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Mel Gibson and Baby Lucia -- Church Playdate

12/7/2010 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson spent some quality father-daughter time with his daughter Lucia on Sunday -- the first time we've seen Mel and Lucia together ... outside of court documents.

Mel Gibson and Daughter Pic
The pics were taken at Mel's church in Malibu after services. Mel can be seen doting over his daughter, who seemed to be striking up a friendship with another young child.

The only four-letter word you can say about these pics ... is cute.


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hang in there!

good that he has someone who makes him very happy at this difficult time

1380 days ago


One more thing: go look at the link 'Oksana shows off little Lucia' given at the end of this article.

Posted at 1:46 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by framed-heart

That's a good pic of Lucia's face. She looks like her Mother there to me. Lucia is much cuter though. She sure has alot of hair.

I'm so glad the baby doesn't look stressed out. So far she appears least from the pics.

I hope both children are being shielded as much as possible.

1380 days ago

little aussie reader    

I hope both children are being shielded as much as possible.

Posted at 2:27 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by Kelly

Hear, hear Kelly. Although I worry for Sacha. He is well and truly old enough to be aware of what is happening. Sadly it's probably something he's seen all too often. Considering the trail of men (who appear glad to be rid of her) Ox has left behind since TD.

1380 days ago


@ Posted at 2:01 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by JLS

Please, make up your mind as to what your agenda regarding TMZ and Mel/Lucia pictures really is :-) - you say different things every time you make a $10 p/h 'spin doctor' appearence on this forum.

Jealous you wan't be able to split the royalties with Oxy Moron that she gets for EVERY picture of her and her and Lucia that is published ? :-) ___ It's common knowledge that Mel has signed off his rights to all the royalties to Ox loooong time ago ....

You just come across as sby who doesn't want Mel to have a trully loving relationship with his daughter and, God forbid, for US to see it ___ it surely upset you to look at it yourself.

I don't recall you making any objections whatsoever when Ox 'accidentally' POSED with Lucia in her ala Madonna & child picture (that she got her % paid for it later)__________

1380 days ago

Money Hungry Extortionist Oxxy    

Oh Mel.....
This Is GOING To Cost YOU
The Never Ending Stories I Will Tell / Sell About These Pictues!!

1380 days ago


Mel looks like a zombie trying to eat the poor kid's brains.
LOL! He does! Kid's brain om nom nom.

1380 days ago


She looks like a happy baby when she´s with Mel!

1380 days ago


Oksana did not bother to cover Lucia's face when she leaked the pictures to the supposed 'abrasion' (ie baby pimple). If she thought it was so terrible to show her daughter's face publicly, those would never have got out
Oksana never leaked anything. These pictures were part of their custody file, just like the screenshots of Lucia which Mel's lawyers included.

1380 days ago

little aussie reader    

Oksana never leaked anything.

Posted at 2:55 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by moussemaker

Ahahahahahaha!!!! Wanna buy a harbour bridge?

1380 days ago


Oksana never leaked anything.

The innocent-guilty go to hell without sin ; )

She's leaked more than the Titanic!

1380 days ago


Lucia is very cute & Mel is a good daddy. They are both so happy together!

Anyone else with Mel Gibson's history, i.e. DUI, anger/rage, domestic violence, etc. would be under investigation and wouldn't be allowed to be around his child.

1380 days ago


@little aussie reader

I agree with you about Sacha. I would imagine he gets teased at school, especially since Oksana allowed him to look like a charity case on his birthday what with the team supplying his gifts and all.
Sacha has no doubt seen many men in and out of his Mother's door. Hopefully his Father will teach him to be a "real man."

My thing with her is what more on earth could this woman have wanted? She had more than anyone could ever need; 2 beautiful healthy children, a nice hoome, bills paid, spending money, her music, dating a worldwide movie star, etc.. what else did she need??


Greed is not a becoming trait.

1380 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Oh well, this proves that even a self important, racist, wife beating s***bag can make babies. Any child will smile when they are the center of attention and of course an actor can smile or cry on cue. This jerk should be in jail.

1380 days ago


JLS, I find it odd you would post this about Brett Farve but defend Oksana. The two women are peas in a pod with one exception...Oksana has a baby to hold over Mel's head.

"Big. Damn. Deal. So he showed her a pic of his penis. So what? If he's married, then that is certainly an issue for his wife to address but beyond that, the snotty money hungry recipient of the pic is going to have to put this all in the proper context.

Honestly, what this is is yet another predatory female looking for a big ass payday.

Stiff her, Brent. For real this time.

Posted at 6:07 PM on Dec 6, 2010 by JLS"

1380 days ago


So cute. BTW Mel did you get a dna? I'm just sayin....

1380 days ago
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