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L.A. Dodgers -- McCourt Agreement Invalid

12/7/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has just thrown out a marital agreement that would have made Frank McCourt the sole owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers ... but that's not the end of the story.

Jamie McCourt Divorce

TMZ has learned the core of Judge Scott Gordon's ruling is that the post-marital agreement that Jamie and Frank McCourt signed -- making Frank the sole owner of the team -- was invalid because there was no "meeting of the minds" between the former couple.

In essence the judge was saying that Frank and Jamie never had a joint understanding of what it meant when title to the team was transferred solely to Frank.

According to Jamie McCourt's lawyers, the upshot of the ruling is that the Dodgers are officially community property, which means Jamie and Frank co-own the team ... which would be a HUGE victory for Jamie.

But sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the fight is not over. There could be a trial that takes the fight beyond community property issues -- technically called "common law ownership."

Sources connected with Frank tell TMZ their position is that ... under California law -- since Frank has title to the Dodgers, there is a presumption that he owns it despite community property laws.

But sources connected with Jamie say that argument is ridiculous ... that a person who has technical title cannot subvert the community property laws.

Dennis Wasser and Michael J. Kump -- lawyers for Jamie McCourt -- tell TMZ, "We are very pleased that the property agreement has been invalidated. We hope that it is possible to resolve this matter in a reasonable manner. The Dodgers are a valuable civic asset and Los Angeles fans deserve stability in the front  office and a winning team on the field."

120710_trope_video_tmzUPDATE: Frank's attorneys -- including Sorrell Trope -- just held a news conference to insist that Frank is still the sole owner of the Dodgers ... and that the judge's ruling about the post-marital agreement did NOT make Jamie a co-owner.

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Raw Shoshanna    

Seems like a couple of clueless posters are forgetting a few details:

A: This isn't about a "pre-nup". The McCourts have been married 30 years, they only bought the Dodgers a couple of years ago.

B: The "agreement" that was signed, Franks lawyers ALTERED AFTER Jamie signed, making it invalid.

I don't like either of them, but He's a sleaze. Let them sell the Dodgers & be done with each other

1380 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1380 days ago


Well it was an agreement signed after they were married not before. If he purchased the team after they were married half of it is hers. It doesn't matter if the money was family money or not. And isn't she part of his family anyway?

1380 days ago


There was no meeting of the mind which made this a void contract. You gotta love it.

1380 days ago


after 33 years of being a dodger loyal fan.today they are dead to me.iam shocked and embaressed by what these two clown are doing to my team.i will no longer root for them ,watch them or evencare if they won or lost ,until jamie and frank sell this team.it is no more for me,go giants

1380 days ago


I wish the judge would order them to sell the Dodgers!! They both have ruined this team with their marital drama crap. Go back to Boston!!

So here we sit with Spring Training upon us and the Dodgers are guaranteed another losing season because these d**chebags have all the money tied up in court.

1380 days ago


two misrable people with too much money.she need 500k a month to live. Give me a break. Only in L.A. do people care about these two jackasses

1380 days ago


What is going to happen here is this will be tied up for many years. Neither can afford to buy the other out of this team and that's a huge consideration.

Two options remain. One is to co-own the team but hire out managing it. The second it to sell it altogether and I believe this is the choice that will be made in the very end of all this.

There aren't many other viable options. This is a sizable win for her. I do believe she worked hard on this team. Too bad. Two stubborn people than just won't give in.

1380 days ago


I think they should sell the Dodgers. Hopefully Jerry Jones will buy them, move to L.A. and tell the Dodger coach how to do his job. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, the Dallas coaches can actually couch without interference from Jerry. Its really a win, win. The Cowboys can go to the Superbowl in 2012 and the Dodgers will... Well.. Still keep on losing. Okay, maybe its not a win, win.. But I'm for it!

1380 days ago


THANK GOD I AM SINGLE!!! Ok, I don't have a multi-million dollar fortune, but I do own two houses and I am not going to let some whore walk off with half of what I worked for all my life. It so obvious to see that she tried to put all the houses in her name and let him have the dodgers, but then she came up with a better scheme and tried to take the team too after it was found out that she was cheating on him. I actually think that this is actually better for him because now all the houses as well as the dodgers are all back in play. Hopefully that whore will catch AIDS and die.

Posted at 10:42 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by West Vasquez

Good for you so go **** yourself in that multi million home. What's that wasted life for? You got kids or something? Whom do you talk to when you feel lonely or down? Who gives you a hug when you need one? Whom do you **** when your hormones are up and running? Are you jerking off or you call a girl to comfort you?
I don't know but they've been married for 30 years and she got along with his crap and ups and downs and I am sure she deserves some of his fortune.

1379 days ago

Just Saying    

Mmmmmmmm. So now Gordon is going to invalidate signed agreements is he ? Would sure make Mel's supporters jump for joy -- NOT. If Gordon is going to go down this path, then why bother signing any agreements then. In the UK and Australia, signed agreements in marital/de facto situations have traditionally been invalidated by the courts, and it is only now that they are starting to be enforced (as long as no children are involved). So the great US of A is going in the opposite direction, is it ?

1379 days ago


So ALL of those high priced lawyers who drew up the agreement, read it, had additions and retractions made to it and then allowed and advised her to sign it had absolutely NO idea of what their client was signing? give me a F N break!!! IF all of that is true then his lawyers ought to sue HER lawyers cause not only should they return their fees but they should be forced to give up whatever degrees they claim to have earned cause this judge just called them idiots and I think he's right.

1379 days ago


Judge gordon is a wreak... Maybe if Frank was a drug addict like judge gordon's own son he would be more sympathetic ... Jamie knew what she was signing she's an attorney !! She did not want any of the risk of the Dodgers only the upside ( if there was one) the do***ent was meant to protect her property in the event of a financial downfall. She want's half without any of the risk. Fair no .... Please appeal frank !! Set case presidence outside of the family fraud uhmm sorry I meant family law system that is know as judge gordon's court room.

1379 days ago


These are two GROWN-@SS adults! I think they both clearly understood what it meant when the team was transferred solely to Frank. Geez.

1379 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wait, what??? and all this time i thought tijuana owned the dodgers team!!!

1379 days ago
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