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Bernie Madoff's Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

12/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Madoff -- son of incarcerated former stock broker Bernie Madoff -- was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan early Saturday morning of an apparent suicide.

Mark Madoff Death -- Bernie Madoff Son
Madoff was found hanging in his SoHo apartment by his father-in-law. His 2-year-old child was also in the apartment at the time.

Mark Madoff, 46, was investigated -- along with his brother Andrew -- as part of his father's Ponzi scheme, but never faced any criminal charges.

An attorney for Mark Madoff released a statement saying, "This is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy. Mark was an innocent victim of his father's monstrous crime who succumbed to two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo."

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Bernie Madoff's arrest.


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Suicide is NEVER the answer - especially when you have children. That was a very self-centered act.

1378 days ago


Now maybe Bernie will start to care about the evil he has done and the lives he has crushed. He only seems to care about his wife though, and his mistress came out with a tell all book. He's probably still smiling as he plays Bocce ball at his lo-security country club / prison.

1378 days ago


Rich people hate being poor. How many lives did he ruin, He took the cowards way out instead of facing the music. good riddens. His 2 yr old will be better off without him.

1378 days ago

arte help    

HA HA!!!!

1378 days ago


Take the money away from a JEW and they have no reason to live. Like I did not know that.

1378 days ago


This is Bernie's real punishment - the destruction of his family. I doubt he'd have been so greedy if he could imagine his son's suicide and a grandkid without a father. Way to go Bernie. Now the suffering has spread to your family.

1378 days ago


dear lord, how long had the 2 year old been alone? and where was he, I have terrible images in my head of this. Why would you do this with a child in the house.

1378 days ago



1378 days ago


One down, how many more of them are there? Too many. Finally one of these thieves does something honorable. Usually I'm against suicide, but this one highlights the lies that bernie told & the family that 'allegedly' knew nothing of the blatant stealing that supported them in luxurious excess, while destroying the lives of others. Sins of the father...all that crap comes home to roost at last. Frankly I'm surprised it's taken this long for their guilt to start eating at them. While I'd like to think they're penniless, I doubt they are, but I'll bet we can take up a collection to get enough rope for the rest of 'em if they need help...

Happy Holidays!

1378 days ago


These people have no idea what it is like to struggle. Take away their money and they don't think life is worth living. That is probably because they only care about themselves and their cash.

1378 days ago


So tell us, Bernie. Was it worth it?

1378 days ago


His 2 year old son was in the apartment?? No matter what pain he was in, that is an unbelievably CRUEL thing to do to a little kid. Beyond despicable.

1378 days ago


He did right thing. He had no business continuing to live with everyone he and his family screwed over still suffering. At least the rest of the Madoff family can mark him off their Holiday gift list and save a few bucks.

1378 days ago


So, the way your story/grammar reads is thus: "Madoff was found hanging in his apartment BY his father-in-law"

Um, so, the guy used his FIL as a noose then?

It should read something like: "Discovered by his f-in-l, Madoff was found hanging in his apartment."

Some light editing of your stories would really improve the quality. :)

1378 days ago


I keep seeing remarks about 'how could he do that w/a 2 y/o in the house'? What don't you get about these 'people'? You're projecting what a normal person would think of, not one of these loathsome creatures. These people are absolute s*** of the earth. ALL of the, not just dad. They are all thieves, liars & heartless cons who still only care about themselves. Wanna bet there's life insurance? Of course there is, 2 years is usually the suicide condition before it pays off. They may be horrible human beings but they ain't stupid!

So for the holidays, it looks like at least one of them gave a nice gift of insurance payout. That money should go to those they robbed, not any member of the madoff family who benefited from their deeds. Maybe the insurers will figure that out. They deserve every single bit of heartache they get and more. The actions of this family of sociopaths will haunt them for generations to come; starting w/a 2 year old. WTG, bernie!

1378 days ago
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