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Howard Stern Ignites Sirius Subscription Mega-Surge

12/9/2010 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern single-handedly boosted Sirius Satellite Radio sales "through the roof" this morning -- TMZ has learned the company was hit with a tidal wave of phone calls immediately following Stern's big announcement.


Minutes after Stern revealed his plans to stick with Sirius for another 5 years -- customer service reps tell us they were overwhelmed by calls from listeners who wanted to sign up for new accounts.

But get this -- we're told "hundreds" of callers were also interested in "re-activating" accounts that had been placed on hold due to the uncertainty of Stern's return. 

All hail the king.


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I love how all the people who have commented negatively towards this announcement blatantly state that they "have never" or "would never" listen to Stern. Then how in the world are you able to formulate an opinion. You all act like 5 yr old children who say "I don't like that food" but haven't even tried it yet.

Howard Stern is unmatched when it comes to interviewing guests. He is, by far, the most engaging interviewer of the last 20 yrs. Not only that, he has put together a team of comics, reporters and supportive staff that make his show (and channels 100/101) absolutely addictive.

If you don't like Stern, the just STFU.

@KPluck - again, you have no idea what you're talking about. Sirius offered plans that ranged from 1 month / 1 yr / 5 yrs and lifetime. If you think that every Sirius subscriber is on a month-to-month plan, then pull your head out of your ass and start educating yourself before you spewing your obtuse drivel.

1416 days ago

Alan Carver    

Talk about a MASTER of PR regarding this whole leaving SIRIUS at the end of 2010. WHAT A CROCK! Just for this purpose and multi-other reasons I will never subscribe to SIRIUS, regardless of how many new subscribers he gets today! Poor Form Stern! Poor Form!

1416 days ago


TMZ drank from the PR well......

This clown has been on Sirius for years now with very little fanfare. Same dog n pony show year after year.

Everyone who follows this clown knows where he is, why didn't they sign up earlier?

Because its a PR move!

I won't get Sirius because I refuse to put money into the hands of an overpaid loud mouth.

The only thing shocking about this jock is that he's still on the radio.

1416 days ago


How does it feel to be complete idiots most of you commenters?

1. He has a model wife, your making fun of his looks?
2. The show is amazing, great entertainment. Name one who that can entertain millions for 5 hours?
3. The show is full of laughs that all MEN and many Woman have in their own work place. You don't like his mouth? Your a fool, this is how MEN talk.
4. Vacation too much? You should be happy he is still around. The guy is worth so much money he could retire and never been on the air. Who wins then? I will take 3 or 4 days, whatever. Its an honor he is still here.
5. From listening to him for 13 years, he is the funniest and one honorable man. You are ignorant people.

1416 days ago


Tired? Old? Go back to the 90's?

This guy is making 100 million a year. Name ANY athlete or radio/tv personality that makes ANYWHERE close to that.

So yeah, you might not personally like the guy or feel he's a bit too crude (even tho you haven't listened to him in the past 15 yrs) but how can you argue he's irrelivent when he's getting paid that much?

Do you think the heads at Sirius would pay him that much if only 10% of the Sirius/XM subscriber base tuned in? Of course not!!! I believe it was stated that nearly 75% of all Sirius subscribers tune into his show.

So if you're wasting your time here by bashing on Stern, then close your browser and continue listening to the Coffee House Channel.

1416 days ago


The 500 million for his previous contract was given to him so he could pay his staff (Robin, Baba Boey, Artie etc.) incl. himself and all other expenses. In other words, he was given that money to run the radio show how he wanted. Not like he was making 100 million/year.
Anyways, I don't like Howard for the x-rated smut that he sometimes has on his show. But, his celebrity interviews are awesome. Obviously, if you are on TMZ, you enjoy that sort of thing so I don't understand how you can bash someone who is doing the same thing. If you have never had the privilege of listening to a Howard Stern interview, you are truly missing out.
We have 2 Sirius subscriptions and both will be renewed largely due to this announcement today.

1416 days ago



with 2 lifetime subscriptions (from when they were only $399.00 each), I'm doing the happy dance!!!!!

1416 days ago


Jan - you are wrong. InDemand TV pays for the television aspect of the Stern show. All other staff, including Gary, Robin, Fred etc are all employed and paid by Sirius. You should tune into his show once in awhile as he's stated this numerous times.

1416 days ago


King of smut. A legend in his own mind.

1416 days ago


LOL at all the people who "don't like" Howard Stern wasting their time reading an article about him and feeling compelled to comment. Howard is the man and there is no radio entertainer on the planet that has the influence he has, those are just the facts. Those who can't possibly understand how he is worth $100 million a year, well that's why you are not a high power executive. People at Sirius are way smarter than you and understand exactly what he is worth to their business. They had 5 years of revenue from him and obviously if he wasnt worth it he wouldnt have a new contract now. Also to those who think this was a PR stunt and that he does every time he signs a new contract, id LOVE to hear specific evidence of when. Oh thats right, never. He had a deal with Sirius the first time a year before he left radio. Before then his deals were always unannounced.

1416 days ago


"The only thing shocking about this jock is that he's still on the radio."


Oh my God, that was the funniest thing I've ever read!!!!


1416 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Last quote on SIRI: 1.39

Either this company is a great buy or it's run by idiots.

1416 days ago


Should be "thousands."

1416 days ago


"Bring back DDT!"

1416 days ago

Ogden Oglethorpe    

And another thing. People who think Howard is some kind of low brow vulgar shock jock have no idea, they couldnt be more wrong. The real Howard is a perfectionist workaholic who indulges NO personal vices and is more of a puritan and conservative in his private life. I love him because he gave me five hours of great entertainment daily for almost twenty years for free. The man would rip his guts out to put out funny entertainment for me, how could I not appreciate that?

1416 days ago
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