased in the judicial system. Only God can fix this mess!!!

1383 days ago



Call me crazy: I hope the new re-released CD packaging reflects some of that gawd awful bazaro looking "furniture" that MJ had custom made.

funiture: rotflmao...LOL x sillion!!!!

1383 days ago


You can hear the entire album on

Posted at 9:59 AM on Dec 8, 2010 by MJFan


Thanks for the heads up MJFan

1383 days ago


regarding what anyone says about mj and drugs , i would hope they would just keep it private because i feel murray s people will try and use it to their benefit..
Posted at 12:59 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by nan

That is why I am so mad when MJ's family and his ex wife LMP and his friends and even some of his fans they all say he was a drug addict junkie who was going to overdose on drugs sooner or later.Do these people forget that MJ had lupus and vitiligo and that he suffered from chronic insomnia and that he was severly burned in the head during that Pepsi commercial back in the days?He medicated on pills because he NEEDED those medications not because he WANTED them.Also how come the autopsy on MJ reported that his organs were not damaged by drugs while the media reported he swallowed 40 xanax a night every night for years?His lungs had the scars of emphysema but his heart and his liver and his stomach they were all healthy.Is that the body of a junky drug addict?Michael Jackson did not die because he was a drug addict.He was killed by someone else (Dr. Murray allegedly) who administered propofol recklessly to him at his home.And I hope the person responsible for killing him goes to jail.End of story.

1383 days ago


i don't need to know who you are..but I am sure you were not with MJ 24/7 to know who he talked too and when....
No one was with him 24/7 so that's a mute azz non point. You're the one who is willing to place a bet as to what he would or would not have done with his brothers. I've only heard Janet use the word addict. no one else. MJ admitted on national television that he was dependent on pain medication 18 years ago.......gee perhaps that's when the brothers felt they needed to intervene ...yah knawh....just sayin.......

1383 days ago

Paulette more really should learn how to read a post before you respond with your nasty comments....
I said his children SHOULD accept the awards on his behalf..I said MJ might have NOT been happy with his CHILDREN accepting them though!! Only because I don't think he would want them on TV in front of millions of viewers...

I don't care WHO sang the background on TII..I KNOW when the song was written!My point wasn't to get a history lesson from you on how and when the song was originally written. I only said that if MJ was ALIVE and was to PUBLISH TII he would NOT have had his brothers doing the background...

Do you KNOW for a fact he was Including his brothers on stage in London at them concerts??? I know people said he was planning on bringing his children. Did you by chance see Jermaines interview shortly after MJ passed?? He did not know a thing MJ was doing in the concerts, only what he heard from others...THINK if he was going to be INCLUDED in the concert he might have KNOWN a little more than here-say form others???

Really???...MJ was rehearsing at the Staples Center?? DUH...doesn't mean he would have wanted his private footage turned into a movie either...HAD he ever turned any of his other rehearsals into a concert film????

See this is the EXACT reason there are only a handful of fans left and Ohwell on here..nobody can make a comment or state an opinion without someone else turning it into a major fricken war...

I like to speculate??? lol everyone of your posts are speculation...unless you are Michael himself how do YOU know anymore then anyone else...Geez...Have a drink ...relax...

1383 days ago


That is why I am so mad when MJ's family and his ex wife LMP and his friends and even some of his fans they all say he was a drug addict junkie who was going to overdose on drugs sooner or later.
I can't agree with that one. The family had their own autopsy performed because the Coroner's office needed an additional 6-8 weeks. the Jackson's had their answer within a few days and they cried bloody murder.....not Suicide, not Overdose. Murder! Just like the Coroner's ruling of Homicide.
I've only heard the haters use words like addict/junkie. They say those things because they are ignorant, uneducated, have limited reading skills and cannot think critically.
There's a huge difference between a junkie/addict and dependency. A Junkie/addict abuses drugs whether they need them or not. They most certainly don’t hire a cardiologist, dermatologist, or RN and allow themselves to be photographed with them.
Michael Jackson was under a doctor's care. A doctor completed a treatment plan and prescribed specific medications for Michael's medical ailments. The world knows he had several medical diagnoses. Only a fool would continue to go round and round and round repeating the same misinformation and lies about Michael's health.

As for LMP comparing MJ to her father is a bunch of bunk. She's trying to sell a BS book!!! People should be furious at her for those ridiculous claims.
Who are the friends that claim MJ was a junkie? The interviews I saw all spoke highly of him as a professional and how much they miss MJ.

1383 days ago


gee perhaps that's when the brothers felt they needed to intervene ...yah knawh....just sayin.......

Posted at 1:52 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by mymjj5

Your comment is funny. Let me ask u this. Would u be totally happy if KJ & family are the executors? Just curious. I could only speak for myself. I could see that u & I are ardent MJ fans & that's great, but from your posts, u seem totally against Sony/Executors, they could do nothing right. I would rather see the estate grows & prospers for the benefit of MJ3/KJ. Hey, u are one of the fans(?) that provides us with pretty good insight. Thanks & appreciated.

1383 days ago


who is the smart mouth, potty mouth, dumb mouth, and ass mouth? Mewo.........


Describing yourself UnWell?

BTW, it's Meow...


1383 days ago


----To those who are claiming that some-all - or any of the new CD isn't really MJ ---I don't know what they are listening too - it is definately him - the entire album! I have listened to it now several times - all MJ - Love it!

1383 days ago
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