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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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miley has a nice laugh whenever I hear it i have no choice but to laugh too and I dont know why its just funny

Im puting out a request right now
lets all pray for miley
this is not her you know whos trying to mess things up

power is prayer
if everyone agrees in a prayer for her i belive she will start geting better over time

1372 days ago


wow people think salvia is worse than drinking? that makes no sense. if she was caught drinking, it'd be illegal.. at least it's salvia and legal. everyone needs to smoke some and chill out.

1372 days ago


ok i promise that the next thing we see will be a sex tape of her and yes!! i will be first inline to see it

1371 days ago


**** yall this a grown ass lady if she wanna smoke she can smoke shid she need 2 come smoke one with me

1370 days ago


Those polls must to be rigged. People just love hating on Miley. Just watch as she professionally pulls through this and she will by no means "go bye-bye"

1370 days ago


"What people should be asking is why this child is so stupid as to keep letting people record her doing this stupid ****." Are you really that stupid? Do you really think she was aware she was being taped at the time? she was smoking a bong, what do you thing she was aware of?

1370 days ago


i just wish she would hurry up and make a sex tape already if she was smart she would make ****ing millions like paris did

1369 days ago

vanessa & melissa    

we used to like Miley and now we know that she is a bad role model and we think she's a bad influence for kids and her career is DEAD and we will tell everybody and NOBODY will like her. she's the NEW Lindsay Lohan. started out as sweet turned into bad little daddy's girl.

1369 days ago


18 years old.. who cares .. i'd still bang it, its legal now

1367 days ago


Totally amazing how judgmental some people can be. I guess it’s easy to call someone a “slut” or “whore” or otherwise make critical comments from behind the computer. Also why do you not believe Miley is Christian? She says she is. And has mentioned her belief in God many times--even in the “Can’t be Tamed” credits. That’s good enough for me. Question: are you as critical of Lady Gaga, Britney, Christina, and others? Or have you just singled Miley out because you are jealous? I am Christian and listen to all kinds of music--from classic rock to heavy metal, rap, jazz, modern country, pop, including the artists mentioned above--hope you take notice that I’m not criticizing or judging any of them.

Another thing that really bothered me was someone actually compared Miley smoking the bong to “murdering someone.” Tell me how did you reach that conclusion? What kind of “logic” did you use? While I wouldn’t smoke Salvia, I know people that have--it is legal where I live and also in California. My feelings are that it was a relatively minor incident, appears (now) to be isolated, and the only person Miley might of harmed was herself. My only concern about the whole thing was for Miley--that she was OK and this wasn’t a sign of something more serious. That and I want her to get better “friends”!

Which leads me to something else I’ve observed… Almost all of the comments about the bong incident “passed judgment” or were otherwise critical of Miley. Many included inappropriate name calling, references to what she wears in her videos, and other things that either weren’t relevant or not even true! Almost all posts were completely illiterate--as most “haters” comments on the Internet are. Very few showed any sort of unconditional support or concern for Miley as a human being.

“Anakin44441” from YouTube

1364 days ago


she's a ****ing bich
****king little girl

but she love's

1352 days ago


U bitch!! u broke my sista's heart!!!! what kind of unexpected IDIOT r u????? U should think of what ur gonna do first!?!? matha' ****er.,.,.,. i would keep goin' put it would take me like 7 years to finish!!!! byee u suck ****s.,,..

1319 days ago


I think this was done to her purposesly and she should choose better friends.its only obvious the camera is only on her the whole time and they are asking her to say things only her so oops the video leaked umm humm i wonder who got paid fat for that video... when are celebrities gonna understand in thier world there are no friends just dollar signs looking for a way to come up well to those people i say... celebrities have to work hard for what they have it ws not jusyt ahnded to them they have to pretend to be someone they are not on a daily they are always being told what they can and aant do its really sad for money it is

1314 days ago


I think she is old enough to do what she's fine. I admit I've been a fan of miley 4 years, but beyond that, she is no longer a child.
Anyway a problem for her and her family

1309 days ago
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