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1968 Playmate's Gun -- Roman Polanski Connection

12/13/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roman Polanski was just dragged into the case involving a 1968 Playboy Playmate who recently shot her husband in the back -- we're told, officials believe Polanski may have given her the gun ... 40 years ago.

Here's where it gets creepy -- sources close to the case tell TMZ, it all started back in 1969 ... the night before Charles Manson orchestrated the infamous murder of Sharon Tate ... Polanski's then wife.

We're told Playmate Angela Dorian (above left) -- currently in custody for the attempted murder of her husband in October -- was close friends with Tate ... and they even spent the evening together before the slaughter.

After Tate was killed -- sources tell us the famous director was so worried about Dorian, he gave her his handgun for protection .... a Walther PPK .380, just like James Bond.

Fast forward 41 years ... sources tell us investigators believe Dorian used the very same gun to shoot her husband after an argument turned violent. As we first reported, she faces up to life in prison if convicted.


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hugh jass    

@ JLS #3, in my experience Dee Dee Russell tends to be succinct and spot on with her humor, it has nothing to do with her posting here first.

now go back to the bog you slithered out of. JLS, "dismal" posts indeed, two of them, from you, here! garbage in garbage out...

1355 days ago


There is absolutely no do***entation anywhere that Angela Dorian spent time with Sharon Tate the day before the murders. This includes statements police took with everyone that was in contact with the Tate victims in the days before the massacre in an attempt to get a clue who the killer(s) were. Check your facts first!!!

1355 days ago


yeah, i was gonna say... i was born in 1969, i wish i was 31, just sayin

1355 days ago


@ Steve Duncan

Lol nice. My how time flies...

1355 days ago



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1355 days ago



1355 days ago


You guys need to get your story straight AND correct. I was just watching the news and your consultant Nicki Fertile said that the gun in question was the one that killed Sharon Tate in the 60's. Sharon Tate was stabbed to death by the Manson family....

1355 days ago


Bond used a .25 PPK, not a .380. Roman used Quaaludes, champagne and various probing devices on an underage and nearly unconscious "hope to be" starlet. Angela through her pictures launched hundreds of billions of semen...not so many these days!

1355 days ago


NEVER, EVER turn your back on a woman.

It is OK to put them on theirs though (they like that).

1355 days ago


yes yes. great job tmz. she also committed suicide in a polanski film. how about that?

1355 days ago


Crazed Jewish Pollak from the Nazi era comes here and does well and then pulls the usual Hollywood Phil Spector routine except Roman preferred them around their first Period age. Words like; Genius, Creative, Passionate have all been used to describe them both. One's in prison and the other ought to be. Maybe someday a "new hollywood" will once again value and promote healthy, wholseome, god fearing, country respecting, love everyone movies and stars..instead of this me, myself, and I debauchery the likes of Polanski movies set to Spector music have given us.

Cant the Jewish of Hollywood take the lead on cleaning it up, or is the almighty dollar and the sterotype of Jews love for it, truly whats driving the garbage they heap on us all? Look at what they've done to the African American audience---hip hop, drug/gang glorifying sells, so what do they care?

If they are so open why dont they ever do a movie about Jews in Hollywood over the years running or ruining things? Why? Because its not quite as free thinking as we've been lead to believe it all is. Its censorship when it hits home. Clean it up...start with a Criminal prosecution of this illegal immigrant and rapist Polanski. Put him in a cell with Spector, they're made for each other.

Jews represent less than 1% of the population but control 98% of the media and message the other 99% of the population receive. If these numbers were African Americans controlling, or Christians, the outrage would be off the charts.

Polanski was among the earliest of the modern day Jews to get his mitts on Hollywood and the message sent from it. Even from afar he still is sending it. Jail him.

1355 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, now that will have to become the most easiest plea deal ever...she has a perfect 'gunning record'! owned a hand gun for 41 years and never used it!! they just have got to let her go with that! sounds like a self defense case to me. why is she being tried for attempted murder??!

1355 days ago


Do you people even proofread this crap??!!

"it all started back in 1969 ... the night before Charles Manson orchestrated the infamous murder of Sharon Tate"

"After Tate was killed -- sources tell us the famous director was so worried about Dorian, he gave her his handgun for protection"

What started the "night before"??!! Reading the first paragraph may lead the reader to assume that the gun was given to her the night before the Tate murders.

1355 days ago


I think people need to leave this talented genius alone and focus on some more serious business. Like for instance, what ever happened to Nicole Brown's murderer? Who killed her and if it wasn't OJ than who was it? Or will this be investigated 30 years from now?

1354 days ago
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