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Billy Ray Cyrus

on Miley's Bong Hit:

'I'm So Sad'

12/10/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' father -- Billy Ray Cyrus -- says he just found out about the video of Miley smoking a bong -- and his first reaction ... "There is much beyond my control right now."

Billy Ray Cyrus Reaction To Bong
Billy Ray hit his Twitter page to react to the video of Miley smoking what a source says is salvia.

In the brief comment, he sounds upset and apologetic, saying --- "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad."


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as I said to him back in a tweet. Bring her back in, she has been on her own for a bit and as a teenager she can't handle it. Just bring her back in.

I should have said, you are a father, not a friend. Do the father role.

1381 days ago


He's only sorry SHE got the first hit.

1381 days ago


He's a good man. I'm sure it must be tough on him. He's so proud of what she's accomplished and it's got to hurt to see her experimenting and at the same time dealing with the breakup of his family.

Hang in Billy Ray.

1381 days ago


Anyone who is around the age 17 or older understands teenagers like to experiment with this stuff. She shouldn't have to be different regarding this stuff just cause she's a celebrity; she should be able to have fun too. All you 16 year olds who are freaking out, you'll understand within the next year or two thats it's not a big deal at all; plenty of "good" teenagers mess around with this stuff at some point or another. Miley is awesome and this makes me want to be her best friend even more than I already did. and im 19 by the way.

1381 days ago


BIG EFFIN deal. Most people have smoked weed growing up and some still do.

Its not a gateway drug!

So she smoked weed. A plant that can be used for so many medical conditions, a plant that can be used for so many other things like fiber,plastic,clothes etc etc.

Id rather smoke weed and not worry about serious side effects than to pop man made pills that are more dangerous.

She is an adult. Get over it people. We are not all saints. Judge yourselves before judging others lol.

1381 days ago

Judy Griffith    

Billy, you've lost influence if you believe you have. Just because she's 18, doesn't mean jack-squat. Kick butt before she starts on hard drugs. She'll thank you later in life. You have much more influence with her than you think.

1381 days ago


wow billy...sorry? idk

1381 days ago


Father of the Year. Say Billy, why didn't you press charges against that 20-something boyfriend who f**ked your underage daughter at the time?

1381 days ago


What do you expect? She was pushed in the world at a young age and there is no turning back. She has a taste of the world and I am afraid your problem has just begun.About 20 year's ago you were in Fairview with a flat tire and we stopped and I thought you were the nicest person. You are so down to earth and nice. Please get a grip on your daughter before it is to late or something happen's to her.You are still the parent. This entire Miley deal has made a mess with your wife and daughter and your life. You will be in my prayer's!!!!

1381 days ago


Mr Cyrus she is a adult now so just let her be.She has to learn who her friends are and that we cant forget we where all that age, REMEMBER?? She will be fine, she just growing little to fast, but remeber she is just growing up.

1381 days ago


damn who cares why people trippin over a little bit of Salvia, it's a powerful tool if used correctly, and even if it was weed. so the **** what!, she 18 now, she can do what she wants. mind ya own business bitches. If I was that bitch I would curse ya'll mu****as out for being in my bizness like that, expecially all ya'll mu****s with the cameras and **** in my face, sheeeeeeiiiiiit I would be breakin ya'll **** and possibly bustin ya'll ass on the spot for not listening when I told ya'll to turn that **** off, and **** a lawsuit, cops coming for me we gonna shoot it out **** off ***g ass jagoffs

1381 days ago


Hey, billy ray hay mae hee haw dumb dumb...
Did you let your Little Girl's first boyfriend live wit ya'all house when she was Underage???? I do recall you did..
Did you let your little miley pose half naked a photo shoot when she was underage?? I do recall you did...
Did you laugh when your little girl Lapped dance Underage?? I do reacall you did...
Hmmmmm...Was this too Beyond your ya'all control...hhhmmmm..think NOT...Great parenting skills...

1381 days ago


Listen to all of you! You are acting as if it's acceptable to smoke an ILLEGAL substance! I know she wasn't smoking pot - that it was something else - but DAMN. You're all acting as if it's no big deal.

I bet you a zillion dollars that if she was smoking LEGAL cigarettes, you would all be crying like little whingers how it's sooo bad for her. HeLLO! Pot is a hallucinate drug. Which by the way.. you CAN get cancer from it.

You guys are pathetic.

1381 days ago


Why blame the mom? It wasn't her on the show with Miley! It wasn't HER that made those sexy (creepy) photos with her a few yrs back! Billy played out his fame, used his daighter for MORE fame, and now she's the typical rich hollywood kid that'll probably be in and out of rehab until she's put in jail or OD'd. I DO blame her dad! Her mom finally got smart and found a way to escape!

1381 days ago


She's a woman with a hot and learn. So what. She will also get laid, have 3somes, 4somes, do drugs, get drunk, like many women and what. Live and have fun!

1381 days ago
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