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Kim Kardashian and Her New Man: Jingle All the Way

12/11/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian began her evening kicking off the festivities at the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC last night ... but ended it with her new beau, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.

The new couple was spotted all over town, finally getting snapped together as they returned to their hotel in the wee hours of the morning.

Good to see someone on the Nets finally scoring.

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Ally it's because guys stick it into girls & the girls get it stuck into them. & stretched out, & meat flappy & smelly.

Like that Curb your Enthusiasm episode. Kim now has a great big giant vagina that most likely resembles the pit of the sarnac in Jedi

Y'all are SOOO judgmental! First of all, nothing wrong with a girl dating around. How else is she supposed to find a f*ing husband??? She has not dated that many people if you compare her to any regular person...especially if you compare her to guys. How come guys can date 20+ women and they aren't called whores? F* that!

And also, we don't know that she is sleeping with all these guys. She could just be having out with them. So don't accuse people of things that you don't know are true! You guys are judging and being so hateful towards someone you don't even know. F* all of you. I hope that when your daughters grow up, they get called all the names you are calling Kim. Karma is a b*tch!

And, no, I am not Kim and I am not her manager. I'm a regular girl just trying to stick up for an innocent person who all you losers feel the need to project your insecurity and self-hatred on. Good luck in life!

Posted at 9:22 PM on Dec 11, 2010 by Ally

1380 days ago

Janka Janka    

Open all knight like a sword, she thinks by making things disappear with a smile she'll find happiness, no clue she has but at least she can say " It's all about me" twist everyone else.

1380 days ago


The Kardashians don't wear real fur ... they're not all bad! If you all read about some famous guy dating lots of women, you wouldn't call him nasty names ... why are you all picking on her because she is dating? Double standard - let it go - really none of your business - like she cares what you all think. Telling all of us what Halle Berry wanted her X to do???? You people are so ignorant.

1380 days ago

Prostituate hater!    

Stop to Give free pub for that sl.. "prostituate"! she have more germ then a public toilet| Not even with glove|

1380 days ago


lol kim k has screwed every1 on E entertainment< cos thats the only place that idolizes the k whores

1380 days ago


This whore is with a new guy every week...I don't like to call people names, but if chick isn't a whore no one is.

1380 days ago


maybe this guy will finally tie her down and keep her bit a$$ outta the stotlight...doubtful, but we can all hope. sooner or later she's gonna end up with someone, so be it!

1380 days ago


maybe this guy will finally tie her down and keep her bit a$$ outta the stotlight...doubtful, but we can all hope. sooner or later she's gonna end up with someone, so be it!

Tie her down? ha ha ha ha....

If this new guy lasts through Christmas, he'll be her longest relationship this year. A tank of gas lasts longer than most of Kim's relationships.

I'm still laughing at the girl who said Kim didn't put out, we are all mis-judging her.

Kim's "leaked" sex tape was 9 years ago. As I recall she didn't bother with protection with Ray J, do you really want to go there 9 years later? Is anybody that hot? Why not just have an unprotected foursome and invite Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.

1380 days ago


wasnt she at the y100 jingle ball in south florida!!!!!!

1380 days ago


There's no way you can fall in and out of Love as easily as she (Kim) does...be careful Kim you don't wanna be labled a SLUT, you're to beautiful for that you don't need a man, wait until you find the right one, you don't want to be used up before you find Mr. Right.

1380 days ago


Halle's ex must have already slept with Kimmit and dumped her so Grandma Kris had to set her up with this new guy she's already in a hotel room with.

1380 days ago


Why do we care people she is just a who** she cant be without di** for a day

1380 days ago


I heard about her sex tape. I'm shocked that she has the nerve to go out in public after what happened on that tape. What man would get within 20 feet of her. She is beyond filthy - she is NOT pretty, she has the figure of a 50 year old woman - big hops, phoney boobs and am arse like 50 lbs of soft lard. Ugh - she's disgusting.

1380 days ago


what a whore......enough said

1380 days ago


What a sleaze ball she is, the whole family is a bunch of whackos. Bruce jenner is another idiot who married into a house of whores

1380 days ago
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