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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Come on people, it's Salvia, show me one health problem associated with its use and I'd agree with the 58% who still think its okay to ban something that causes no damage except maybe partial stupidity. There are so many legal substances (alcohol and tabacco), over-the-counter and prescription drugs that kill millions every year, why not ban these instead? America is so against herbal drugs mainly because they can't market something that's not synthetic. Tell me of one person that has dropped dead from using salvia or pot? You can't because there aren't any. In fact, more people in the USA die or get sick from accidental overdose on things like Tylenol, Advil ect, you can't OD on salvia. The girl is 18, who at 18 hadn't had a drink, smoked pot ect. by that age? They don't all grow-up to be like Lindsay Lohan.

1357 days ago


You gotta pull the stem out to get all the smoke, dumb ass.

1356 days ago


Miley, Miley, Miley, very very disappointed this past year. i used to think you were the most BEAUTIFUL girl i had ever seen.
Now you're fulfilling the self-fullfilled prophecy of all your doubters that don't like you and think you're becoming another loser like LOHAN AND SPEARS. They all expected you to start behaving like a loser, and you are making their wishes come true.
Appreciate the gifts GOD gave you because you have been very blessed and start setting a good example for your young sister and your young fans before it's too late. when you have the ability to reach and positively influence so many young people, it has to be the most wonderful gift you can give someone. I hope you will begin to appreciate your influence. LUV YA!

1356 days ago


Stolen? Sure it was. The girl with the camera was way to interested in getting Miley to talk and then wanted her to do it again because she was not as messed up as she should be.

1356 days ago

gracie trix    

leave her alone! This video is hilarious, actually makes me like her more because it shows she's a real person! I've seen videos very similar to this one of my closest friends, makes me wanna blaze with her!

1356 days ago


miley is 18.. and salvia is legal. so technically she didnt do anything wrong. all these reporters who are saying s**t are real hypocrites.. they grew up in the 60s-80s.. im sure they did things that were A LOT worse than this when they were younger.

i honestly feel bad for her. she is surrounded by fake people all the time who are using her for 15 minutes of fame. like whoever recorded this, and then SOLD it is a f***ing douche bag. miley is still growing up, and she is currently dealing with her parents divorce... like thats hard enough when your not famous.

i just hope she can stay strong like she always has, and keep making music.
i dont know about everyone else, but im definitely still a miley fan!


1356 days ago


oh god, everybody search salvia on the web, and then make objections...

1356 days ago

Your mom.    

Sure, the drug is legal but should a Disney star be doing it? especially when they're debating on making it illegal? She's famous for one, if she's going to do it she least shouldn't get caught, idiot. I guess it's her choice though....

1356 days ago


Miley's beautiful and smart. She'll be even smarter if she reads The Salvia divinorum User's Guide
from The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center.
Salvia divinorum is an extraordinary herb used in shamanism, divination, healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness.
It should always be used in a thoughtful, intelligent manner, and only by responsible adults that are of sound mind and clear intent.
"The purpose of these sacraments is to purify, and to open the road. When it opens,
it's as clear as the blue sky, and the stars at night are as bright as suns."
—Aurelia Aurora Catarino (Mazatec shaman)

1356 days ago


It bothers me that everyone thinks that this is a huge disaster in her life. She tried a legal, mind altering drug that she clearly enjoyed. She was of age, so what is the big deal?

1356 days ago


Haha who cares? well... obviously i do.... But still I dont think she actually did it. She faking to seem edgy and cool. She wouldnt be able to talk right with salvia, trust me, and she didnt clear the bong so either she inhaled only a tiny bit or not at all. Also, her voice sounds so fake and the affects she described sound made-up. She keeps laughing and you dont do that with salvia. Shes just doing it to make herself seem interesting.

1355 days ago


I think it's absolutely ridiculous that parents are willing to boycott her after one mistake and blame her parents. These same people have children using or abusing drugs in their very home and are completely unaware of it (How good are your parenting skills?). Worry about your own children and stop trying find a role model to blame for your own child's issues. YOU are the role model. YOU have no-one to blame but yourself!

1355 days ago


I have no idea what the big issue is. Being in my late 20's just means I can still remember my late teens. College age, there is always experimenting. I am not saying its a good thing but its not a new thing. All this clip has done is bring Salvia into the light. If its not affecting the rest of her day and work then what she does on her own time is her own biz. But I will say, she was a dumbass for letting someone record it.

1355 days ago


Umm... it's legal. Who cares? If she were using illegal drugs or drinking, then it'd be an issue... but she's following the law. Don't crucify her for that. She didn't choose to be a role model for your kids--maybe the issue is parents who are too lazy to be role models for their own children!

Either way, you go, Miley. Get down with your bad, salvia-smoking self... but take it easy or you'll mess up your voice for life!

1355 days ago


I think all teenagers are going to go through this at one point. If you are an adult, and you say you never have, well then that just makes you a liar. The only difference between Miley and everyday teenagers is that if she does this kind of stuff, it gets recorded and posted for the world to see. I can simply say that I blame the friend(not really a good one that is). She was the one recording Miley and persuading her to do more. She's a b**** for recording Miley and giving it to the paparazzi. If anything, I feel bad for Miley because she obviously can't trust anyone therefore leaving her with no true friends. Also, notice how all of the "friends" in the background have their faces blurred out and are receiving no comments or harsh criticism for this video. If you dislike this video, do not agree with the things Miley is doing, or you do not like her for doing this type of stuff, well then that just makes you a flat out hypocrite. Seriously, common sense people, GROW UP!
Alexa, 16, TX.

1355 days ago
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