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'Pretty Wild' Star Avoids Jail after Drug Bust

12/9/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers just dodged a bullet -- the "Pretty Wild" reality star was just ordered to spend one year in a drug treatment program -- and not jail -- following her recent heroin bust.


Neiers -- who spent one month behind bars earlier this year for burglarizing Orlando Bloom's house -- admitted today that she violated the terms of her probation by being in possession of heroin when she was arrested on December 1.

The L.A. County Superior Court judge ordered Neiers to spend one year in a live-in drug treatment program ... and told her this was the "last time we're going to have this conversation."


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Ok so T.I. In jail, Wesley in jail, Weezy just got out and good for him the justice system won't hesitate to make examples of black men whether they've got money or not. Let me start with Alexis first there was the burglary thing, then she was found with BLACK TAR HEROIN and a fake I.D. Which should be a jail sentence because last I checked if you're stopped by the cops and you have black tar heroin on you your going to jail but oh no these Beverly Hills judges hand out yet another slap on the wrist a year in a drug treatment program wow that's a joke. Lindsay Lohan although she did get what 2 weeks in jail. She taunted the court several times in the end she already knew what was going to happen just send me ton the Betty friggin Ford Clinic. You all know it's not justice when the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I don't think they should black celebs the special treatment these girls are getting don't get me wrong I just think guilty people should GO TO JAIL

Posted at 4:19 AM on Dec 10, 2010 by Chahzie
oh please..except for snipes the guys you have listed and been let off many times..its not a black thing other than its mostly blacks who break the law...and snipes should have been in jail 2 and a half years ago..the justice system is the justice system and it seems to work pretty good..

1376 days ago


I honestly wasn’t happy seeing a 19 year old go to prison but then again how many non wealthy, non white 19 year olds go to prison for far less? I think sentences have many factors such as how much money you have, what type of family you come from, how "cute" you are and where you are geographically located. However I do not know if I am sold on Cali being a liberal state therefore letting people get away with crimes. I am from NY, a very liberal state yet we don’t let criminal get off with no jail time here, so I am not sure what Cali's deal is, they must be strongly liberal when it comes to crime while NY isnt.

This story reminds me of a young girl who was recently sentenced to 15+ years in state prison for her first offence of witnessing a drug deal happen in Florida. She watched her friend sell someone pills and now she is doing a min 15 years in prison. Then you have Miss Alexis Neiers who robbed over 500,000 grand worth of property and only had to spend 30 days in jail and now after being busted on drugs with a suspended sentence she gets rehab in Malibu. Also this reminds me of the millions of poor across the country who sit in jail for 30 days awaiting a trial because they are accused of receiving stolen property from Wal Mart. Usually suspended sentences are unsuspended in times like this, plus its not like she was on probation for a drug charge which that usually does make a difference.

Just my thoughts lol.

1376 days ago


Funniest part is her sister Gabby on TV today complaining about how difficult this is on her family. No sympathy for her sister.

Their mom has created prototypical narcissists... Sadly, they will serve as role models for a significant segment of their generation.

On the bright side, Alexis, Gabby, your careers at Vivid Entertainment await you!

1376 days ago


I hope she makes it. Saw too many of my friends die from H.

And you're right, #14. It is an unfair, messed up world.

1376 days ago


...that's going to teach her a lesson. I'm sure "E!" got it all on tape so it can bore us with another season of these lame a-holes.

1376 days ago


...and cue the reality series that is sure to take place at said treatment center.

1376 days ago

Shannon Steward    

I am sure your average african american on probation found with heroin would get the same treatment as this girl.....

1376 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

This is to the Judge that was obviously overwhelmed with what he thinks is a celebrity.

Perhaps the sentence you handed out would be different if this loser had burglarized YOUR home.

Perhaps the sentence you handed out would be different if this loser had killed someone while driving drunk with that fake id.

Perhaps the sentence you handed out would be different if this loser maimed or killed one of your family members while trying to steal for her next heroin purchase.

This LOSER will play the rehab game and as soon as she can she will be back to her old ways.

Thanks Judge, we're a better society because of you. We can only hope this loser and her friends move next door to you.

1376 days ago


White Justice at work in L.A.

1376 days ago


52 I disagree with the role model part. These kids will drift off the radar soon and be forgotten by all but their inner circle.

Aging + Routine destruction of brain cells = Fatter, Uglier, and Stupider.

1375 days ago

ian landry    

i love this gurl so much.... i hope she will get another show when she comes back from rehabilitation

1369 days ago


My friend was doing 6 balloons of heroin a day before going to Las Vegas for rapid detox. They put him to sleep and gave him narcotic blocker injections for 8 hours. When he woke up the addiction was gone and he felt no withdrawal. They even gave him a shot of blocker that would last 30 days. Now he gets one shot every month, and he has been clean for 7 months. He even gained 20 pounds of muscle from going to the gym 6 days a week, since coming home from Las Vegas. The place he went to has a website

1363 days ago
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