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Vivid to Octomom -- Be Our Hostess with the Mostest

12/6/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment still wants a piece of Octomom -- but now they've lowered their request down so far, it almost has nothing to do with porn at all. Almost.

Vivid has previously offered Nadya Suleman $1,000,000 to do porn as a way to help fight off her financial troubles. They tried again for $500,000 and then offered her a job as a production assistant. Octo turned 'em all down.

But now Vivid is trying again -- this time head man Steven Hirsch has his eyes on the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month. He's sent Nadya's lawyer a letter, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend's festivities. No word on how much she'd get paid.

As we first reported, Octo has until December 31 to fork over a $450,000 balloon payment on her house ... or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her to the curb.


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People are so down on her, whats done is done,but she still needs to put a roof over those childrens heads.Take the job,pay the balloon payment,pay the house off whatever,then find something else,just DO something please,I'm sick of hearing about it!!!!

1379 days ago


LOL don't you just love it how the name Nadya Suleman get some folks all worked up? And I do mean SOME because we all know there's one or two people signing in and posting under 4-5 different names just to get their jealous, stupid rants across. JSYK--Your user names may change but your ridiculous style of postings, never. Dead giveaway!

Don't worry your silly heads none tho, Nadya is not thinking of any of you nor is she asking you for cents/oops sense you don't have. :) But I do understand why some of you come down so hard on Ms. Suleman. Half of you don't have jobs, probably living with granny or some other relatives and on disability and welfare yourself. Oh deny if you must, you won't be lying to anyone but yourself when you do. Oh yeah... and the guilty parties to whom I am referring too will most definitely apply to this post, watch... they always do.

Now get angry, get mad and start helding insults! See if I care hahahaha!!!

1379 days ago


Keep telling yourself that Sarcia/Kimba. Thankfully, the sane people of the world don't condone what she's done and have zero interest in either bailing her out or watching her on television. Sane people understand that insisting on having 12 embryos shoved up an over-used vajayjay is not normal.

Your posts, on the other hand, are amusing. Your malapropisms are priceless. "Helding insults", LOL!!! Thanks for the laughs.

1379 days ago


Sorry I couldn't help myself here. But any posts to Sarcia/Kimba are to quote her" falling on death ears" Nadya's song and dance is boring but like Bruno
Thanks for the laughs.

1379 days ago


Now get angry, get mad and start helding insults! See if I care hahahaha!!!

Helding? Are there subtitles for whatever pharmaceuticals you are travelling on this trip? Are you under the impression, Nadya, that anyone is in the least interested in what you care about? Why would we be? Angry at what? You are just the same disgustingly ludicrous moron you've consistently been for two years now. It's not like you ever have anything new to add to the fanmail you write yourself, is it.

Your concerns are limited to your delusions. You've blown every bit of your reality. You can gerbil-wheel at the gym til your stumpy tattooed legs fall off- it won't help. It's so over....You are just getting older, uglier and more psychotic by the day. You now look like a meat-muppet and your once pretty face is hideously not even remotely human. All those lashes and fake lips do is make your face look even more identical to one of those remarkably unsexy blow up sex dolls. You can't scratch up enough for maintenance chopshop surgery anymore. And you can't scam the government for enough to be a fauxlebrity past hanging out at fast food franchises hoping to be twittered, either.

And after finding out about shoving a litter of twelve up your BU, no one on this planet gives a flying whatever about what happens to you. It's just a matter of when you are going to release the hostages.

My opinion is that you'll be dead of whatever the consequences from the overuse of fertility drugs is in about five years. If that long. And it sure won't be an easy way to go. All the skanky trash in the world won't help you stop from a very painful and irreversibly deteriorating death. And you'll be in the worst of public housing. I really don't wish it on you. But it is so going to happen. And then those kids will finally be free of you. I hope they all, each and every one, especially the ones you've maimed for life get rich selling you out after you're gone. Amirah will have quite a story to sell.

By the way. I have a very good job whose taxes go to support welfare sewer s*** like you and more than enough money to not have to ever worry about my mortgage. You just can't stand it that you've dug a money pit for yourself so bottomless that Suze Orman can't even tunnel down to it.

Like she says you can't afford it. But you won't listen to what a warning that is to you. which is why you are on ebay as octodaddy1 just this past month buying up enough Coach to start your own outlet. Amer should be so impressed. And is it called octodaddy because that's where the CASH is coming from? Social Services isn't nearly as clueless as you think they are.

1379 days ago

joe mac    

My prayers are with Nadya and her precious little ones. I hope she can gather all the money she needs to pay her mortgage in full and then some. I don't ever want to read that her children has been thrown into the streets. No one deserve that, not even Nadya.

Nadya may have made some bad choices, but she's not a bad mother, not a bad person. She's just a single mom of 14, down on her luck and having money problems. Who isn't this day in age? Cut her some slack!Posted at 5:04 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Kimba10

I know not one person that is single with 14 kids this statement is crazy. I know people who have three kids and barely are making it and this **** keeps getting people to pick up the tab. She needs to be investigated and arrested for child endangerment and fraud of the system. She gets WELFARE people and she is trying to by a 450,000 dollar house. Wake up this is our tax dollars feeding those kids not hers. She is a disgrace and anyone defending her should get cancer.

1379 days ago


Whoa, Joe mac.

I'd say think about what youre saying. But there is NO ONE who is defending Nadya Suleman. The only kimba 10/mssarcia fan mail she gets is what she writes to herself.
It doesn't seem to have occurred to her that there is not one single person on this planet that she hasn't paid --like her PR hack/lawyer--who has posted any positive opinion of her.

It doesn't stop her. No one thinks she's a good mother. Or a good person. Or a sane person. Or is at all attractive in any way. Or dresses in anything other than a really bizarrely childish manner for a middle aged female. She doesn't care. She is too delusional to see what others see. And she is too much of a crook to understand that she isn't enititled to every dollar she'd like to squander.
The media has dumped her and her body will fail her whether you wish it on her or not. Don't mess up your own karma. Every day she slides further into freefall without your bad wishes.
All she can do is dose up, get wasted, post fanmil to herself and ignore her kids. Until CPS or one of the government agencies she's defrauded catches up with her.

1379 days ago


Ha! And the guilty parties above have spoken. Did I lie?

Posted at 12:14 AM on Dec 8, 2010 by joe mac
I'm no more afraid of Cancer then I am of you. Beside, we're all going to die, even YOU who is already a lost soul, a wounded walking dead in so much pain and don't even know it. I am more concern about nuts like you then I am of Nadya Suleman of the world. She never wish such awful things on others. FYI--you disgusting waste of life! Nadya is not depending on anyone but herself to support her kids going on two years now. Jealous much? She's been out there taking on various media jobs and interviews, not depending on taxpayers or a reality TV show exploiting and selling her kids. But you on the other hand, I bet your access card and insanity checks that you are miserable, unemployed, lonely and have a cold black heart.

I pray you find Jesus, Joe mac!

1379 days ago


"I know not one person that is single with 14 kids this statement is crazy."

Joe Mac, I would like to introduce to you Angel Adams and Moriayyh Israel. Google their names :)

1379 days ago


Now that I think about it... In the case of Moriayyh Israel--there but the grace of God goes Michelle Duggar if God forbid something were to happen to Jim Bob. She too would be left with all those kids, depending on eldest children to raise them as she is now. I doubt there would be a reality show as Jim Bob is running the it.

joe mac, Nadya believes in life, believes in God and loves her children. She has cost her kids no harm that I am aware of, in the beginning she cost tax payers of So. California less then what your gov't has foolishly spent since the day your mother, mother of three generations before her was born. I don't condone what Nadya's done, but I understand. To late for shoulda, coulda, woulda. Kids are here now!

Cyber bullies--I don't care if others disagree with me or if I stand alone in verbally speaking out on any topics. I don't scare easy, I'll stand my grounds for as long as you can stand yours. JSYK :)

1379 days ago


"If I stand alone verbally"? "I'll stand my grounds"? LOL, once again, thanks for the laughs.

Nadya is a child abusing fruitcake. Kimba/Sarcia is too stupid for words. And that's not "speaking out of terms". LOL, LOL, LOL.

1379 days ago


This was just posted on the net about Nutso about her being No. 9 of the WORST neighbors in America:

"One neighbor said of her: 'The woman is completely nuts. She thinks she's famous. She doesn't know that people are laughing at her, that she's a freak.' Another neighbor added: 'I really can't believe anyone can be that screwed up in the head.'"

Thought you might enjoy that, Kimba.

1378 days ago


Alvin, try facts.

Bruno get lost!

1378 days ago


Kimba/Scarface. Those ARE the facts. I even talked with one of the neighbors. You challenging an eyewitness?

Sarcia - try doing some research besides UFube!

1378 days ago


Alvin, I never once saw the face of people you claimed are her neighbors. Show me videos proven the person A. is Nadya Suleman neighbors and B. proof of their accusations against her.

Don't give me blogs of BS what other faceless people think and say. Far as I know, you could have changed your name and written the crap yourself.

I've seen videos of Nadya REAL NEIGHBORS and majarity have nothing but good things to say about her. Especially the ones that actually met and talked to Nadya.

1378 days ago
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