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Charged with Battery

for Face Poking

12/7/2010 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather has been charged with criminal battery in Nevada for allegedly -- and this is serious -- poking a man in the cheekbone with his finger ... TMZ has learned.

Floyd Mayweather Charged
TMZ has obtained the criminal complaint -- in which cops say a private security officer named Shayne Smith told officers Mayweather went ballistic outside of his Las Vegas home on November 15 after Smith placed parking citations on two of Floyd's cars. 

According to the documents, Smith alleges Mayweather screamed that the guard had "no f*cking business" touching his personal property -- before the boxer grabbed a citation from one of his cars and slapped it on Smith's patrol vehicle.

The document continues, "While lambasting Smith, Mayweather was allegedly jabbing his finger into the left side of Smith's cheek just below his eye. This willful and unlawful use of force and violence upon Smith caused redness and discoloration to the area which was battered by Mayweather."

Smith claims he drove out of the area to "de-escalate" the situation, immediately notified his boss ... and then took photos of his bruised up cheek.

So far, no comment from Floyd's camp.

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No Avatar

big nuts    

How ghetto of this little monkey.....TNB Too bad the security guy didn't pull out a pistol and shoot this thug in the face....lol

1418 days ago


Mayweather is such a bad ass, he can assault and batter people with one finger.

1418 days ago


A couple of weeks ago he did that 50Cent thing of sitting nest to a pile of money then the nest thing he wants to brag about was his purchasing a Rolls Royce Ghost for his lady friend as he calls her THEMSJACKSON - Plixi Link-http://plixi.com/p/58739350 & then the other day he and the lady on his yacht - Link- http://plixi.com/p/60...738447 - Yhis guy thinks that we all should be jealous about his worldly goods that he has - I was waiting for this one and I hope the guy sues his ass off and then for the Baby Mama - he still has pending charges against him in that case and I hope she gets her share also!! This braggart needs his A.S.S. Whooped and if Pacman is the one - get it on and lets see it!!

1418 days ago


To many punches to his head, has him believing he's above the rest of the human race.

Glad the guy got evidence to back up the story.

1418 days ago


Good Job! you just made another man rich...your right Mayweather. Every time you fight you make your opponent rich.

1418 days ago


It might sound petty "poking someone in face" but his attitude of "you don't have a right to touch my personal property" to a officer who was clearly authorized to place said tickets on his car, is very telling. No one can touch his car but he can put his hands "finger" on someones face...Oh hell no! Sick of these egotistical "celebrities/sports figures" thinking the rules don't apply to them. I hope he gets a nice big fine.

1418 days ago


It is easy to see that this BUM can't live with himself, knowing that he is terrified of Manny P. Just another "Gangsta" coward that will be in jail and broke soon enough. Pathetic COWARD!

1418 days ago


you cant touch some dude writing you a ticket..got nothing to do with the fact he is a boxer and his hands are dangerous..pleaseeeeee

1418 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

The sad truth: Any nursing home resident worth his salt could take a 20 minutes crash course in wrestling, double-leg-take-down Mayweather, move to side control, then full mount, then pound him out for a quick victory.

1418 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

That's what the passive-aggressives usually do. They either poke, bump, or brush up against, then when they're called on it they say it was an accident. You see it especially in sports between players & refs/umps. The players pull that crap & get off with maybe a fine & suspension (Oooooooo, scary!). This douche probably wanted to show his cars off on the street in a gated and/or secure neighborhood. Too bad. Pay up. That's the only language people like him seem to understand; It only matters when it hurts their wallet.

1418 days ago


I thought You had to lose a couple times before being deemed "washed up". This guy may have a ****ty attitude in public but he is still the greatest boxer in the world and will probably easily beat Pacquaio as he has done with every other big time fighter that stepped in the ring with him.

1418 days ago


As a boxer, Floyd is a chickenshiat for constantly ducking Pacquiao. As a human, he's just a piece of shiat.

1418 days ago


Oh holy crap! Mayweather will do anything to dodge Manny Pacquiao. Next thing you'll know, he'll poke another man in the right cheek. Easy dodging Pacquiao, all you need is poke somebody and you'll get a good reason not to fight.

1418 days ago


@get a clue - You don't poke a finger nor even touch a person who is just doing his job. That's battery! Dunno what you would have done if you're in the same situation.

The guy did the right thing and informed his superiors about the incident. SAme thing happened to our mailman when one of the residents shouted expletives at him when he left the gate open, the superior even drove to our place and called the police. Now the resident was given a restraining order lol.

Mayweather's so effed up he can't control his temper. He's prolly so scared at Manny he can't think straight! LOL

1418 days ago


What a sissy ass primadonna. The Champ (Tyson) really needs to put him in check.

1418 days ago
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