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Last Moment of Freedom

Keep It Hood

12/9/2010 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photo of  Wesley Snipes as a free man -- at least, for the next three years.

This photo was taken this morning at Bradford Regional Airport in Pennsylvania -- near the federal prison where Wesley surrendered soon after.

We're told dude was waiting in line for a rental car so he could drive himself over to the clink. 

Hertz, don't it?


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Big Jim    

Free Wesley Snipes!!!! Charlie Rangle got a "slap on the wrist" for not paying taxes for 17 YEARS and he wrote the dayum law. That is some straight up, Frakkle Nakkle Bull _ _ _ _!!! We shoulod all petition the "Man" for one o dem 'Censure' things for poor Wesley.

1381 days ago

Frederick Von Excrement    

I think no one should pay taxes for 10 years and tell the gumm't to shove it.

1381 days ago

w.r. Newell    

Snipes goes to jail for doing the same things Rangle has been doing to the American people for fifty years. Gets a slap on the wrist and told not to get caught next time.

1381 days ago

john johnson    

FREE WESLEY SNIPES!!! i guess this could be a great opportunity to film the third installment of "undisputed 3".

1381 days ago


Yep its a shame he isn't in Washington as the man that runs the Treasury had the same issue yet hes not behind bars..

If you actually look it up there are several Senators this past year that had "tax issues" yet they are not held to the same standards as everyone else in the minon class..

1381 days ago


Some of you need to go and study history, but, "Oh", I forgot, they don't teach real history nor education in this country. Some of you are missing the boat and I don't have time to educate you on this, so, I will just say this, go on line and pull up and read the Grace Commission Report, that was commissioned by president Reagan. You will find that all income taxes that were collected did not go toward any services but instead went straight to the servicing of the national debt. The next thing you all should do is go and read the UCC code book or the IRS manual and read the definitions for wages, income, and worker. See, the powers that be know that the American people are so dumb and arrogant; they know reading and research are things that most don't do. Once you have done just the few things that I have suggested here, some of you would not make the uninformed, off base, ill conceived and ignorant comments that I am reading. "Oh", one more suggestion, go and pull up Ellen Brown's book, "Webb of Debt", it's online and will help you better understand this, so called, economic crisis that we are experiencing. The reason I say, so called, is because the whole thing is deliberately done.

1381 days ago


tmz,keep it hood, HMMMMMMM???????????????

1381 days ago


Torrence dont forget they also need to learn where money actually comes from.

But, if everyone knew this people would really be upset with TPTB right now and want real reform.. But we just keep slaving away...

1381 days ago


Somebody mail that brother a harmonica. I hear they love that in prison.

1381 days ago


Lugan, you are Right, they need to understand money creation.

1381 days ago


notice he didn't get convicted of failure to pay taxes.he got convicted of not filing.there is no law stating that you have to pay income is the do***entary called "freedom to fascism".it will explain it really well.

1381 days ago

dennis in sac    

Domino sucka!

1380 days ago

Tony Davis    

Not fair. Half the *******s in Washington did not pay theirs. That little dude who Ganiter or whatever his name is...the secretary of the treasury...the whole bunch should be in jail.

1380 days ago

Love Star Wars    

"Any of you would not pay them (taxes) if you actually thought you could get away with it"

Not in that price range. Million dollar black actor - and may I say - with a big mouth = moving target! Sitting duck. Whatever you want to call it.

Uncle Sam says : BULLS-EYE !!

1380 days ago


  Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
1. WESLEY TRENT SNIPES 43355-018 48-Black-M 07-19-2013 MCKEAN FCI

1380 days ago
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