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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Has anyone who has voted negatively in these polls ever done Salvia? The high lasts for like 2 minutes and it isnt like LSD at alllll......

1223 days ago


now how do you know for sure it was salvia? how do we know it wasnt pot? because if it was pot we know daddy couldnt save her if she were to get in trouble for it... she is a L.I.T for sure...

Posted at 8:52 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by Ashley

generally ashley you wouldnt smoke salvia alone and would mix it with pot so i doubt there was not pot in that bong.salvia is also not that harsh as portrayed by her and is used to smooth out harsh weak cheap pot with the psychadelic enhancements..YES I AM A POTHEAD ! :-@

1223 days ago


Besides her annoying laugh, I see nothing terribly wrong with the video or her actions. I was drinking, smoking cigarettes, and testing various drugs at 13-14... while most people wouldn't want their kids to do that (because it's idiotic), I turned out fine and many other adults who did stupid things as kids (up into their late teens, twenties) turned out fine, too.

Of course, most of us didn't have bank accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars.... I guess it could go either way with her.

1223 days ago


I still love Miley, its not good what shes doing and hopefully, by her watching this shell learn her lesson, but she has a lot going on right now, her parents are divorcing and its all over the news, she has NO privacy and this is probably the way she is coping with things, i do not think shell turn into a Lindsay, shes too smart for that..i love u MILEY...she is still GREAT.<3and the person recording is trying to get miley to say crazy stuff. i just hope miley finds better friends.

1223 days ago


Another observation, is this person filming her clearly wanted to get this out to the public. Friends if they love you and want the best for you don't do that to each other. The USER crowd in Hollywood is SICK.

1223 days ago


I bet she's a "freak" in bed!

1223 days ago


So what? She is a kid like most.Tell me you never did anything bad when you were a kid/young adult.

1223 days ago


She is supposed to be a role model to kids everywhere! She can act like an "adult" all she wants, but when you expect us to buy all the crap your face is on for our kids, you should make sure that face isn't filled with a bong--we no longer support Miley--I admit, being a teen was fun, but she is getting paid millions to be squeaky clean. bye bye, Miley

1223 days ago


whos to blame should have the option of "both"

1223 days ago


I like the people that say Salvia is worse than alcohol. Yeah, because the death ratio TOTALLY evens out...

1223 days ago


Who cares about her ? Her career is over anyway ...Kids liked her but shes too old for that group now and older people are smart enough to know she doesn't have any talent ...

1223 days ago


check out the kid in the corner eating frosted flakes out of the box..........and there was no pot there? MUNCHIES!

1223 days ago

daveedt you really think Miley wanted this to get out? Publicity stunt for who? TMZ? miley? She can do alot other things to get publicity. All it is telling me, is that Miley is going down the same path as Lindsey. Don't know if she has talent, my 16 yr old says no. She was into Hanna Montana, too.
I think Miley's going to go the country route, eventually.
Just my opinion...

1223 days ago


Jamie Foxx was right about Miley...

1223 days ago


You'd be surprised how many kids/young adults love being filmed /photoed doing completely stupid or illegal ****..Its like a whole generation of camera happy fame whores..dont believe me???Just look at FB or MS..its the "look at me, look at me" craze...narcissism is running rampant in todays youth

1223 days ago
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