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'Pawn Stars' -- MASSIVE Diamond for Sale

12/7/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guys from "Pawn Stars" don't just deal in unwanted junk -- they've also got extremely GIANT pieces of jewelry ... including a 5.5 carat diamond worth $129,000!!!

Rick Harrison was outside of the History Channel "Pop Shop" in New York City yesterday -- where the reality star revealed some of the coolest items he's trying to move ... like an actual chair from the U.S. Senate floor!


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I've watched a few of these shows. It's entertaining and I love Chumley. I don't care if they look up stuff - they still present knowledge about each item they are looking at. I'll give you $60... for it (and note I'm the highest bidder so far.) :-D

1325 days ago


"not gonna happen"

1325 days ago

who dat    

Diamonds are for suckers. Used as a down payment on the divorce.

1325 days ago


Why should I watch a show with a bunch of fat white mens stealing from he poor?

1325 days ago


Pawn Stars would be so much better if A) Rick Harrison would stop that hacking, cackling laugh so reminiscent of the cartoon dog Mumbly (not Mutley as most people think). It is incredibly annoying; B) they would all lose some weight -- especially the 2 younger men who must qualify as morbidly obese. I am sympathetic to people who have weight problems, but these two strut around as if it's a badge of honor to be so fat. It's not. C) they would at least try to ACT as if they'd received more than a grade school education. First assignment: use proper grammar. Saying "ain't" and "me and my buddy" and "them things" and the like is not cute; and D) they would stop thinking that Chumley's supposed cluelessnes is so hilarious. First of all, I don't buy it. Secondly, if he's really that stupid it's sad and if he's really NOT that stupid, there's no punch line...and that's just not funny.

1325 days ago


WTF? Someone here is bashing the old man for not being friendly? WTF? HE PLAYS AN OLD MAN ON THE SHOW! Did you expect him to make some balloon animals for you or something?

1325 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Cackling Uneducated Idiot Rick will sell the Old Man to the Body Farm in a year or two to make some extra cash.

1325 days ago

Trev the 1    

These people are just sad they dont have the money to restore antiques and sell them for a good profit. Stop bagging on the Pawn stars because they actually have something going for them. ANd corey and Chumlee are on the subway diet.

1325 days ago


they want that much for the ring i bet they only paid mere peanuts for they do all the time on this show i know its business but really..the historian will tell a person that what they have is worth 30k then the pawn star guy will play the not many people look for that item here card and offer 8k for it.

1325 days ago


Anne, all of your points are dead on.

1325 days ago


harley99 you actually watch the show?the ol mans crusty and mean,what did you expect?kelly ripa....ive seen him crack what could be called a "smile"maybe once, i dont know what ur watching,hes probably the least phony of anyone on t.v

1325 days ago


Dabo swinney is the worst coach ever to coach football..he is 6-6 this year..Dont let your kids go to Clemson

1325 days ago

A. Rex Shun    

I've been to their shop. It has become a tourist destination with a line around the block to get in. They are making more money selling t-shirts and bobble head dolls. And the pawned items they do sell are way overpriced. Great show though.

1325 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

You guys realize the TV show Pawn Stars is SCRIPTED, don't you?

That's right it's 100% SCRIPTED TV with the production company "locating" all the items that are brought into the store.

Have you ever noticed not one person ever says, "that's too low of an offer, I'll put it on ebay for twice as much" well that's because the offers are bogus and are part of the script.

You will also never find ONE ITEM in Gold & Silvers Pawn Shop that you saw on TV.

Also anyone familiar with the legal requirements of a pawn shop can see what they do on their TV show is not how thee process works.

Scripted TV folks.

1324 days ago



1324 days ago
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