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'Pretty Wild' Star Avoids Jail after Drug Bust

12/9/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers just dodged a bullet -- the "Pretty Wild" reality star was just ordered to spend one year in a drug treatment program -- and not jail -- following her recent heroin bust.


Neiers -- who spent one month behind bars earlier this year for burglarizing Orlando Bloom's house -- admitted today that she violated the terms of her probation by being in possession of heroin when she was arrested on December 1.

The L.A. County Superior Court judge ordered Neiers to spend one year in a live-in drug treatment program ... and told her this was the "last time we're going to have this conversation."


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Wow...NOT a SURPRISE HERE...Money Talks Druggies WALK...
I know she will be in a cough cough ummmm Resort, I mean "Rehab Center"...
Not learning a Damn Thing, Playing Tennis, Frockling in the Pool, Going Shopping Etc...Everything she Does Now...
She will Go Use Drugs Again, when she Walks out of the Hotel Resort she will be staying at...
God, If your RICH MONEY BAGS in Cali, You can BREAK THE LAW, Probabation, Rob from peoples homes, Have Heroin on You, Be Stoned and Walk...What a WORLD...Wish I were Rich...

1381 days ago


of course - "the last time" is always the last time until the next time in hollywood justice.

get all these trainwrecks drunk and stoned and whatever other drugs they do and let them all drive cars in the LA coliseum until they do themselves all in by their own hands so they don't destroy innocent people on the road.

1381 days ago


@ thoughts EXACTLY...too bad she "just missed" this season of Celebrity Rehab. Another Lindsay Lohan in the making! Doubt that this girl could afford an entire year at a place like Betty Ford. What is SOBA??? Lindsay actually NEEDED at least a year in a residential treatment center...not just 3 months or so!

1381 days ago


Why did it take so long for TMZ to put up this story?

This is another example of California courts over reliance on "rehab" as a solution for bad behavior.

1381 days ago


What a stark contrast between Alexis' judge and Lindsay's.

One year in live-in rehab is appropriate.

1381 days ago


I saw the mom taking pictures of her daughters naked in the shower in compromising positions....I stopped watching that show then..PUT MOMMA IN PRISON..since you won't put her child there.

1381 days ago


She pays for her own rehab, and the sheriff can't let her out early this way...

1381 days ago


I just do not believe in "ANY" form of system or justice anymore. I mean, W.T.H.!!! The legal system for the rich is just laughing at us common folk everyday!!!
I just don't get how these spoiled nobodys can do whatever they want and it's o.k.. But for You and myself, it just never works out peachy that way. We go to Prison or jail period!!!
I'm at the point where I just wanna F stuff up, just cause "I" want to!!! And I'm gonna claim the same defense that they always do. I mean...Why not? Rehab fixes everything right?
It seems to work just fine for celebs.

1381 days ago


She's getting the Lilo treatment.

1380 days ago


I started watching this reality show near the end because of all the crap in the tabloids. These girls are tramps gone wild! What I don't remember if this chick is one of the biological daughters or the adopted one from the drug fiend friend which would explain the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If it is one of the biological daughters wouldn't matter. The mother treats them like friends. Unlikely any of those tramps ever had any discipline in there lives.

1380 days ago


Is 'Pretty Wild' executive producer, Chelsea Handler and E!vil execs going to be filming her at rehab? Showcase her and others nak.ed like they did in the reality show, perhaps bring up again how she broke into other stars' houses? Quick, Chelsea get her on your show...maybe you can finally tell your viewers that you are the person responsible for encouraging this behavior.

1380 days ago

Peter Sc    

Rehab is for not real. The only thing that works in a cheap way when you choose to punish people for non-violent crimes is public community service.

First when the children see people like her, Lilo picking up trash in front of their school, the children get the message about what kind of life you choose when you do drugs or drive drunk.

It could have been some "pretty wild" episodes of her reality show, if she was on the screen working her guts out.

1380 days ago


The justice system is a joke... But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know

1380 days ago


Ok so T.I. In jail, Wesley in jail, Weezy just got out and good for him the justice system won't hesitate to make examples of black men whether they've got money or not. Let me start with Alexis first there was the burglary thing, then she was found with BLACK TAR HEROIN and a fake I.D. Which should be a jail sentence because last I checked if you're stopped by the cops and you have black tar heroin on you your going to jail but oh no these Beverly Hills judges hand out yet another slap on the wrist a year in a drug treatment program wow that's a joke. Lindsay Lohan although she did get what 2 weeks in jail. She taunted the court several times in the end she already knew what was going to happen just send me ton the Betty friggin Ford Clinic. You all know it's not justice when the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I don't think they should black celebs the special treatment these girls are getting don't get me wrong I just think guilty people should GO TO JAIL

1380 days ago


I am going to say let GOD be with you. I don't practice often enough but IF you have a problem may my God Help you! Good luck you will need it.

1380 days ago
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