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T.I. -- I'm Becoming 'Smarter' in Prison

12/7/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper T.I. claims he's becoming a better man during his stint in prison -- telling fans, "The longer I sit, the smarter I get."


T.I. just penned a new letter to his fans (which a member of his team posted on his website) explaining, "It does'nt [sic] matter how long it'll be before the next time you see me.  What matters is that I'll be a better man before that time comes."

He also reveals that he's been trying to understand God's "plan" for him  -- saying, "How do you tell God Almighty that all you wanna do is LIVE LIFE ???  What if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother."

As we previously reported, T.I. is serving an 11 month sentence in an Arkansas prison stemming from a 2009 gun conviction.

He's still got more than 9 months to go.



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Celebrities Suck    

if he was becoming smarter he wouldn't be going back & forth to prison...TI's statement I'm Becoming 'Smarter' in Prison shows how ignorant he is... becoming smarter is" Not doing the things that make you go to jail" Not doing drugs, and being a leader not a follower. But hey this is your life not mine, so if this is what you call Becoming Smarter because you spend time in jail more power to you...

1415 days ago


Just like O.J. this low rent (C)rapper understands his rightful place in society. Behinds bars, in prison.

1415 days ago


I'll bet his poopchute is getting more experienced as well.

1415 days ago


T.I needs to shut the **** up and due his time in jail. Who the **** gave him the right to "Give a ****?' Dude is in jail like a lock up beast. **** that bitch. Ain't he too old to be making excuse? ****ing low life ****. I'm glad he went to jail for his crime.

1415 days ago


if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother." Well... you could start by stop doing an excessive amount of illegal things and getting arrested..... Just a guess... oh and maybe stop drinking Purple Drank

1415 days ago


"What if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother."

Well Clifford, the best way you can perform all of those duties is to keep your dumb ass out of jail! He doesn't get it. He caught the graviest lick EVER and still f**ked it up. Being a responsible father doesn't include drugs. But he told y'all on 'Big S**t Poppin' "ain't no thing as a jail". He obviously thinks he's above the law. The Feds have another idea.....

1415 days ago

ray ray     

if he is so smart why the hell is back in prison. because he is a dumb ass .

1415 days ago


I really hope you and your wife get it together.

1415 days ago


In answer to his question-I'll tell you live life right and like a man, not a punk. is that simple.

1414 days ago

Jomica Man    

Pathetic and confusion have certainly provided clarity in a form of sudden intellectual powers. The true facts are that once he is free from prison, all of that so called wisdom goes far away once the high priced booze and drugs enters his system. And, chances are, he has a connection to some of that stuff within the confines of prison. Delusion takes on many forms, especially for the majority of rappers that straddle the criminal boarders.

1414 days ago


Actions speak louder than words TI. If you really wanted to be a good father than you would know that doing drugs is ILLEGAL and you could GO TO JAIL thus being separated from your wife and children. It was your choice to take the drugs. It was your choice (before this) to have weapons. Try focusing on your kids instead of your own selfish wants and stop worrying about what the rap community thinks of you and more about what your kids and God think of you. That would be a good start. Try reading the Bible while you are sitting in there. It's amazing how many people claim to believe in God and then continue on like they have never heard of Him. They call on Him when they need help and blame Him when things go wrong but the rest of the time they don't give a second thought to Him. There should be a change in you that people can see without you having to say "I am a Christian". SMH
Sorry for the sermon but it just pisses me off.

1414 days ago

Blue Lake    

Shut up, you doosh. Learn to spell and rhyme. Sit and Get do not rhyme.

1414 days ago


Hey T.I., if you just want to be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and a son to your mother, stop doing things that are illegal. Take some responsibility for your actions.

1414 days ago


Alright! If they find more ecstasy, or some other crap on ya, I'm calling Kayne denial hot line on you.

1414 days ago


I though something else happened in prison..

1413 days ago
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