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'Hangover' Star in Detroit Rumble -- Caught on Tape

12/6/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps unleashed a fist of fury last weekend ... socking a photographer who was allegedly harassing the comedian during a party for Mike's wife -- and a HUGE brawl broke out!!!

Mike Epps Fight Video
It all went down at the Key Club in Detroit last Saturday (11/27) -- Epps tells us the photog was talking trash to him and his wife while filming them inside the restaurant ... and Day-Day snapped.

Epps -- who played the "wrong Doug" in "The Hangover" -- can be seen throwing one haymaker as security instantly swarmed in to break up the melee.

Epps tells TMZ, "It was a private celebration for my wife's birthday. I asked the photographer numerous times not to film, but he refused to let up. I then attempted to retrieve the tape from the camera."

Attempts to reach the photographer -- who was escorted out of the restaurant post-beatdown -- were unsuccessful.


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lmao...the Photog should've sat closer to the exit cause as you can see, he gets a good beatdown from where he was sitting all the way to the exit. Now that's a helluva asswhippin on his way out!

1387 days ago


If his side of the story is correct why didn't he just ask the restaurant manager to kick out the photographer? It was private property so the restaurant had that authority. My guess is that Epps got pissed off almost immediately and lost it.

1387 days ago


he was just filmimng the beginning of a space oddyssy part5

1387 days ago


He deserved it he was asked to stop and continued.. Oh Well!

1387 days ago


@ MIDNIGHT TOKER I'm shocked u don't stoop that low (fried chicken) did u have a bad night or are u being cloned?

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


No the cameraman came in the door w/his girlfriend already upset because security was stopping him entrance press please he was just a unknown guy with a camera and yes he was harassing everybody taking pictures that no-one asked to be in I for one so and as you can see he stormed up to Mike talking garbage some people should know their limitations on any situation.....

1387 days ago


u ppl kill me with these racist fighting was not the answer however these paps are border line stalkers and peeping toms. Lets not forget the paps killed Princess Di and nearly killed citizens trying to get to celebs and that is fair..just cuz these ppl are movie stars dont mean they dont deserve privacy in some states its illegal i think they should have the right to b photographed or not depends on wat they makes no sense and to all u racists hide behind the computer and get everything u wanted to off ya day u will need one of this monkey or animals as u like to just keep it up

1387 days ago


i meant its illegal in some countries and just because u got sum celebs that seek out the paps all of them dont its crazy how America is fueled by gossip and other ppl problems instead of worrying about other ppl

1387 days ago


You racists show just how cowardly you really are. If some dude was talking trash about your woman, you'd sit there and take it.Then the next time you get into a fight, she'll bring up the fact that you're a punk and then when you get that make-up sex, you're tasting yours buddies meat and don't even know it HA HA!

1387 days ago


well itz wrong how ppl is on here and they're allowed to tlk about blacks.....its not about his race its about they violence...and another thing that you should never forget is the fact that black ppl didn't ask to be here the white men went and got evidently they needed the blacks.....

1387 days ago


"Its about they violence"? Seriously Diamond, when you use ridiculous English like this, you're just laughed at! You're just written off as ghetto s***.

1387 days ago

T. Brown    

A few comments are definitely out of line, as far as ethnicity or race. It has nothing to do with a person’s skin color, but more so their attitude. So comments about locking the animals (black celebs) up must be from a person that is ignorant. If I'm correct many celebs black and white, have been caught doing something stupid and/or illegal… from Ben Roethlisberger (sexually assault), Charlie Sheen (drugs, solicitation of a prostitute ,assault of said prostitute and destruction of hotel property), DMX (drugs, resisting arrest) to Wesley Snipes (tax evasion). So your celebrity animals that need to be locked up or caged can be any color if you want to be fair.

1387 days ago


its funny how ppl will say the most hurtful, ignorant, and racist comments behind a computer...u guys are cowards and i truly feel sorry for you.

1387 days ago


Hay #9 You must be tha guy who got socked on in the vid (as#h%^e)!!!!
Mike keep doin you!!

1386 days ago
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