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'Modern Family' Star

Gets Tips on Circumcision

12/10/2010 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

To snip, or not to snip? That was the question posed to Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Mark Ballas ... by a woman on a mission. A mission that revealed waay too much ... in the TMZ newsroom.

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joe stat    

And as you know, we should ALL do what a celebrity does & make personl health decisions for OUR children based on what a famous person tells you to do. And @#15, please understand that a lack of a recommendation is NOT the same thing as a condemnation. Your statement implies that every medical association in the world has an opinion on cir***cision that is anything more than moot. The truth is, there are pros & cons to cir***cision & because of that, medical associations around the world leave that decision in the hands of parents, allowing THEM to make the personal decision that makes the most sense for THEIR own families. Look, if it's not for your family, then don't do it but for those for whom it has value, then I say doing it is a viable option also. There is no wrong decision here, however I would never respect or support a group of people who seek to remove the choices I make for MY OWN children out of my hands in order to make sure that I fall in line with their way of thinking. And I'm sorry, not even 1/2 of a magic duo is strong enough of an endorsement to make me change my mind.

1349 days ago


I swear it is beginning to be an embarrassment to even admit I read TMZ, you people cannot spell the most basic words and your grammar is terrible.
The picture in this article can't even spell cir***cision correctly, how many N's are in that word, class? Anybody?
Cir***cision is a barbaric practice that should have gone out with the advent of bathing and running water. There is absolutely no reason to cut off a foreskin that is perfectly healthy, ever.

1349 days ago


Quotes from the two latest Medical Association Policy statements
Royal Australasian College of Physicians Policy Statement. September 2010.
The ethical question is whether it is ethically justifiable to allow parents to make this decision for their child.
View Point of the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), Non Therapeutic Cir***cision of Male Minors. May 2010.
The right to physical integrity is an inalienable human right. There are good reasons for a legal prohibition of non-therapeutic cir***cision.

1349 days ago


My son is 12 and he said that he is glad he had it done as a baby! Just the other day his Bible teacher was discussing this topic as they were covering it in the Old Testament. No anteater look for my son! LOL!

1349 days ago


A cir***cised penis looks mutilated, and functions like a battering ram. Period

1349 days ago


Foreskins are normal, healthy tissue full of nerve endings and purpose that we are amputating- it's really strange if you think about it outside the cultural norms. If anyone is interested I will throw out a couple of the places I found for information when I was pregnant... they are a great place to start :-)

Brave Nurses (video)

Penn and Teller Bull**** Cir***cision

The Whole Network

Mothering Magazine***cision

Peaceful Parenting

1349 days ago


It's disturbing that they make jokes and light of the routine genital mutilation we preform on our little boys everyday.

Genital Integrity should be for everyone, and until it is, we're just as bad and the Sudan and other places that cir***cise their girls.

1349 days ago


This isn't funny. "Cir***cision", a euphemism for genital mutilation, is an age old cycle of sexual abuse perpetrated by the abused. Anyone who thinks that its okay to allow this to happen to boys is in denial about this fact.

Its obvious that some of the commentators on this site, as well as the producers of TMZ, want to enable this cycle of abuse by making light of it, or vilifying intact men.

Adults can do what they want to their adult bodies, but that is another issue.

The many and varied consequences of this procedure often get covered up by the medical industry, which has a vested interest in keeping it's cash flow alive. Boys have rights to be protected from these perpetrators, and hypocritically ignoring these rights isn't going to make it valid. The procedure involuntarily and permanently places boys in a minority category of the sexually subjugated.

Eighty five percent of men internationally are intact and living proof that "cir***cision" is a lie. Men are no more "dirtier" than are women. The natural penis is not deformed, and men who joke about it are psychologically hiding their pain. The women who joke about it, are ignorant hypocrites.

Only the arrogant believe that they own the children they produce, trying to taylor make them into miniature versions of themselves. They should stick to pets, but then again, maybe not. They might abuse them too.

1349 days ago


This ought to win some sort of prize for the worst coverage of circvmcision anywhere on the Internet. A POSTER is going to take offence at what is talked about near it?? The only useful facts about circomcision were provided by the woman they were ridiculing.

@#2: Parents! Cutting off parts of genitalia is none of your business!

@#6: Check out http://www.cir*** and see if you can still say they look better.

(Your censor-bot has a dirty mind. Will it think there's a rude word in my live link? Maybe if I tell it there's a town in England called S****horpe it'll blow a fuse.)

1348 days ago


@#16: As one man said, but in more colourful language: "My family doesn't [ur!nate] with my [pen!s], my family doesn't [mastvrbate] with my [pen!s] and my family doesn't [have s3xual intercovrse] with my [pen!s], so what business did my family have to go cutting part off of my [pen!s]?"

@#19: You know there is another Testament? And in that, it says (Gal 5:2) "If you become circvmcised, Christ will profit you nothing" and a whole lot more (Acts 15:5-11 & 24, Rom 2:25-29, 3:30-31, 4:8-13, Gal 5:1-6, 6:12-13, Col 2:11, 3:9-11.) Is your son ever going to stand near an anteater, that someone might be in danger of mistaking them?

1348 days ago


@19, you are stupid christian hag whose whole wrinkly face looks like an anteater, I'm glad you chopped your little sons penis, so now he has to use lotion to masturbate, and will never feel the true pleasure of an uncir***bcised penis.

1348 days ago


Wow is all I can say as someone who has been cir***sized it doesn't bother me one bit. I don't feel betrayed or abused. as for comparing it to female cir***sion there is a major difference it is used as a control device to deprive women of sexual pleasure by removing the ****orious ummm so no comparison

1344 days ago


TMZ, along with many of the ignorant posters on here really need to do their homework and research cir***cision before promoting genital mutilation! And the person claiming that circ'ing prevents diabetes, you need help. It's sad that such an ignorant group of people are breeding! :( Oh and the rate as of 2009 is circ is down to the mutilated mushroom look is in the minority and will continue to decrease (along with every other country) as more and more parents are researching this topic. As a parent, do your homework before looking ridiculous!

1344 days ago

Barefoot Intactivist    

Kudos to this woman for speaking out to end sexual mutilation. Anybody who straps down a helpless baby boy and attacks his genitals with a knife is a f'king coward.

And to all of those making fun of "anteaters," holy **** are you ignorant. Do you even know what a penis looks like, before it is mutilated? Do you have any idea of how you were robbed?? Wow.

1278 days ago

Amanda V    

There is nothing more "healthy" about being circvmcised. Just do some research about how and where it began in the US, and all the "health benefits" claimed back then too, its all a joke, and the doctors still have everyone sold on this disgusting surgery.
both Canada and Australia both have HAD circ rates as high as US-America, but the difference is that they see now that it is not a beneficial recommended procedure. With the exception of Israel (for religious reasons) the United States is the last country in the world where routine infant cir***cision is performed.

US doctors need to come clean, and stop asking, and pushing this surgery on the ignorant parents, and the helpless infants. GET OUT OF OUR POCKETS, this is a SICK way to make money, it is just WRONG.
If there are so many benefits why are the rates of circ so low everywhere else around the world, where is the "foreskin epidemic"?!?! come on, wise up...
I know its hard to accept something you allow to happen to your child as wrong, but as long as you wise up and do not continue this crap, then no one can say anything, and then you should not feel guilty... Its also hard for most of those who are cut, because admitting they are missing out on something good, and now it can't be undone, is almost impossible to do. a lot of egos won't allow it.. plus they think that since they *can* reach climax, that their members are "the best"... and really they have nothing to compare it to so they just keep the ugly cycle going. yes ugly, whats more attractive about a member with a scar, dried out like some dog toy, and with an ere[tion that would be great for starting a camp fire....?!
I am sure I will ask my son the same thing at 12 years old (or any age), and he is intact, and he will say he is glad that he was not circ'd as a baby, and that he has ALL of his manhood intact!!!

1209 days ago
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