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Michael Jackson's 'Hold My Hand' Video Debuts

12/9/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The new music video for "Hold My Hand" begins with hundreds of Michael Jackson fans yelling, "Love you, Michael" -- before showcasing classic MJ clips, MJ impersonations, and a giant shadow of Michael cast on the side of a hangar.

The music video also features a heavy dose of Akon -- MJ's duet partner on the song -- and around 2:44 ... a man with one hand. A casting call for the video had listed a role for "a disabled person with no hands."

This is the first video and single from the album "MICHAEL" -- which officially drops on Tuesday. Although, as we previously reported -- and any web geek will confirm -- it's already leaked on the Internet.


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For everyone asking the disgusting Trolls to Stop, be respectful, and do research, Its never going to happen.. I've noticed the best thing to do is simply ignore..

These Maggotts LIVE in MJ threads, They are obsessed with him.. Yes they defile his name and everything about him, but they are obsessed and cant stay away from anything that involves our beloved Michael. I think its almost like a Demon that would fight an exorcism.. They cant stand the Love and Humanity that has always been his essence and gift to us. They fight it they kick and cuss and throw up Lies and accusations fouling his name with disgusting names and innuendo.
They wont research the Truth (Some probably know MJ is innocent) Because they need to talk filth becuz the filth makes them feel alive.
They post drivel and lies, and most of the time its easy to tell that they are not even old enough to know how to look up the true facts.. So instead they feed off the lies and ugliness, Like a leech, or maggotts, or some weak despicable thing.

You will notice that wherever there is a Michael Story.. 'THEY' will be there.
If they were not so obsessed they would be.. "Indifferent".. And that is something they are NOT.. Perhaps they have Mommy or Daddy issues.. Its hard to say what could possibly create such sad creatures as these.. But They will always exist.
So dont try to educate them, Not possible, That requires a brain.. LOL
All these numb nuts come equipped with is a mouth and fingers to type the garbage they spew

1377 days ago


MJ would love this video, so many young kids in it. I'm sure if he was alive he would have a hard on. The pedo is dead get over it.

1377 days ago


More 'new' Michael Jackson music planned says producer


"More previously unheard material from Michael Jackson is to be released, one of his producers has confirmed.

Teddy Riley, who completed three tracks on Jackson's forthcoming album Michael, said: "I look forward to doing the next one and I'm glad I'm on board."

Michael, out on 13 December, contains ten tracks, the first 'new' material since the star's death in 2009.

The build-up has been marred by arguments over the authenticity of Jackson's vocals.

'Bad character'

Riley, a founding member of group Blackstreet, used vocals recorded by Jackson to finish a handful of tracks including Hollywood Tonight, Monster and Breaking News.

"We will not do anything with bad character and it will be him," he said of his future involvement with Jackson material.

"It's not about the money it's about making sure everything is right."

The producer, who worked on Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous, also defended claims from Jackson's nephews saying that the vocals sounded "fake" on the new material by saying, "no one could ever duplicate Michael".

Teddy Riley [left] produced three tracks on 'new' Jackson album Michael "He had different textures of voices," he said. "These particular vocals were how he felt when he worked with the Casios [keyboards].

"Different styles and different places of Michael. Truthfully, I love my songs.

"It's what he [Jackson] would have expected us to do. If he was here he would have pushed us even more. It's an incredible record.

"The family reap the benefits from this."

The album features guest appearances from other artists including Akon, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

Black Eyed Peas', who also worked on material with Jackson which doesn't appear on Michael, has criticised the release calling it "disrespectful".

However, Akon who guests on single Hold My Hand, has defended the release saying it is "keeping his legacy alive".

1377 days ago


Taelyn, You make very valid points. Not only arguing about the molestation allegations but whether these songs may or may not be HIM singing, who is or who is not 'making money' off his songs, etc. Just find all these issues so pointless by now. The only thing that matters to me these days is the man MJ was & what he stood for; what he tried to 'teach' us while he was here. How can something so very simply as 'LOVE' be so twisted up, complicated, misunderstood, & totally OVERLOOKED, right?! MJ is so beyond all of this now & I believe has found a measure of the peace & the happiness so long denied him here & that is ALL I care about. The idea that he suffered & found life very painful while alive at times saddens me & I'm just satisfied that he has been released from all of that.

I used to wonder why 'Phantom of the Opera' NEVER commented but simply posted very nice tribute videos about Michael Jackson. It has taken me some time but now I 'get it'. It's because in the end, the sentiment contained in the videos he/she posts really is ALL that matters. It's really probably all that we should have ever concerned ourselves with. Remembering what a gift MJ was while we had him & making sure that we honored that by understanding what he was trying to say while he was here & keeping his generous & loving spirit alive through our own acts of kindness.

1377 days ago


Michael Jackson's 'Hold My Hand' Video: The Key Scene


"When the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur died, they both had unreleased material that slowly got released to the public. Putting out posthumous music isn't particularly difficult, but promoting after-death releases with music videos is a more challenging task. Both Biggie and Tupac appeared in videos after they passed away, using a healthy dose of old footage and plenty of guest stars to distract from the fact that the central figure was no longer with us.

In addition to the music he left behind, Michael Jackson also left plenty of footage on the cutting room floor (in fact, much of that was integrated into the hit 2009 film "Michael Jackson's This Is It").

For the video for "Hold My Hand" (the just-premiered first clip from Jackson's upcoming album Michael), the director used a combination of vintage Jackson footage, performance clips of guest star Akon and inspiration shots of children re-enacting some of Jackson's most iconic dance moves. It's a gorgeous video that actually makes "Hold My Hand" sound better, even though it looks a little like a soda commercial at times and really drives home the fact that Akon handles most of the vocal duties on the track.

In the clip's key scene, a shadow of Jackson (in yet another iconic pose) is cast against a giant wall. It's an image that captures an awful lot of themes at once, as it not only drives home what a huge figure Jackson was but also reminds us that since his tragic passing last year, we are only left with memories and shadows."

1377 days ago


Mj is the greatest and that's why ppl will and do bed backwards for him I love you, MJ!

1377 days ago


that was hot!!! Gave me chills. completely speechless.

1377 days ago


Beautiful. I'm glad they honored MJ in the video. He is pure magic.

RIP MJ! Love ya always!

1377 days ago


have liked MJ's music, still don't know what to think about whole child molestation thing (at this point that's between him and God), but I really LIKE this song and video!!

1377 days ago

Jeffrey McPhatter    

The man that moved the world and people still Judge. It it is not our jobs to judge a man that was good to all people. RIP MIKE.

OK everyone what defines you as a human being? Do you think you are better than everyone because you have more things in life? Does money run your life? What makes you a human being? Me I am no better than anyone else. I love everyone that loves me for me. I came here with nothing and leaving here with nothing. So be g...ood to one another no matter what their situation is. Love who they are not what they have.

1377 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

A stunning reminder of the true genius that he was... whatever your opinion of Michael, he was a brilliantly talented person and this song and video are beautiful! RIP Michael, you are missed.

1377 days ago


Michael Jackson releases picture perfect 'Hold My Hand' music video


"The first single and now music video “Hold My Hand,” from Michael Jackson’s upcoming “Michael” album is attempting to pull every string inside our collective hearts — and it’s starting to work, dangit!

At first I was less than excited about the release of Michael's 11-studio album, which houses ten songs the King (apparently) sang in spots like Los Angeles and Las Vegas when touring on the road. Yet, the first single, which features Lady GaGa’s right-hand pal Akon, feels like Michael knew exactly what it was going to be used for (read: the first lyrics are “This life don’t last forever”).

Other featured artists on the album like 50-cent and Lenny Kravitz really hold the CD’s only three single-worthy tracks together, while the rest of the songs just seem a little lacking in production (“Best of Joy”) or “real” Michael Jackson vocals (“Breaking News”).

However, denying that this new music video for “Hold My Hand” is anything but perfect is just pure insanity!"

1377 days ago


He was a major talent, to bad he went wierdo.

1377 days ago

Best Mom    

This is Michael's Christmas gift to the world! Thank you, Michael, for the love.

1377 days ago


See the truth for yourself. There really is no excuse for ignorance. You can operate a computer, you can find the answers. Stop spewing hate.

Hold My Hand = Testament to his life. LOVE♥

1377 days ago
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