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Chasen Murder -- 'Robbery Gone Bad'

12/8/2010 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Beverly Hills PD now says it believes Ronni Chasen's murder was a random act of violence -- a robbery gone bad -- committed by a man on a bicycle.


According to the police the gun that Harold Smith used to kill himself last week was the very same gun used to murder Chasen.

Police say they believe Smith acted alone and it was in no way connected with road rage -- an operating theory last week.

Police say they are 60 to 70 % done with the investigation, but they have to complete additional interviews.

The big break in the case was a tip through "America's Most Wanted" -- after Smith began bragging to neighbors that he shot Chasen and got $10,000 for it.

Law enforcement sources tell us they do not believe Smith was working on behalf of anyone nor do they believe he was paid. We're told he did collect money, but it was from a lawsuit.

The "AMW" tipster -- who wants to remain anonymous -- stands to collect a $125,000 reward.


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Shell Casings, Shell Casings, Shell Casings.
Notorious B.I.G., smells like another police cover up to try to say they solved this case.
Easy to pin it on the dead dude! and stop spending money on this investigation. It's all about P.R. (no pun intended) for the BHPD, and not about solving the crime.

1393 days ago


The guy told the truth! He was a hit-man (trigger man). They need to round up his crew. Lazy ass cops.

1393 days ago


Didn't the police come out last week and say the gun from Smith was NOT the gun that killed Chasen?

1393 days ago


Sounds very fishy and doesn't add up. What was his motive? Robbery? Nothing was stolen. What about the $10,000.00 he said he was waiting for? Why was her apartment ransacked separately? Why did her brother insist it was road rage before the results were even in and the investigation incomplete?
Where are the other shell casings, since it is now said a bike was used? They would have been on the street. First it wasn't a match and now it is? She told people she thought she was being followed and wanted to make changes in her will. The police have not answered these questions that we all want answers to.

1393 days ago


uh yea...Just yesterday on CBS/AP and other news stations it said, and I quote, "the gun he used in the suicide doesn't match the bullets used to kill Chasen" .... so same gun different bullets. this all just sounds like it ain't right man. It just ain't right.

1393 days ago


The Keystone Cops are at it again. Case solved? NO.

1393 days ago


do you really think a black homeless guy riding around on a bike in Beverly Hills would not be noticed and stopped???? Or seen by the people who immediately saw her car crashed into the post. Wow, Beverly Hills cops wait to get back in that donut line.

1393 days ago


Sounds like huge cover-up to me.

1393 days ago

Sad sad    

"Ballistic tests reportedly show that the "bullet" used by Smith to shoot himself is not the same type of "bullet" used to kill Chasen." I had to go back and read that myself.

1393 days ago

Pretty LL    

Why would he ride up on his bike and shoot her for nothing? He didn't get a thing for doing it so....makes no sense that this is all there is to the story. Not buying it. I think Bev Hills PD is trying to close this up and make it go away

1393 days ago


First off, I think the car was stopped at a light.
Secondly, she was hit 3 times, out of four shots, only one in the chest.
Thirdly, He couldn't get to her purse, because she drove off.
Fourth - Not unreasonable for a career criminal to think about picking up the shell casings.
Not sure why it took so long to match the gun, especially when it was first reported that the gun was NOT a match, but was it the police saying so? Lots of random crimes and shootings in that area. Why would the guy commit suicide if he didn't do it?

1393 days ago

what He said    

this is what happened: at the intersection he rolled up and asked her if she had any grey poupon and when she didn't have any Grey Poupon he popped her!

The moral of the story always carry Grey Poupon and share the load or you will get a tight formation of bullets in yer ches'

1393 days ago


I have a feeling most of what the public thinks they know about this case is wrong. The BH Police have not be more forthcoming about the case and in the vacuum, others have been putting out false information. I believe that many in the BH Mayors office wanted to spin this as something other than a random act of violence in the city. With countless big companies having their Christmas parties this time of year, the last thing those in government in LA want are women worried about their safety driving home late at night thru Beverly Hills.

1393 days ago


CAN WE SAY........COVER-UP????????????

1393 days ago

my opinion    

I could not believe the BHPD they sounded unprofessional and unaware of what is really going on...they just plain sound SUPID.

RIP Ronnie Chasen

1393 days ago
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