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New Michael Jackson Album Leaks on Internet

12/6/2010 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album is now the victim of music pirates ... ALL 10 tracks from "MICHAEL" have leaked online -- a week before its official release date.

Michael Jackson New Album Leaked

The tracks are now up on several file sharing websites ... and unless Sony Music authorized it -- this is a clear case of illegal piracy.

The official, aka legal, release date is next Tuesday -- December 14.

UPDATE: Sony had no comment.


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"this is a clear case of illegal piracy"

Is there any other kind?

1383 days ago


There ya go again Unwell showing your true colors it's all homophobic us all a favor and come out of the closet already. Cough cough *** LOL.......

1383 days ago


Great job,Harvey!Here is a clue....

1383 days ago


There ya go again Unwell assuming I am talking to a guy ever thought websheriff could be a woman? I guess you have a one track mind huh? Cough cough homo..........LOL. Fat old balding gearbox looking for a retirement home that does not charge by the pound while surfing facebook trying to pick up women so he can wear there clothing in private........sad very very sad.

1383 days ago


Teddy Riley is scheduled to be on Oprah to today/tonight depending on what market you live in. Also some family that MJ befriended is scheduled to shoot off their mouths about what should been a precious memory for their eyes, ears, hearts, minds only. can't wait to see what they dare open their mouths about.

btw: perhaps Oprah will invite, Teddy back to the show with R. Kelly and KEdmonds (Face) in Sony's attempt to convince the fans that MJ is on that spliced up CD...........hhhhhmmmmm.

1383 days ago


Also some family that MJ befriended is scheduled to shoot off their mouths about what should be a precious memory............

1383 days ago


no, but the cascio family took up for mj real well. of course oprah had to bring up her favorite subject, molestation. asked them if they every saw mj do anything with their kids and were they afraid to have them there with him. and they said no. they never felt scared to leave their kids at the house with him. oprah is such a bitch. and teddy riley said that the cd was michael's voice on it. the cascio family was great. never sold their stories to the tabloids like some of his so called friends did. like them or not, they were a true friend to him when he needed it the most.

1383 days ago


The Casios on the Oprah interview were very respectful of MJ mymjj5. They truly loved him and in 25 years never sold or told one story about Michael, that is probably why he called them his family...Unlike his own blood who sells their story to anyone for a buck..
They showed home videos with him and said how humble and down to earth MJ was!
Oprah on the other hand had to ask the kids if he molested them and they all said NO MJ would never hurt anyone..not even a fly!

Oprah does NOT pay for they did not do it for MONEY..

1383 days ago


What Oprah did is wrong on so many levels.......instead of giving credit to MJ for 300 million in charity or all his hit cd's or even the new release she goes back to molestation even though he was aquitted many years's all about ratings.

I have no respect for her, none what so ever.

1383 days ago


It's seems a conspiracy. How stupid! But a lot of artist had the same experience (Ne-yo, Usher, Robbie Williams, Akon). This won't stop me to buy the new album. I respect MJ's work, his music and his legacy.

1383 days ago


**** YOU SONY!

1383 days ago


All the songs that leaked recently seem to suggest that the only possible source is from the party who previously got access to MJ's computer and against the release of the album (or certain songs in the album). Managing MJ's affairs is a huge challenge because MJ's fame and fortune attract so many greedy hungry wolves.

1383 days ago


I agree totally agree with you Scott. She not only asked the mother and father, she asked the 3 kids after that. That is going way out of line. She is just a bitch using Michael for her ratings. Look what ratings the one with his kids gave her. that is sad she has to use Mj stories to get her ratings. When you have to use a particular person time and time again to get the star ratings, you do not have much to offer other wise. this is jmo and everyone can agree or not agree. doesn't matter. she has shown her true colors now.

rip mj

1383 days ago


Honestly Lily my money is on Sony leaking it. I bet they leaked it to shift publicity from is it MJ's voice on the tracks to who leaked the songs?

What is this world coming to???????


1383 days ago


When I put my head on my pillow at night I have very few regrets. I am not greedy and I try to live a decent life. Sometimes I wonder am I missing the boat as others would step over there own mother for a buck or fame. When I start to doubt myself I tune in to MJ's music. It not MJ singing it's his soul if you don't get it you never all the haters "we love you more" and honestly hope you open your mind so our world is a better place without hate, racism or ignorance.


1383 days ago
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