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Chasen Murder -- 'Robbery Gone Bad'

12/8/2010 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Beverly Hills PD now says it believes Ronni Chasen's murder was a random act of violence -- a robbery gone bad -- committed by a man on a bicycle.


According to the police the gun that Harold Smith used to kill himself last week was the very same gun used to murder Chasen.

Police say they believe Smith acted alone and it was in no way connected with road rage -- an operating theory last week.

Police say they are 60 to 70 % done with the investigation, but they have to complete additional interviews.

The big break in the case was a tip through "America's Most Wanted" -- after Smith began bragging to neighbors that he shot Chasen and got $10,000 for it.

Law enforcement sources tell us they do not believe Smith was working on behalf of anyone nor do they believe he was paid. We're told he did collect money, but it was from a lawsuit.

The "AMW" tipster -- who wants to remain anonymous -- stands to collect a $125,000 reward.


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There is no question OTHER people are INVOLVE, and as the saying goes " dead men tell no tales"

This woman was worth millions, as the old saying goes in L.A ' If the price is right alot of things you can make go away.

1382 days ago


I am not buying it.

1382 days ago


NO! When the initial interviews came out from neighbors that this guy would never od something like this, that he was a little off, but kept to himself. Now neighbors are saying this??? RIGHT...

1382 days ago


This happened right across the street from the famed Beverly Hills Hotel. I'm surprised there's no surveillance video available.

1382 days ago

Sad sad    

Okay now they are saying it WAS from a settlement but then elsewhere it was said they could find no such settlement. Fine. But then why make up getting paid when he apparently was the one who killed her? Everyone there was asking the same questions. Understandably they didn't give out those details. But here's this how was it desperate times when he was to get $10,000? That would set me up good for a little while.

1382 days ago


such crap, if I were the family I'd hire a private investigator, if the family won't, well ... we know who really did it.

1382 days ago


This doesn't pass the smell test, needless to say. To be honest, however, TMZ doesn't really give a damn about this.

1382 days ago

Sad sad    

I'm sorry that he DID collect money. What? That makes no sense. Why would he rob someone if he just got money? Okay I'm just gonna assume they see every detail of where he burned that money away (not stating the actual amount he received)in that period of time then decided to rob someone.

1382 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

They cops are nailing this Crazy Homeless Guy as the Shooter. The cops don't have a freaking clue. They do it all the time to make themselves look good.

1382 days ago


Warren Commission Theory.

1382 days ago


What's been clear from day one is that the Beverly Hills has been more concerned with the public image of the city than solving this crime. I never believed this was a professional hit- I believe that was put out there to make people blame the victim and not suspect what really happened. The politically correct ninnies in BH would rather blame some military trained hit man for a murder than some crazy black guy on a bike.

1382 days ago


TMZ, post the videos of the man on the bicycle with a gun fleeing the scene also firing the shots.

1382 days ago


I am sure that BHPD is trying to make their high priced residents seem safe(they probably are), but that is BS. I was a cop for 25 yrs, and you don't ride your bike 6 miles(per mapquest map) to rob someone in a residential neighborhood early morning hours. If he was robbing someone, he would have robbed a person getting in a car near his Hollywood hotel.

1382 days ago

Jake Ross    

So, the ending to The Ronni Chasen Story has a sad and pathetic ending, thanks to the Beverly Hills Police Department. Let's pray those boys in blue are showing their World Series of Poker faces, for Ronni's sake---------

First, we all remember the big lady who lives in Harvey Apartments state that Harold bragged he was going to be 'paid to kill that woman in Beverly Hills.' And secondly, the Police have gone on record stating the gunshots came from an SUV or a truck, not a bike. Also, they stated the shots came from a big vehicle and that is where the shell casings were left..

Keystone cops comes to mind, and poor Ronni is fuming, somewhere in Heaven.

Why would a desperate career criminal ride 30 miles round trip, to commit a simple burglary? Please, back to the drawing board..I think, Harvey, you even concur he was just a used trigger man, probably Mr. Larry Cohen's crack/pot dealer.


1382 days ago


This is ridiculous, a homeless black man on a bike would not have been able to ride a block without being stopped....

1382 days ago
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