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Chasen Murder -- 'Robbery Gone Bad'

12/8/2010 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Beverly Hills PD now says it believes Ronni Chasen's murder was a random act of violence -- a robbery gone bad -- committed by a man on a bicycle.


According to the police the gun that Harold Smith used to kill himself last week was the very same gun used to murder Chasen.

Police say they believe Smith acted alone and it was in no way connected with road rage -- an operating theory last week.

Police say they are 60 to 70 % done with the investigation, but they have to complete additional interviews.

The big break in the case was a tip through "America's Most Wanted" -- after Smith began bragging to neighbors that he shot Chasen and got $10,000 for it.

Law enforcement sources tell us they do not believe Smith was working on behalf of anyone nor do they believe he was paid. We're told he did collect money, but it was from a lawsuit.

The "AMW" tipster -- who wants to remain anonymous -- stands to collect a $125,000 reward.


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Its a shame that this poor woman was clearly assassinated by some high powers an to cover it up they place it on somebody who has no idea whats going on thats hollywood for you scandalous!

1415 days ago


On a bike, but they find no shell casings? Huh? Not really possible. Not buying it. He didn't act alone.

1415 days ago


I never thought I would be saying this....but the police version of what happened is wilder than the hollywood Hit Squd claims from the Quaids...I think they should have used the Quaids story....less crazy....(at least now agter hearing this incredible tale told by the Police)

1415 days ago

Sad sad    

ddddddaol- We can speculate all day. How do we know the tipster isn't the one who did it and gave him the gun that he shot himself and her with? If he did it on the bike then it was said there should be residue somewhere on the bike. I'm not 100% sure it is random. I'm still stuck on the money he said he was to get paid. If it is not then it goes back to whom I thought was involved to begin with. Experts are questioning the same thing. The bike thing itself COULD have happened. But they have not ruled out somethings. Another thing he had the gun apparently but does it mean he was the one who actually did it? Unless they have evidence on him or footage that's something else. He said he did it and said he was to get paid for it allegedly. So back to that why say he was going to get paid for it? Now we can't totally say he's just crazy because apparently he HAD the weapon.

1415 days ago


This is all very disturbing and sad, it does stink of a nasty cover-up!! It makes you wonder if the police are corrupt and are protecting someone very wealthy in Hollywood. It is unbelievable they're claiming a robbery after the guy bragged about killing her and getting the measly amount of money. I hope that her family and friends don't allow this to be swept under the rug!

1414 days ago


I love how all of you people think the cops are so stupid, so dumb, are such idiots and don't know what they are doing. You clowns watch Dirty Harry movies, Criminal Minds, watch movies and TV shows and you think you can solve crimes. Police Officers and Detectives are professionals, they have years of experience and most have B.A. and Masters degrees, yet you diphits think cops are all "dumbasses".

What you clowns do not realize is that the police are privy to much information that is never shared with the public. It is not shared with the public for a reason, and that is so that an investigation and a case is not compromised.

Cops are hard working, underpaid civil servants who give a lot to their jobs. Their wives, kids, friendships and their personal lives all suffer because of the job they do. Cops see more misery, murder, mayham and pure evil than the average person cannot even imgine, yet you people call them "supid" and "quick to close the case". I challange just ONE of you morons who are so quick to call the police stupid and inept to spend ONE DAY doing what they do. Try spending one day pulling over drunk drivers, breaking up bar fights, going on domestic violence calls and rolling up to the scene where a three year old has been beaten to death by his own parents. I challange ONE of you ingrates to work one day in a job where at any moment you may have to chase a suspect on foot on in a car, may have to fight a suspect who is trying to get your gun to kill you when you are just trying to end your shift alive so you can go home to you wife and kids in one piece.

Wow...cops are so stupid it's a miracle they can even wipe their own asses.

Maybe one of you people will read this and see the truth but I doubt it.

1414 days ago


This is all very disturbing and sad, it does stink of a nasty cover-up!! It makes you wonder if the police are corrupt and are protecting someone very wealthy in Hollywood. It is unbelievable they're claiming a robbery after the guy bragged about killing her and getting the measly amount of money. I hope that her family and friends don't allow this to be swept under the rug!

Posted at 4:20 AM on Dec 10, 2010 by cyrinda

So what is this guy claimed he got money for killing this woman. Do you not think that criminals are liars? You people think like little kids.

1414 days ago


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1412 days ago


Oh, come on!! And then he "fled the scene of the crime on a bike?" Why not state that he waited at a bus stop nearby instead? Or hitch hiked back home? This is ludicrous and preposterous. The BHPD isn't buying it, either. Notice it's the LAPD (which only has jurisdiction over the apartment building area) that's stating the case is closed. Let me was still "road rage" in that Ronnie supposedly cut him off while he was driving his bike, Right?? Then - his bike grew wings and he was able to catch up to her. Oh! Let's not forget that he was peddling down a deserted, main street in Beverly Hills at MIDNIGHT w/a gun conveniently tucked inside the back of his pants??? Also - it's a KNOWN fact that the shell casings were NOT found at the scene of the shooting. This was the first speculation of it being a hit in that it was believed the casing ejected inside the vehicle which speed away w/the killer inside of it. Now - we're left to wonder if Harold Smith got OFF his bike in the middle of Sunset (huh?) and recovered these casings before the cops did. Boy, I bet whomever truly planned and carried out this mafia style "hit" is thrilled that the LAPD will now pay out that $125,000 to that false lead person who "turned" crazy Harold in instead of them having to do it to buy their silence instead!

1409 days ago
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