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Howard Stern Ignites Sirius Subscription Mega-Surge

12/9/2010 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern single-handedly boosted Sirius Satellite Radio sales "through the roof" this morning -- TMZ has learned the company was hit with a tidal wave of phone calls immediately following Stern's big announcement.


Minutes after Stern revealed his plans to stick with Sirius for another 5 years -- customer service reps tell us they were overwhelmed by calls from listeners who wanted to sign up for new accounts.

But get this -- we're told "hundreds" of callers were also interested in "re-activating" accounts that had been placed on hold due to the uncertainty of Stern's return. 

All hail the king.


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No what I realize is what educationally disadvantaged people there are in this world. I guess it explains the incompetence of our Nations legislature as well......

1393 days ago


If you do not like...why comment?
Oh wait you are those people who complain and b1tch about EVERTYHING!! SHUT UP AND LET LIVE!!

1393 days ago


My life is worth living for five more years!

1393 days ago


Oh, c'mon guys! Don't be so hard. How can these guys pay such amount to his fellow Jew if they don't do a publicity stun? Try to understand.

1393 days ago


Thank goodness. I wasn't planning to renew my subscription unless he continued. The man is the best interviewer on earth.

1393 days ago


LOL at all the people who "don't like" Howard Stern wasting their time reading an article about him and feeling compelled to comment. Howard is the man and there is no radio entertainer on the planet that has the influence he has, those are just the facts. Those who can't possibly understand how he is worth $100 million a year, well that's why you are not a high power executive. People at Sirius are way smarter than you and understand exactly what he is worth to their business. They had 5 years of revenue from him and obviously if he wasnt worth it he wouldnt have a new contract now. Also to those who think this was a PR stunt and that he does every time he signs a new contract, id LOVE to hear specific evidence of when. Oh thats right, never. He had a deal with Sirius the first time a year before he left radio. Before then his deals were always unannounced.

1393 days ago


w00t !!! 5 more years of radio bliss. bababooey to you all and a happy new year !!

1393 days ago


Actually, #15, I am one. My radio crapped out about 3 months ago. I was not going to spend $60... on a new radio for just a few months of Stern. Now that he has resigned, I will get one...and renew my subscription, too.

1393 days ago


Howard Stern should wear a condom on his head at all times!!
Trashy and disgusting male chauvinist pig!
He has daughters and he still acts like a **** head!!

1393 days ago


Steve, get a clue. Sirius was irrelevant compared to XM and would have gone out of business if it weren't for what Howard has brought them.

1393 days ago


I agree with kpluck, this bogus. what four of the 5 lights on the switchboard lit up.

"Does anyone really believe there are people out there that were big Stern fans but didn't subscribe to Sirius because they didn't know what his 5 year plan was?"

1393 days ago


Good for Howard and the gang!!! They deserve it!!!

1393 days ago


I can't Stand the man. All he talks about is garbage. Now that XM was eaten up by SIRRUS. I am definitely dropping my service.

1393 days ago


If you want real satellite radio entertainment tune into Opie & Anthony on XM 202 / Sirius 197. Now thats some great radio. I'm still bustin a gut from today!! Linger longer.

1393 days ago


20 Million subscribers cant be wrong people, I never liked him until I actually listened to his show. Yes its filled with profanity but its and adult program. He actually is very entertaining and does fantastic interviews. No More Bull****!

1393 days ago
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