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Neal is a funny guy, great actor, I don't care WHAT he is or is not. Just sayin

1386 days ago


iWiN you appear to have had time to comment at 10:23am so are you bored at work or just excited to be able to vote? Your comments are so homophobic. You dont have to put down people to comment on a story.

1386 days ago


Not sure if it is a coincidence, but I'm suddenly feeling up for some man-on-man Wii Yoga...

1386 days ago


Looks like we have a few "homafobs" on here, who are you to say how people live their lifes behind close doors if they are consenting adults? You rock Neal!

1386 days ago


Geez Harvey, get off the gay thing already.
Im tired of TMZ reading homophobia behind every errr... bush.
Americas already gagging over all the Political Correctness that being shoved down our throats.

1386 days ago


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1386 days ago


Number8 Are you sure Brad is straight? I'm not so sure. Lol

1386 days ago


OMG! If you get so offended what TMZ writes, why do you log on to read it? I don't get it.

1386 days ago


Good for Neil & Bob Patrick Harris.Maybe he will use a joystick in an usual manner.

1386 days ago


Queers have always used any excuse to alledge that someone supports their deviant lifestyle. A humorous example was when the Homos at my college decided one day in late fall would be 'support the ***gots day' and everyone in support should wear blue jeans. Needless to say that blue jeans is a popular option that time of year and people wore them without regards to the queers declaration. But yet the queers declared the day a giant success. Right......

If society truely decides to accept the disgusting behavior of queers I think it should also accept the following weird, and disgusting, deviants as well (including but not limited to):

1) Polygyny
2) Polyandry
3) Group marriage
4) Pedophilia (only with individuals having reached sexual maturity)
5) Persons practicing beastiality

Let's face it, why should queers be the only exception to the rule? If society believes that it should coddle, and support, disgusting behavior we might as well accept all of it at one time.

1386 days ago


I wish there was another answer option that says "Does it matter"
Who really cares about this crap??

1386 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Gay people play video games?? But on a serious note, can't wait for the VGAs!! I want Red Dead Redemption to sweep all the major awards, but Call of Duty: Black Ops will probably win everything....

1386 days ago


It's "bear a resemblance", not "bare". Jeesh.

1386 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Oh, damn. Forgot about Mass Effect 2! Mass Effect 2 between win something, as well!!

1386 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Mass Effect 2 BETTER win something, as well!! Damn typos...

1386 days ago
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