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Wesley Snipes: Larry King Could Save Me from Prison

12/8/2010 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes believes some crucial new evidence emerged during his appearance on "Larry King Live" last night -- evidence that he hopes will keep him out of prison.

Wesley Snipes Prison
During the show, Larry read a statement from a member of the jury that convicted Snipes during his tax evasion trial which said, "There was one juror that had said they knew Mr. Snipes was guilty right when they first saw him during the jury selection."

Wesley's legal team immediately jumped into action -- and moments ago, they filed an emergency motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct.

As we previously reported, Snipes is due to begin his three-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania tomorrow for willful failure to file federal income tax returns.

So far, no word if the judge plans to slam the brakes on Wesley's date with justice. 


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Someone please shoot this pathetic piece of s*** already!!

1379 days ago


Ya, to hell with innocent until proven guilty. While were at it lets get rid of the jury and burn the constitution. We dont need them anymore because you all can tell hes guilty just by looking at him.

1379 days ago


I watch the Larry King interview last night it is a complete injustice I am so glad that Danny Meachum is his lawyer. It is looking like that Judge(75 year old white man) maybe the Bull Conner of his day and Danny Meachum is the new Johnnie Cochran. Danny like they said in the sixties "we ain't gone let know-body turn me around".Wesley we believe in you.

1379 days ago

Please just go to jail already.

1379 days ago


There's his Christmas miracle.

1379 days ago


Let's get this straight people. The man EARNED his money. It does not matter what he does for a living, he Earned IT. Legally. The government decided how to spend money by paying out medicaid payments, welfare payments, government programs like how to stop mothernature and the sun from warming the planet. (uh sorry dumbasses, 1 volcano spewing pollutes more CO2 than man ever has) and many other nifty things that you and I have no say in. And then they decide how much to take from what you have EARNED and give it to others. Now, I have no problem with paying for keeping my roads fixed and defending my liberty. But 2+ years of unemployment checks, and paying for girls to pump out more kids. Make him pay what he owes and a penalty, but none of you non tax paying morons want to go to prison for fencing or smoking your dope either, so shut the f up and get a job that pays you enough so that you have the privilege to pay taxes. And then you can tell people how awful they are for trying to get out of it.

Blade rules.

1379 days ago


Do your time and be a man for once in your life!

1379 days ago


Wow. Be a man Wesley and serve your sentence for crying out loud.

1379 days ago


I'm glad his legal team was savy enough to pick up on this. Juries have a lot or power and responsibility. You can't decide the outcome before the trial.

1379 days ago


Oh brother - thanks Larry - Snipes is such a punk. Man up and do the time!! This is almost as funny and stupid as his acting.

1379 days ago


Please, u did the crime now do the time. Stop the damn wining.

1379 days ago


These positive comments must be coming from Snipes' legal team. Come on buddy... You deserve jail. We all hate paying taxes, but we have to. F you and all your BS.

1379 days ago


He should have to serve 1 year in jail and then be forced to some sort of manual labor/community service as a full time job for 2 years. I agree he should be going to jail, but this idea where we have non violent/non drug associated offenders just sitting in jail for years and years seems counter productive as well. We (the taxpayers) are paying for that to.

1379 days ago


The uneducated mindset in this forum is so dense it almost has a tangible physicality to it. To the useful idiots that are screaming "do the time" or "suck it up and go", why don't you put what little education you did happen to come by some miracle in school and read the details of the case before commenting on what you clearly have no idea what you are commenting about.

Here's a dumbed down summary. His accountant (Kenneth Starr) had power of attorney, forged Wesley's signature on his return form and committed fraud. Mr. Starr plead guilty to multiple counts of fraud earlier this month. Wesley already paid what was owed to the IRS including fees. He has been charged with a misdemeanor charge of willfully not filing a tax return form, and was sentenced to the full extent of each count, even though evidence showed that Mr. Starr is the criminal here... Wesley has been charged still, which is why there is still a chance this all can be dropped on a mistrial and retried in another court.

I'll be laughing at you people who were so quick to judge when the IRS goons come after you.

PS. Wesley paid 30 million in the last decade to the IRS, by the time you realize how big that number is do the community a favor and shut up.

Keep fighting Wesley.

1379 days ago


So Ryan you're saying he should be going to jail. Good because I fully agree with you.

1379 days ago
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