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Kim Kardashian

Obsessed with Pro Ball Handlers

12/9/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's new rumored BF is an athlete ... again ... which means she's just about racked up enough sports stars to start her own franchise. Can't wait to see the team logo.

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She's just looking for a rich husband to fleece in a divorce.

1412 days ago


Another epic failure.

Why don't you throw the dumb jock catalog away already, Dumpy-Butt.

1412 days ago


I believe there's a name, actually several, for women like that but it's not "Jock Dater". Well unless you want to be nice about it.

1412 days ago


KK the homie hopper. I can't see her getting married. IF she did, can u imagine the grief the dude would get for putting a ring on it. Like Ghostface Killa said "U cannot wife up a hoe".

1412 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Miz should take over for Harv. Much funnier than the black guy.

I love KK. She's such a fame whore but she is SO DAMN HOT. Love her.

1412 days ago

Sweet Pea    

Umm, geniuses...........................KRIS HUMPHRIES IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! Well, actually, he's half white and half black, like our President, Mariah Carey, and a lot of other people in this world.

1412 days ago


I think Cartman, No. 1, has it right!!

1412 days ago


Kim seems to be in love with the notion of being married itself. I know she calls herself a serial relationship girl but marriage is a whole other can of worms.
Marriage isn't an easy thing, she should ask sis Khloe who I'm sure has had her rude awakening by now. : )

They ALL should stop signing their names to any and every endorsement deal in front of them. It's beyond ridiculous now.

I stopped to get gas and saw a "power band" bracelet for "energy and focus" on the the country!!

I wear a Phiten myself so I looked because they were colorful n cute. I flipped the package over and lo and behold Llamar Odom's how awesome it is statement! Kris Jenner wasted no time, huh?! No dice though, I left it there.

I will not give this family any of my money!!

1412 days ago


Kris Humphries is bi-racial. His Dad is BLACK and his Mom is WHITE. Kris is a lovely person and I really hope this is just a rumour.

1412 days ago



1412 days ago


Kimmy you've jumped the shark. DO yourself a favor and go away for awhile (like Britney) and maybe you'll get some respect back...seriously. Right now you have "DESPERATE" written all over your face.

1412 days ago


Kimmy you've jumped the shark. Go away for awhile (like Britney) and maybe you'll get some respect back...seriously. Right now you "DESPERATE" written all over your face.

1412 days ago


Aww, Kris Humphries is not white. I used to play him in High School Bball. He is half black.

1412 days ago


I knew it was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian went back to black. Kris Humphries is a black athlete.

1412 days ago


I agree she needs to chill out on dating PERIOD! she's been with far too many men this year.. from rappers to reggie bush to myles austin onto basketball players now.. c'mon kim.. the price of fame is the fact everyone tracks who you've been with since the RJ tape..

sorry you're used up, you've put yourself out there like a serious hot mess.. a b! in heat.. chill out chill out chill out.. there is no glamour in dating THAT many guys .. and you still have nothing to show for it.. forget the liberal chicks saying "guys do it girls can to"... nope nope nope.. you will never find a decent guy if your past has been this well do***ented.. he's aware of what he's getting... SLOPPY USED MEAT!.

alot of "ho's" do the.. "i want to be married" thing in order to cover up their naughty girl past.. face the facts here.. the odds of a "ho becoming a housewife" is not ever gonna happen.. these players actually joke about her in the lockerooms " hey man kim k is coming to the game.. ok who's turn is it? did i pick the lucky number this time? hey pass that kim k punani over here" they chat about her being a majorly dense female..

dense dense dense.. and whats worse chicks lookup to her and begin the same follow thru footsteps..

2010 kim k highest paid reality star...
and also... the EASY girl when it comes to pro-atheletes.

why not try dating a bussiness man, lawyer ( like your daddy), or movie star? they dont want you.. and you wonder why.

clocks ticking at 30.. whats next.. the next accessory.. a baby? a baby purse? its funny to see puma's behave this way.. and as exactly what does she do.. she goes for an even younger guy.. priceless.. setup for the perfect epic failure.. lol

1412 days ago
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