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New Michael Jackson Album Leaks on Internet

12/6/2010 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album is now the victim of music pirates ... ALL 10 tracks from "MICHAEL" have leaked online -- a week before its official release date.

Michael Jackson New Album Leaked

The tracks are now up on several file sharing websites ... and unless Sony Music authorized it -- this is a clear case of illegal piracy.

The official, aka legal, release date is next Tuesday -- December 14.

UPDATE: Sony had no comment.


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Look out media! MJ is coming to haunt you! Long Live The King!

Full lyrics to 50 cent rap in MJ's "Monster"

[50 Cent]
Catch me in a bad mood, flippin’ you’ll take a whippin’
animal, hannibal, cannibal addition
tears appear, yeah, blurring your vision
fear in the air, screaming, your blood drippin’
shiver a second, now, now, now, now what is it
funeral’s, cemetaries, don’t worry it’s time to visit
broke bones, tombstones, how do you think I’m kidding
its home, sweet home, the land of the forbidden
all hell, run tell, the King has risen
2010 Thriller, there’s nothing iller, it’s killer
there vision, the missin’ the pack, this is that,
this the bomb, ring the alarm
MJ number 1, it’s goes on and on
its goes on and on
we get to crippin’, its running in the early morn’
keep on dreaming there’s nowhere to run
you can drive but you done
I can feel it in the air, here the monster come.

1227 days ago

get it right    

"reaching out to Sony for comment"??? LAAMMEEE. LMAO! Can't say I blame em for play'in ya'll for the idiots they see on here, cuz they ARE. LOL

Don't hurt yourself stretching your arm out of the top of Sony's pocket reaching for comment now, ya hear, Harvey!... LOL

Damn, figure those stupid enough to buy this BS "Michael" album their stupid enough to fall for the BS that Sony doesn't "OWN" TMZ. Well? Tons of BS fake azz "Love MJ" fans fools out there buying all that "Oh yeah, DEF MJ on this album, step right up!" as you see on these boards so it makes sense to BS them with selling this BS of "reaching out to Sony for comment" to them too to suck up as it's true they make their $$$$ off people too stupid to get out of their own way.. cousins to "suckers born every minute" and all for L.O.V.E of MJ.


See, the rest of us fans of the Man, the Human, the soul of MJ that defines our love FOR the musical genius OF MJ, know puke when we smell it in the researching.

God bless and watch over PPB, and protect them from Sony and the "oh I sooo love MJ" fans that support Sony with their buying power. ... A-M-E-N. It's a formidable task that ONLY God COULD handle so the rest of us leave it to Him. Doesn't feel like near enough but there ya have it.

... break over, moseys on back to researching in effort to further gain towards JUSTICE in spite of the herds of fakes and idiots that line up for this BS of SONY, TMZ et al's "Michael".

Other then that all we can do is wish that more people that claim they love MJ, really did and do, while those of us that do work on behalf of MJ, FOR him and his legacy TO PPB = HIS HEART and SOUL.

1227 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

but i will buy it anyway

1227 days ago


Who has a link to these leaks? I don't know if I understood well - TMZ means that the snippets are now available or the whole songs? If whole songs, can somebody give here a link to the page where people can find these leaks?

1227 days ago


I was wondering the album wasn't leaked earlier, because in any big company you have at least one person who does things like that! I've heard a couple of the songs on sites, incl. Monster (love that song!) and can't wait for the album! Here in Germany our release date is this Friday Dec. 10, and I hope that some stores whom aren't cd stores (supermarkets, drug stores etc.) will sell it on Wed. or Thursday as it has been with the This is it DVD (wasn't interesting for me, I already ordered the blu-ray ultimate steelbook fan edition) a couple of days earlier.

You can feel something is in the air, like a WrestleMania weekend for me, or a SuperBowl Sunday for you americans or the football (!) world cup tournament for me -- a Michael Jackson release, no matter what makes a fan excited and it's like counting down the hours....

1227 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

@junek..thank you so much
keep the faith

1227 days ago


Leaked...sure - how can anything leak, when Sony or whoever has control over the originals - I think they "Leak" stuff on purpose just to see how the reception will be -- to "test the waters" so to speak, wasn't it akon who said that the "leaked" hold my hand from a few years back - that he and MJ were disappointed because the world wasn't ready for it then...which means it was them who "Leaked it"....don't get me wrong... I don't mind because I want to hear it as soon as I can too : )

1227 days ago


I don't care what they put out. I am buying it from his website next week.

Not willing to rejoice in illegal activities just because it's FREE.

1227 days ago

big al    

your right! i just found a bunch of copies. its a good thing i'm not a mj fan or i'd have downloaded it.

1227 days ago



1227 days ago


Aw Hell...
Sony put these out there....
pre release promo tactics...

1227 days ago


Someone wanna post a link or 2?

thanks :)

1227 days ago


there's always a reason for leaking ... I wonder what is it now

1227 days ago


Whats up with albums getting leaked a week before there release date it seems a little suspect...I mean its 2010 ppl

1227 days ago


Who You Gonna Call
Tel +44(0)208-323 8013
Fax +44(0)208 323 8080


On behalf of Sony Music and Epic Records, many thanks for plugging "Michael" on your site (Michael Jackson's posthumous, new album - street date 14th December, as announced in your news story) ... .. and, if your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview material, then a full length version of "Hold My Hand" (featuring Akon) is available to link to at ... .. for further details of the new album, check-out, as well as MJ's YouTube channel at and Facebook at ... .. and keep an eye on these official sources for details of further news, preview material, videos and on-line promotions.

The preview of "Hold My Hand" is for hyper-linking only and for streaming by fans via MJ's YouTube channel, so we'd ask everyone to please reciprocate this gesture by not ripping and re-posting the audio track. As a further goodwill gesture to MJ's global and wonderfully loyal fanbase, the official video for "One More Chance" is now also available for streaming / linking at .

Thanks again for your plug.



1227 days ago
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