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Dog Chapman -- I'm Coming for Ya, Randy Quaid

12/11/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman is focusing his bounty hunting skills on Randy Quaid -- and we know this ... because he said so on Twitter. Goodbye, element of surprise!

Dog made similar proclamations a few months back when he was a guest on "Lopez Tonight." He eventually decided against pursuing Randy and wife Evi.

The Quaids have been hanging out north of the border lately. They've had warrants issued for their arrest several times this year, stemming from a case in Santa Barbara where the Quaids are accused of burglary after they were found allegedly living in a home illegally.


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Tina Cooley    

GO GET THEM BOTH DOG.!!!! Dont you all understand, Dog, Beth, and the rest of the crew, make the world a safer place to live. Randy and his wife are NOT above the law. BEST NOT COME BACK TO THE GOOD OLD USA Randy.... If you do, the DOG will be there to sink his teeth in !! HOPE your the newest dirt bag he puts the mace to on his show.
I wonder what the world would be like if NO ONE ever went to jail ??????????? God help us all !!!

1419 days ago


Dog and his whole crew are disgusting white trash. Isn't there a third world country he can disappear in while trying to kidnap someone he has no right chasing. LOL

1419 days ago


just saw the quaids the other day in downtown vancouver looking as crazy as usual

1419 days ago


I will still kick Chapmans arse if he shows up in Canada, and his wife is one gross hog!

1419 days ago


Keep that trailer trash mullet headed retard out of Canada. Quaid might have lost his mind and commited a crime, but 'Dog' is such a bufoon its he who should be put away

1419 days ago


You'll find Randy and da wife in the last Igloo on the left, ya can't miss it.. there are 2 ski doos and a dog sled team out front.. the lead dog has two different colored eyes. Just tell em Wheels sent ya, they will have some hot tea and seal flipper pie for ya .. good luck eh ps. bring your boots and dress warm its cold here.

1419 days ago

Star Whacker    

Dog Chapman a member of the Hollywood Star Whackers???!!! LOVE IT!!! Get your running shoes on Randy and Evi 'cause Dog's coming after you! Whack, whack!!!

1419 days ago


Wow the Dog must be running out of TV criminals and now is going to try to get the Quaids. First Mrs. Quaid has Canadian citizenship so he would be in jail himself for kidnapping. But since he does have a criminal record he won't be allowed into Canada, so I think he would have a hard time getting them.

1419 days ago


So, the world's ugliest crossdresser and his handsome wife are going after the 21st Century's "Bonnie & Clyde"?
That oughta be good for several weeks of "Dogturd the Booty Hunter". He'll have to at least wear a damn blouse in the North country, and so will that "Harry & the Henderson" wannabe he's married to.

1418 days ago


This dog guy is a loser, how can someone with a criminal record be a bounty hunter, No he should go to Canada then he can spend sometime in Canadian jail, When will A&E cancel his show.

1415 days ago


Dog HAS been to Canada - he was in BC doing a talk about 6 months ago.

Learn about the criminal justice system. In Canada - you can be convicted of MANSLAUGHTER and still be ALLOWED into the USA! (and vice versa).

Dog said he just wants to talk to Randy - not kidnap him.

As a Canadian I get SICK and TIRED of people coming here and claiming REFUGEE status. Our country is great and wants to help people but unfortunately you have idiots like Randy and Evi Quaid who ABUSE our great laws and find loop holes to allow them to stay here.

Eventually they will be BOOTED out - but it will be a LONG time!

1415 days ago


"Then expect to end up in Canadian jail, because American bounty hunters have zero standing or authority under Canadian law.

Dont expect much help from Canadians, either.

We tend to dislike hypocritical Hollywood racists far more than Hollywood deadbeats.

Posted at 1:33 PM on Dec 11, 2010 by Matt"

Cheers to Matt for laying down what will happen if he comes here.. Canadians don't have patience for loud mouth *******s like Mr. Dog the bounty hunter

also, if he does try to come here illegally Canada will turf his ass faster than he can say spray tan. We don't care if your American :)

1415 days ago

Richard Wang    

Duane Chapman is only a "dog" in the sense of the word's meaning as a grave Islamic insult. What a gutless, spineless coward! How DARE he bring up the Luster incident in which HE broke the law in Mexico and then all but begged and pleaded for mercy when the Mexican authorities came after him!! I am sure he'd be ROTTING in a Mexican prison if not for bribes to authorities down there.... He and all his group are convicted criminals and have no business whatsoever being involved in any aspect of law enforcement (except having their A$$ES thrown BACK INTO PRISON forever). Worthless cretins, every single one of them! Hey "dog", come on back down to Texas and try kicking-in doors down here -- we'll "make your day!"

1415 days ago


Dog has been here to Canada many times. I met him in Toronto a couple of years ago, so to the dimwit who said he wouldn't get across the border, just STFU, k? A grown up is talking now.

And if Dog wanted to track them down and advise the FBI, they could take it from there.

See how easy it is?

1408 days ago


A convict catching cons. What a joke. Wonder who he would have latched on to if the hippo didnt have money for him.

Duane, get your teeth fixed. Your not in jail anymore and you have no cell mates to make happy.

And Baby Lisa (sorry i laugh every time i see her) I now know where they got the mold for Homers daughter Lisa

And then there is Beth,lol... the one show i hear you say you have 12 kids..Maybe you should just rent it out for someone to store there camper in over the winter. What a pig

1397 days ago
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