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Wesley Snipes: Larry King Could Save Me from Prison

12/8/2010 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes believes some crucial new evidence emerged during his appearance on "Larry King Live" last night -- evidence that he hopes will keep him out of prison.

Wesley Snipes Prison
During the show, Larry read a statement from a member of the jury that convicted Snipes during his tax evasion trial which said, "There was one juror that had said they knew Mr. Snipes was guilty right when they first saw him during the jury selection."

Wesley's legal team immediately jumped into action -- and moments ago, they filed an emergency motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct.

As we previously reported, Snipes is due to begin his three-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania tomorrow for willful failure to file federal income tax returns.

So far, no word if the judge plans to slam the brakes on Wesley's date with justice. 


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I'm am tired of these actors thinking they are above the law...that the laws (paying taxes) do not pertain to them....and using the "race card" when necessary....what is right, is right, no matter color, sex or age...PAY up ON TIME or suffer the conquences. Stop crying like a baby unless you would agree to pay 10,000 times the amout you originally owed....No I thought not.....

Wesley, you really are skum who steals from former fans who once, but never again will support your career.

1361 days ago


Unfortunately #12 and #13 you are right. That is definitely misconduct. But I do think that 1 person will not make a difference. Yes he will get a retrial but the results would ultimately be the same. He didn't pay his taxes and that's the end of it.

These celebrities kill me not wanting to pay taxes. Why not? You have made more money then the average person so pay your dues. I think, as in the case of Pamela Anderson, Snipes, and Kelly Rowland that they spend and spend and then one day realize that they don't have enough to make it on. And then they figure out where they can cut corners, and Uncle Sam usually becomes the last to get his cut.

1361 days ago


The trial was how many years ago and this is just coming out NOW? Sounds fishy to me.

1361 days ago

Florha Jones    

Mr Snipes,
I am praying for you my brother in Christ. I am sorry and believe that you are and have been targeted. I to have been targeted in the same type of scheme. My federal government failed me and I almost was assinated to get blamed and entrapped in treasonal conspiracy related to governmental greed. We might be part of the same ponzi type scheme. Who knows. I am in California. I understand that these individuals that I trusted to assist me in growing my wealth, have schemed all acroos America. Innocent people have been charged and convicted in the perpertators stance. I Jehovahs ministering angels deliver you from this demonic outward exhibit of hatred and greed. I pray that you and your family stay safe. Again I am sorry about this madness that you are going through. We as a country are still racist and blacks are being criminalized period. I like you have no criminal history. I have my masters degree. I worked on my job as a registered nurse for nearly thirty years. It was my government that encouraged my wrongful termination, attempted murder on me several times. It is crazy. God bless you. Florha Jones

1360 days ago


An emergency motion the day before he is set to go to jail... A little coincidental. I agree that celebrities shouldn't be given preferential treatment, but if that is the law do you feel that he shouldn't be granted a new trial just because it is a technicality, or do you think that they should follow the law? Here is a quick poll to survey what you think if you want to share your thoughts -

1360 days ago


They all say, when caught, "it's my accountant's fault"..BS...Larry King asked Snipes "didn't you have to sign your name on the IRS forms"? Snipes didn't answer..He said something about his power of attorney handled that..It's all a cop out on his part...He doesn't want to serve time, but why should he be treated any differently than the average Joe who would certainly serve time for the same action done by Snipes.

1360 days ago

Peter Sc    

He has not done a DUI, he has not done drugs, he was not convicted of violence.

He was convicted of something worse: Tax evasion!!

We cannot have a society where people on welfare or unemployment benefit cannot get money from the state. How should people like Lindsay Lohan live in the future when there is no welfare now where she has no comeback role in sight?

He must serve the year he got for his actions and the two he got for his skin problem. No question about that. Otherwise I would lose all respect for the courts.

1360 days ago


he is going to fed prison because he is blade.

1360 days ago


black folks get put in jail for every little thing. can we decedents of slave get reparations and a break. i tell you bout these glee perez hilton lovers.

1360 days ago


black folks get put in jail for every little thing. can we decedents of slave get reparations and a break. i tell you bout these glee perez hilton lovers.

1360 days ago


black folks get put in jail for every little thing. can we decedents of slave get reparations and a break. i tell you bout these glee perez hilton lovers.

1360 days ago


That is definitely cause for a retrial.

1360 days ago


in reference to posting 47.

The law is the law for all those ignorant people posting... the Jury HAS to be objective before hearing evidence. its the very basis of democracy, no matter how black and rich he is folks.;-)

Posted at 6:16 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by Bronson

the law is the law
which also means the we are ALL legally obliged to file and pay our taxes within the designated time frame

2 wrongs don't make a right

if the juror said that maybe they were just shooting their mouth off for attention and really didn't think that during jury selection
if that is what happened, then the juror may have just accidentally given Snipes a temporary reprieve and made himself look like an idiot publicly

and if the juror did think that then they should have stated that when they were selected and been excused from serving

either way-you would not want that juror picked for your trial!
and if we all didn't pay out taxes like Snipes the country would be in terrible much as we don't like paying them..they do serve a purpose

1360 days ago


Wow do you think the Judge in this case will allow juror misconduct? And if this is the case he deserves a second chance at freedom at tax payers expense. We all know the outcome Wesley it will be the same. You play you pay simple as that and we all know he had plenty of time to settle this along time ago with the IRS.

1360 days ago



1360 days ago
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