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Last Moment of Freedom

Keep It Hood

12/9/2010 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photo of  Wesley Snipes as a free man -- at least, for the next three years.

This photo was taken this morning at Bradford Regional Airport in Pennsylvania -- near the federal prison where Wesley surrendered soon after.

We're told dude was waiting in line for a rental car so he could drive himself over to the clink. 

Hertz, don't it?


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I am no big fan of tax evaders, etc... BUT...
I think Mr. Snipes did not get equal justice.
I see Congressmen and Women getting off scott free, yet, the regular guy/gal get time. Fines, yes, but no time for Rangle and crew. Is Snipes a regular guy? Probably not, lots of cash.
Equal justice for all.

1410 days ago


He did a mistake, but this is not the time to hit him. Hope he finshes his term peacefully and comeback to his career.

1410 days ago



I'll meet you at the north fence, where something hot.

1410 days ago



1410 days ago


U guys are effin idiots, and I like how those bloodsucking slimeballs at TMZ going to say, "Keep it hood." what a stereotype.

1410 days ago


You moron!! Taxes are how the government
1. keeps you safe by funding the military.
2. paving the roads you drive on
3. paying the inspector that ensure the building you are walking into isnt going to collapse while you are in it.

And many other things.

Granted they spend frivilously on things they shouldn't, but taxes must be paid. They wouldn't be so high if everyone paid theirs. I have to pay more taxes because greedy punks like yourself and Mr. Snipes here dont pay yours.

You dont like paying taxes? Go live in a country like Korea where they tell you where to work and take all of your earnings. Go live where they limit how many children you can have like China. Go live where the government cant control its civilians like in Africa. Go live in one of these places for a month and your pampered little butt will be begging to come back and pay a few bucks.

I for one think Snipes is getting what he deserves and what other tax evaders should get too. Score one for our government. So stick that in your juicebox and SUCK IT!!


1410 days ago

Snipes is a Patriot. Nobody should be subject to the income tax. C'mon Obama pardon a brother! Otherwise, Wesley for President.

1410 days ago

Ashame, Wesley Snipes isn't given the same treatment as Congressman Charlie Rangel!

1410 days ago


I just checked the bureau of prison's inmate locator page and Wesley Trent Snipes was not listed in BOP custody...
google "BOP inmate locator page" and check it out...

1410 days ago


So let's go back a day to the headlines then. I'm not going to prison, Larry King can get me off. Well he must have really gotten you off - JACK ! Now you're with a whole lotta homies just waiting to get you off.

1410 days ago

Hugh Jass    

1) just shows Black guys can't "skate"....

2) who returned the rental car?

1410 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, seriously, Wesley looks really scared and vulnerable in that pic. I can't kick the man while he's down anymore. Real talk. Stay strong, Wes.......SIKE!

"Am I my brother's (booty hole) keeper??"

"Yes, I am!"

1410 days ago


"Keep it Hood"? Is that supposed to be funny because he's black?

1410 days ago


Wesley Snipes was charged with willful failure to file a tax return for five years, a period of time in which he earned more that 38 million dollars. Too bad, now Obama will allow the wealthy to keep all of their earnings. This isn't racist, it's poor timing!

1410 days ago

Moe Green    

Uncle Sam says to Wesley: Don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

1410 days ago
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