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Miley's Bong

Fires Up

Anti-Salvia Movement

12/11/2010 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is getting ripped by the dude who tried, unsuccessfully, to ban salvia -- the hallucinogenic herb sources say Miley was smoking last month during her 18th birthday party.  

Anthony Adams -- a former CA State Assemblyman -- tells TMZ it was irresponsible of Miley to smoke salvia, which he says can make "you do incredibly crazy things." Adams adds, "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior."

Back in 2007, Adams tried to get salvia outlawed and classifed as a Schedule I controlled substance -- the same as LSD and marijuana. When the bill was voted down ... Adams settled for restrictions on selling salvia to minors. It is still legal in California for adults.

After seeing the video of Miley smoking the drug, Adams thinks this is the perfect time to bring back his failed bill: "It's time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban."


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Rusty Schackelford    

Anthony Adams -- a former CA State Assemblyman -- tells TMZ it was irresponsible of Miley to smoke salvia, which he says can make "you do incredibly crazy things."

where have I heard that before? this is the same thing they have been saying the whole time with marijuana, it will make u crazy...blah blah blah.

1420 days ago


No coughing and choking, she seems like pro at this. maybe its not the first time..

1420 days ago


What a role model girl! If you can't control your mind, your life will be screwed up one day.

1420 days ago


Ban Salvia, Legalize Marijuana, NOW!!!

1420 days ago


First of all you have to understand that this is a young girl that despite all her "adult like" behavior is still a dumb kid. Any substance that causes some one's inhibitions to slip needs to be controlled. There is a reason you have to be 21 to buy alcohol ( and I don't want to hear any progressive BS about how "do what you feel" is ok ).. Because truth is.. mind altering substances cause rapes, molestations, and death. Miley isn't ready for the world she is entering into.. no matter how much she thinks she is. Most of us have been where she is at.. but none of us were ever under the microscope she is under, nor have our moronic mistakes been cataloged. Miley needs to remember where her roots are.. where she started .. and who loves her without conditions. She won't get that from the press.. she can only find it within herself, her family and with those who truly care. I pray that when she is done with her "experimentation" she comes out of it ok and that she doesn't take too many young, and impressionable minds with her. She needs to realize that her target audience is still young girls under the age of 9. oh.. as a side note.. Miley is no Britney .. or even a Jamie.. so I dont want to hear that either.

1420 days ago


I'd say that the failed former California Assemblyman Anthony Adams had better watch out because Miley's bong hit has also fired up the anti-prohibition movement.

1420 days ago


That wasnt Salvia, it was weed. The pr people got wind that this was coming out and in order to protect their client they went with Salvia, since it is legal in CA. That way they dont have a hassle of a client who is a illicit drug user to try and push. Think about it people and dont let some PR hungry legislators try and turn this into something else.

1420 days ago


I don't get what people's big deal with this is. She smoked salvia and enjoyed herself with her friends. Why is having a mind altering experience for pleasure so horrible to people who have never tried it? If she isn't hurting anyone, what's the problem? Your kids might try it? Then guess what they might enjoy themselves too. What's the problem? The problem is people don't think for themselves any more they just regurgitate that same lines given to them in their brain washing via TV. Some words to live by "Question everything and don't have your opinions handed to you."

1420 days ago


I don't think it's as big of a deal as some people are saying. I mean salvia is legal and she's 18. But, it makes you trip hard for like 5-10 minutes. It also sucks that people who claimed were her friends put the video up on the internet. Never have pictures of yourself doing **** like that basically. And apparently it was her drug of choice. marijuana should've been the drug, not that **** haha.

1420 days ago


tgrfan42069, if you think that smoking pot and driving is wise and safe, than you are uneducated. There ARE numerous studies that show being high on marijuana and driving are dangerous too, as much as being under the influence of alcohol.

1420 days ago


Whoever is saying that was weed is badly mistaken... The effects of weed make you chill most of the time, paranoid, or panic attack for some people. The effect of Salvia is completely different, you get the reaction that she was having.

1420 days ago


For all of you with the "who cares as long as it's fun" BS.. let me say again.. when you do anything.. ANYTHING... that lowers your inability to control your actions.. if you take a substance that lowers your inhibitions it is dangerous. Alcohol,Salvia, Marijuana, Prescription Pills,Cocaine, GHB..are all harmful. NEVER assume that when you do these things you are safe ..even around "friends". You will do things, have things done to you that wouldn't happen if you were sober.These chemicals need to be regulated. No matter what anyone says.. there is a huge difference between 13 and 17, 18 and 21, 21 and 31.. Anyone who says differently is deluding themselves.

1420 days ago


Mind altering substances cause Rape, Molestation, and Death...Really? You just watched her use a mind altering substance and there was clearly no rape, molestation, or death. Using the substance irresponsibly might put you in to a situation where these things "could" happen but you can also be kidnapped from a parking lot and be raped and killed too. Your point is lame, Salvia doesn't rape people, salvia doesn't molest people, and you can die from just about anything any time. Leave your fear bubble and experience life. Your drugs are bad rhetoric is tired. It's like everything else, driving your car, drinking alcohol, or taking aspirin...USE RESPONSIBLY!

1420 days ago


#12 - I am blessed to be in the company of such a perfect person. I just know you were a virgin when you married and you stayed in your room praying to be good through your whole young life. PLEASE, grow up, remember your past and for once, just try to say something without the name calling. She is NOT out of control, she's a normal kid experimenting(maybe some of you should be watching your own children more, because they are no doubt doing the same thing.

1420 days ago

Sad sad    

"Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior" Forgetting some of the adults that want to join in on the fun too. LOL. We don't need no former OLD CA State AssM aking decisions for us. We need to start standing up against these stick in the butholes and get our freedom back. Last I heard this was America. Land of the free. More like land of control.

1420 days ago
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