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NBA Star In Possible UFO Encounter -- Caught on Tape

12/10/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili wants answers -- because dude spotted an unidentified flying object in L.A. earlier this month ... and he's desperately trying to figure out what the hell it was.

Manu Ginobili UFO
Manu eyeballed the UFO when he was in town to play the Clippers on December 1 -- and he has since launched a serious investigation into the matter ... which involved a lot of Googling.

Manu posted his findings on his Facebook page yesterday, saying the best answer he could come up with was "a kind of spacecraft which is called X-37B and was supposed to land in the area between December 3 and 6. According to various media, it landed on Dec 3."

Manu points out that he spotted the craft on December 1 ... not December 3 ... so THE MYSTERY REMAINS.

So, we gotta ask ... 

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war3agl3, i didn't suspect u would be a believer. Cams father has a hand in this also. No spam for cam!

1323 days ago


When the MOON hits your eye like a pizza pie - it burns the hell out of your face!!!!!!! It is not amore!!

1323 days ago


Bippy, u may share my spam!

1323 days ago


Na - These were my friends from the planet Boom_Tizzle - they told me that they were on a sight seeing tour to see if was safe to land and they thought that they would be eaten by the Earthlings!!

1323 days ago


bippy no, they have a metallic taste. i shouldn't admit this but i kissed one of them, the one with the metal probe.

1323 days ago


aliens are not from outer space. they are from inner space; a different dimension. they are spiritual beings otherwise known as demons. the deception is to get the masses to believe in aliens so one day in the near future, certain world events can be blamed on the "aliens".

1323 days ago


saw it too same day in santa monica http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWToxNbYJNA

1323 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

doesn't the guy have a jov or something???! next thing you know, he's gonna grow his grey mane all out and wild and is gonna put on a tie-dye t-shirt. geeze, leave the crappy conspiracy theories to the non-athletes with no brains...

1323 days ago


hurl, i saw the ship come from the sky and land, i couldn't run, was like i was running but i wasn't going anywhere, next thing i know i'm walking down this bright hallway into a room where i was cleansed repeatedly by robots, 7 or 8 times. then these beings came in and they also were hard to see because of the bright light around them. funny thing is i know what they look like but my fingers are unable to type it, its like they somehow control that, very weird. the only one i can remember fully is the one with the probe, he like had and u will have to imagine somewhat but an alien brad pitt face with a jennifer anniston body but not exactly, very confusing. thats the one i kissed. i don't know y i kissed him, her, um it, goodness. perhaps because of the probe, i hate to admit i enjoyed the probe, holy cow what a probe. anyway i digress. the ship came from the sky, don't confuse these beings with earthly demons, thats what they want. remember, ukraine falls, the time is near. i've said way too much.

1323 days ago


Wikileaks Upcoming UFO Disclosure Do***ents, May Contain Cosmic Top Secret Files


1323 days ago


You can clearly hear the sound of the plane....UFO's are silent.

1323 days ago


they aducted him and removed parts of his brain

1323 days ago


My fiance and I saw it the same night. We traced it from the north of us across the sky to the south. It has a contrail and flew very strangely.

1323 days ago


It is late afternoon, early evening. He has witnessed an normal aircraft contrail made orange by the setting sun. Because it is at high altitude it is brightly illuminated by the sun even though the ground is in shadow. The same misidentification happened to UPS902 which people thought was a missile. go to contrailscience.com for detailed explanations of this commonly misunderstood phenomenon

1323 days ago


i'd do a good looking space woman with a time traveling spaceship. she would need to have good legs though, and smell good.

1323 days ago
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