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Wesley Snipes: Larry King Could Save Me from Prison

12/8/2010 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes believes some crucial new evidence emerged during his appearance on "Larry King Live" last night -- evidence that he hopes will keep him out of prison.

Wesley Snipes Prison
During the show, Larry read a statement from a member of the jury that convicted Snipes during his tax evasion trial which said, "There was one juror that had said they knew Mr. Snipes was guilty right when they first saw him during the jury selection."

Wesley's legal team immediately jumped into action -- and moments ago, they filed an emergency motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct.

As we previously reported, Snipes is due to begin his three-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania tomorrow for willful failure to file federal income tax returns.

So far, no word if the judge plans to slam the brakes on Wesley's date with justice. 


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I really hope this man gets a reprieve. I think it is outrageous he was given 3 years. In our state, child rapists get less. Why 3 consecutive terms? Injustice, imho. Good luck, Wesley.

1413 days ago


Problem is that is correct if the juror had pre determined his thought process prior to hearing the case its a mistrial. The appeal should go through and there will be another hearing at our expense.
Was Polly Shores the juror????????????

1413 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

OF COURSE he's guilty, he's black. That's what every juror in the world assumes from the get-go, unless you get the urban apes like OJ did.
Get to prison weasel, lots of guys waiting to "meet" you.

1413 days ago

Becky S.    

Seriously...are you saying if you were covicted of a crime and were sentenced to prison time & you found out someone on the jury thought you were guilty before the trial started, you wouldn't want a new trial. You would just go ahead and go to prison? Get real...of course you would go for a new trial. The next one might not convict you. No one would take that chance. Why should he?

1413 days ago


how bout it ****n crybaby it wasnt about race or nuttin prolly he prolly jus looked guilty go do ur **** get done get out and make more movies (best possible pick for blade anyday)

1413 days ago


I hope they throw the jury's verdict out the window and retry Wesley. How dumb can a juror be? Not only did this person break a golden rule, but they brazenly told someone about it. Geez.

1413 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Becky you are ignorant about the law.
Right now he's been SENTENCED to 3 years.
He takes a new trial and that deal disappears. What if he's convicted again and gets 20 years?
The government isn't going to let him slide or make a deal, HE IS GUILTY by his own admission.
Only a fool would take a new trial, despite your brilliant legal analysis.

1413 days ago


He is guilty, but you have to give him a new trial after that statement. Can't be ignored.

1413 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I don't know much about the case, however sounds like Ryan does, so..thankyou for the post Ryan and I sure hope justice prevails for Mr.Snipes.

1413 days ago


It wasn't Larry that may have saved Wesley, it was his suspenders.

1413 days ago


What has happened to compassion for others? This man is only human with a family and 4 young children. He has tried to rectify his mistake and make it right. I would love to know how many of you actually "pay" taxes. There are so many criminals out there that get off on technicalities for far worse crimes and are walking the streets amongst us waiting to strike again. Please just allow this gentleman to pay his millions in taxes so that the government can dish it out to the less fortunate :/

1413 days ago


There are a lot of haters on this bitch. Jealously is a ****ed up thing. I hate taxes and if I could get away with not paying them I would. So would a lot of you jealous ass haters on here. I'm just saying what you square ass cowards are really thinking.

1413 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Larry, help me Larry -
first Ok$a, now Wesley.

Larry King, the patron saint
of liars and thieves!


1413 days ago


Suck it up? You people don't even know this man. You're going on heresay from media, generally a bunch of parasites that relish this type of bloodsport versus actual facts.
If you've never dealt with the IRS up close and personal, or gone to trial, then you have no idea of the duplicity and procedural misconduct that goes on in order to "win".

Would you willingly do time for something you weren't guilty of?

Have any of you kept track on your own of anything over 500,000 in personal finances, let alone millions?

Your finance people don't always have your best interests at heart.

If you weren't there, then you don't know what happened. There's a reason they're called stories. Your "opinions" mean nothing. "Believe" NOTHING.

If you're going to get fired up about something, you need to get fired up about the Banksters and politicians that just stole you and your children's futures. And I can guarantee, they owe more in taxes than this man ever will.

But no one speaks truth to power anymore.

...Now back to your "programs"

1413 days ago


The law is the law for all those ignorant people posting... the Jury HAS to be objective before hearing evidence. its the very basis of democracy, no matter how black and rich he is folks.;-)

1413 days ago
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