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KJ's Biz Partner: Estate Doesn't Care About MJ's Kids

12/11/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man doing business with Katherine Jackson just thumbed his nose -- BIGTIME -- at the Michael Jackson Estate ... essentially saying they're just a bunch of lawyers who don't care about MJ's kids.

Last night Howard Mann slammed the Estate for the suggestion it's more invested in helping MJ's children than he and Katherine -- saying, "I would ask if the Estate has ever met those children, ever spoken to those children. To me it's a farce that they care about what happens to those children."

Mann was In Beverly Hills ... outside the "Unveiling of the Jackson Secret Vault Lithographic Collection" -- his ongoing business venture with Katherine -- and an event that prompted MJ's Estate to fire off a cease and desist letter.


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It amazes me to see how easy average people just eat up whatever the media feeds them without even thinking twice to check the facts....Helloooo does anyone remember that Branca was fired in 03 becuz MJ found out him and his cohorts were "suspected" of INTERFOR Michael Jackson and see what comes up. Also, if read more than just the biased sites you will see that at the end of the day all she gets is $7k a month and is raising 3 kids who are all used to a certain that to the Millions the attorneys take home. MJ had a great relationship with his mother, even had her on his trust - so why would the estate exclude her from their activities??? She and Howard Mann are partners. Everyone is too busy jumping on the bandwagon, no one is actually using their BRAIN!! Howard Mann appears to be the ONLY one brave enough to stand up for whats right. Katherine Jackson and the kids are getting the short end of the stick. Get your facts straight people.

1368 days ago


Howard Mann is a blessing to Kathrine & Michaels children.. The estate lawyers are greedy and have been living very well on MJ's Legacy for a long time. MJ knew they were shady & Kathrine knows it also. I am glad someone finally is standing up to those greedy lawyers!!!! Kudo's Mr. Mann

1274 days ago


I stand behind Kathrine and her partner Mr. Howard Mann. Everyone thinks that the Estate Lawyers are the good guys but that is not true. The lawyers are making sure they profit from Michael's estate for the rest of their pathetic lives. Howard Mann and Kathrine are the only ones who are trying to make a future for Michaels kids. I am sorry that Kathrine has to go through all of this at her age. She is a strong woman and I am glad she has a friend that is willing to fight for her best interests and the kids best interest. Michael never trusted the estate lawyers either in the end. I hope the world gets to see the real deal in this.

1271 days ago


This Howard Mann is right. The estate does not care about the kids. They are crooked bastards. I hope they kick rocks very soon.

1258 days ago


Kathrine Jacksons "friend" is right. why the hell would lawyers care about their clients kids. Only their grandmother has stepped up to care for them and her family friend Howard Mann is going to see to it that the kids get what they need in the end. Kathrine is lucky to have this guys help in my opinion.

1256 days ago


I agree with this person Mr. Mann
I do not think the Jackson Estate cares about MJ's children.

1252 days ago


Howard Mann is ok in my book. He is the Jackson Familys friend and has been very helpful to them. I do not believe the Jackson Estate has any reason to be going after him. The estate just needs to feel powerful and in control of MJ's mother. Get over it already..

1245 days ago
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