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KJ's Biz Partner: Estate Doesn't Care About MJ's Kids

12/11/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man doing business with Katherine Jackson just thumbed his nose -- BIGTIME -- at the Michael Jackson Estate ... essentially saying they're just a bunch of lawyers who don't care about MJ's kids.

Last night Howard Mann slammed the Estate for the suggestion it's more invested in helping MJ's children than he and Katherine -- saying, "I would ask if the Estate has ever met those children, ever spoken to those children. To me it's a farce that they care about what happens to those children."

Mann was In Beverly Hills ... outside the "Unveiling of the Jackson Secret Vault Lithographic Collection" -- his ongoing business venture with Katherine -- and an event that prompted MJ's Estate to fire off a cease and desist letter.


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Wow... I read the quotes... I am suprised that people take the sides of a bunch of lawyers over his mother. This Howard Mann guys seems to me to be a smart guy and I have read many book about "estate lawyers" taking all the money. But, I guess all you idiot TMZ readers know better then the people involved.

I just hope MJ's family is taken care of the way he wanted.

1378 days ago


This is all rubbish. They all want MJ's money. He may be dead and wealthy so who else to benefit but all who was to venture in his legacy.

This is not going to end now, but it will end.

What's happening with Dr Death Murray?

No autopsy televisos please. Have some dignity.
I will be writing to the US and UK networks

1378 days ago


i think katherine is making a big mistake and she should leave this guy right where she found him in dump ! the rest of the jackson family needs to stop trying to lives off michael money and get a job cause katherine is too old 4 this

1378 days ago

Go Flying    

mann is entirely credible - he bought the assets legitimately and has a legitimate right to exploit them.

1378 days ago

get it right    

... ACTUALLY the estate attorneys - Branca, McClain etc. - COULD have requested upwards of the STANDARD 18% - 20+% as their cut.


As to Mann and KJ, they exploit the hell out of MJ and PPB purely for their OWN greed, and doing so illegally ta boot.

ALL Prince, Paris, and Blanket are worth to ANY of the J clan, INCLUDING KJ, is $$$$$. I hope like hell when the Estate slams back on the BOTH of them - KJ & Mann - KJ loses custody of PPB. Means that Debbie Rowe would get ALL of them, and don't know that she wouldn't be just as vulture as the rest of them, but at least they would be out from under THEM.

1378 days ago

lol people    

The lawyers and $ony only care about $$$$$$ while Katherine, Howard, and Michael's kids care about the interegity of Michael's legacy. Michael has probably rolled over numerous times in his casket because his estate signed with $ony. There is a video on Youtube of Michael speaking out against $ony (Google Michael Jackson Sony Kills Music).

i just saw a vid and that opened my eyes ALOT.

ok now im just wondering.

if the estate is doing this for the kids how would if effect them? theyre releasing all of MJ unreleased material now claiming its for the kids yet when the kids actually do get the estate what are they gonna do? theyre working hard to keep MJ image out of alot of things yet there allow the one man company that MJ called the devil himself to work on his material.

So the estate is trying to keep mann away from KJ yet there working with the man who MJ didnt like.

who's actually is in the wrong here?

1378 days ago


Whether the executors compensation is a 5 or 10% rate, that
is a usual percentage, not at all inflated, and I would imagine
they work very hard for it.

1378 days ago


whether they care or not, everybody knows, the kids are the beneficiaries off the money. you don't care either, greedy man. they are making the best deals ever for the kids. MJ left a messy estate and somebody has to clean it. and it is not you or any family member who can do the job. the kids are not starving or homeless. they are lawyers not social workers. did Katherine send you? she can talk for herself if something wrong. so far she supports the lwayers. so get lost.

1378 days ago


@get it right
you hope KJ LOSES custody of them? and that debbie gets them?
well excuse me but debbie rowe is not the best choice for any of them to go to .most likely if kathrine loses custody...they'll end up being orphans...

this is exactly what happens when you don't have your own kids.
Michael made AN MESS...I dont understand why he couldn't have had his own...there would have been no need for all of this.

1378 days ago


THE ESTATE KNOWS that those children are not his
of course the estate could give a crap about those children.
Those children are NOT entitled to micheal jackson ANYTHING.
kathrine knows exactly what she's doing by paterning up with that man. She is not going to let the money go out of the jackson family there's no way..she's NOT just going to do that.
THATS why kathrine is making sure jermaine along wth her other relatives an desendents are living off of mjs wealth right now..
i'd rather have my blood relatives live off my hard earned success then somebody who randomly pops into the family... who isn't related to me ending up taking away most of most it.

1378 days ago


The estate wants to keep the profits building for MJ kids not Katherine or Joe Jackson. All the money they are making should be going in a trust for the kids not income for Katherine and Joe to live high on the hill. They live like their rich an famous. Those kids will need lots of money when they get older. They will need security forever and college etc.

1378 days ago

get it right    


yeah you read it right, she should have never been granted custody to begin with, and YES Debbie Rowe has LEGAL standing to take and have custody of ALL THREE.

Guess you missed the part where I SAID she wouldn't be any less vulture about PPB then the J Clan, but at least they would be out from under THE J CLAN.

They'd be FAR better off if they COULD be emancipated from ALL of them including Debbie, but this isn't a perfect world now is it. PPB are now filthy rich BUT getting handed over to the J Clan PPB are just as filthy SCREWED emotionally .. THAT'S the true legacy that the J Clan has turned MJ's legacy to PPB into, and forcing them to live from the MOMENT he died. BECAUSE THEY CAN.

MJ bought them outta the ghetto address, but dyed-in-the-wool GHETTO like KJ and JJ are in their souls?... NO amount of money can change that. What the HELL was MJ thinkin' since he knew that fact so damn well... DEF had to be on something to name ANY Jackson a beneficiary or else the will is fake. Take your pick.

Done with this thread and subject of KJ and her TIRED same ol same ol GHETTO Jackson nastiness BOTH his LAME called parents and all of his siblings media just keeps on keepin' on like there's any body left on this earth that doesn't already KNOW these low lifes for who and what they are... JUST LIKE MANN, so OF COURSE SHE would WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY hook up with him to illegally exploit the hell out of MJ and PPB.


BORED, and movin' on!

1378 days ago


glory-Those kids will not be "orphans" because they DO have family...the Jackson's! Michael is/was their biological dad,so that means that HIS children are entitled to his estate,money,and everything else.Debbie would not be a good choice because she chose not to be in their lives from the start.

1378 days ago


He is a greasy looking S.O.B. and he just wants to get his paws on the money that he can get from infringing on the estate rights!!!

1378 days ago

mj fan forever    

It's Katherine Jackson who does NOT care anything about those children and her son!!!!! YOU and Katherine do care just about money you can get by them!!!!!! The executors are the administrators of their estate and NOT you, LUCKLY!!!! Otherwise you and the lazy Jackson family would have already squandered their money!!!! SHAME!!!!!!!

1378 days ago
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