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SeaWorld -- We DON'T Use Cow Vaginas!

12/8/2010 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SeaWorld is finally lashing back at Tommy Lee -- claiming the rocker's allegation that the park uses cow vaginas to "masturbate" their killer whales for sperm collection is "beyond ludicrous."


A rep for SeaWorld tells us, "If Mr. Lee’s information on Tilikum and SeaWorld’s artificial insemination program for killer whales comes from PETA we’re not surprised that it’s wrong.  PETA is as careless with facts as they are extreme in their views."

As we first reported, Lee had fired off a letter to SeaWorld demanding they release Tilikum the orca back into the wild. In his letter, Lee also stated that he learned the "sick and twisted" info about the cow vaginas from SeaWorld's own director of safety.

But the SeaWorld rep notes, "The process of collecting semen for [artificial insemination] doesn’t differ in any meaningful way from the techniques employed in managing livestock or other species for zoological display."

"Contrary to the charges made by PETA and repeated in Lee’s letter, our trainers do not now nor have they ever entered the water with Tilikum for this purpose.  The safety of SeaWorld staff and the welfare of our animals are our highest priorities."

The rep adds, "Whatever his views on SeaWorld, Mr. Lee would be wise to spend more time checking his facts.


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@poster #9 JLS... just like tommy lee .. you might want to get your facts straight...
PETA’s “Animal Record” report for 2009, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 97 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2009, PETA found adoptive homes for just eight pets.

1417 days ago

Y do he got    

It don`t MATTER HOW it`s a crime to wack off in american just ask crotchy the clown and the wale should b sent to wales not fed with pails of frozen crap..worked in one of dem dar pet food factorys of rotten reject FDA parts is parts,cancer and rotten frozen FDA rejects are wahts for doggie dinner and cat food is mosty rotten shrimp.THE WHALE should be sent free but would need feedings and a clean sea to live in WTF could be done?.Just like BIG CATS the zoo is the only place where they can live without getting shot or drying in the garbage`s.I`d have to say he`s right to care and try to help..maybe he can feed the whale in the open seas for about three years?

1417 days ago


I don't think the cow vagina is the issue Tommy had, it's the fact that Seaworld has this high risk whale who has on numerous occasions killed humans and is doing nothing about it. I realize the poor thing was born in captivity so he can not be released into the wild but I think it's the very same people who hold him captive who should start coming up with a plan on what to do with him so no more humans are killed. Also to Seaworlds defense, the Orca's are considered Threatened or Endangered so collecting his sperm will help replenish the species but STOP putting in situations where he can kill a human!!!!

1417 days ago


Peta,Tommy,Pamela---idiots with a forum. Who cares how SeaWorld gets the whale off? I suspect that the whale doesn't care as long as it get off! Owners masturbate horses and dogs all of the time. Not cruel. Not criminal. Film at 11?

1417 days ago


lol @ SantaFeJack's "Film at 11"!

1417 days ago


They always says "Release this animal into the wild" but do they ever consider that it would be a death sentence? Especially with whales - because they haven't been trained with other members of the pod to hunt, etc. They couldn't survive on their own. And who knows if whale pods actually adopt rogue members. I'm sick of all these PETA freaks - they don't usually think before they speak. Just like the incident with Tim McLean in Winnipeg, MB - PETA are "sick & twisted" - and you can quote me on that one.

1417 days ago

Doug Heffernam    

Tommy Lee crying about "sick and twisted" is has probably used a cow vagina himself.

1417 days ago


If they do it the way they do it with livestock, it's even worse. They put a large dildo up a horse's ass that is electrically charged. They send a jolt of electricity into the horse's ass which causes its muscles to tense. This causes sperm to be released. I think the whale would prefer the cow vagina.

1417 days ago

Y do he got    

TO milk a need to get under there in your underwear right harvey? the whale milker pro once slipped in a spill of whale sperm and busted his tail!.Never saw anything that funny farm B4 but the sheep and harveys TMZ crew trying to breed them for show .

1417 days ago


Why would Sea World even respond to a letter from a drug addict? Or a terrorist group (PETA)

1417 days ago


tell them mo fo'z tommy. ha ha......................

1417 days ago


when milking a whale there is only one rule to never ever forget.WHAT GOES UP MUST^ COME DOWN and when that happens you better be no where near that place.OR MOBY **** could be the last thing IEUC

1417 days ago



Did you notice they didn't specify what the process IS they practice?

That's clever. They denied denied denied doing it in the manner Tommy Lee accused them of but did not pin down what they actually do to collect it from this subject whale.

They also never addressed the fact that this is ALL THEY USE THIS WHALE FOR. It's clearly cruel.

I call on SeaWorld to stop assuming every single person who takes issue with their caring for the animals in their charge, associated with PETA. I'm not and I agree with Tommy Lee.

Mentioning PETA is a nice little smoke screen.

Posted at 12:16 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by JLS

Tommy Lee claimed to be commenting on a peta statement
anyone who takes anything that comes from that
organization as truth is an idiot who cant think for themselves
and will believe anything.

1417 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

Wow: Filed under "Posting headlines I'd never expect to read....."

1417 days ago


Sea World makes big money off of these captive animals. Killer whales are what the whole place is based off of. This particular whale has been on rampages in the past because being in a tank makes it nuts. Forcing it to do tricks so they can make huge money isn't exactly fair to the animal. This is similar to what they do to circus animals. Anyway, not too hard to imagine that Pam put him up to it and he probably did get his facts wrong? Still, what they do to a wild animal to get its sperm probably isn't too far off?

1417 days ago
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