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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Some role model for every young girl who looks up to her! Shes stupid for even allowing a camera around her, NO **** IT WILL BE LEAKED! and of all things Salvia? Marijuana would have been the better choice.

1381 days ago

john johnson    

who cares!

1381 days ago


dude for real its not a big deal you guys just have no life and worry bout some elses by the way im pretty sure every one has smoked or knows some one that smokes

1381 days ago


What a looser and likely the town BMX. Everybody rides!

1381 days ago


Why is 'who cares' not an option for these questions?

1381 days ago


Miley is no different then any other 18 year old girl. Unless you're a fu*kin prude at the age of 18 everyone smokes and drinks in normal life. It just sucks for her because she is so famous she cant have a normal teen life. I"ll get high with Miley! Seeing her in recent years has made me like her even more because I can finally see she a human.

1381 days ago


all i can say is that all of us as teenagers did stupid things and if every single one our experiences with drugs, alcohol were broadcasted in the media we would all be in serious trouble... one bong hit doesn't make her the next Lindsay Lohan. It just sucks that her friend sold her out and video taped this to share with the media...
if she is still someone's daughters role model i think the parent in that household is in trouble.

1381 days ago


Lol I saw this coming. Miley is mad freaking dumb...I swear. Her parents were stupid b4 by letting her get away with crap. But now that she is can see Miley is just as stupid as they are. People say the crap is's legal where I live too...but the crap can still get you high. And has other serious affects. One of them being you can have a seizure. Miley is a loser...and I know her career was going downhill since last year. She is done, over...haha they are gonna rip her apart. But that's good 4 her the talentless trash

1381 days ago


I think that people are totally over reacting to this situation. There are a lot of other "CHILD STARS" doing much worse! Most people at her age were experimenting with much more dangerous substances. At least she is doing something natural, not chemically synthesized, and made in a laboratory, or somebody's bathtub. Not that I at all condone what she is doing, or the message she is sending to our youth. But C'mon people. Salvia is a natural Herb, and as far as I know, it isn't a substance that is chemically altered, or cut with horrible things you'd use to kill a rat, or that can cause actual harm to people from using it one time. It's not like she is smoking Meth, or crack, or shooting up heroin. She was having a little fun with friends. Who are we to judge her actions? What happen's behind closed doors is no one's business but the people committing the act. If you can honestly say that you have never used any kind of mind altering substance, such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, pot, or far worse things, then maybe you can comment on her experimentation, but you cannot pass judgment upon others, when you haven't walked in their shoes. It's people like you guy's that put pressure upon these celebs, that cause them to go off the deep end. I guess all I am saying is it's not your place to get all bent out of shape over something that isn't as terrible as you'd like it to come across as. That girl has worked damn hard to get where she is, which is a hell of a lot more than most of you readers have or will ever accomplish. Stop the judgment, you are only making yourself look even more ignorant than you already are. So what if she want's to take an entitled little break from the scrutiny that is put on her from all you haters... it's people like you that turn people like her into raging alcoholic drug addicts. Live and let live, and if you can't handle her wanting a little break from the society you have all created, then I suggest you take a long hard look in the Mirror. Im sure that most of you have done something similar, and are just as bad, if not worse off than she is. Leave the poor girl alone, she deserves some down time from the judgement and constant spotlight she has endured for the past few years... Rock on Miley, and net time you feel you need to have some fun, don't allow camera's around.

1381 days ago


What a terrible example for our teens trying to grow up in this confused world. It's hard enough for the young girls to grow to maturity without getting pregnant or hooked on drugs. Now they have this spoiled immature child showing them what's "cool". SAD.

1381 days ago


Oh.... I do so hope Miley Cyrus will go bye-bye. No loss to anyone.

1381 days ago


Poor Miley, can't trust your friends. It was obvious they were trying to get you to do things so they could sell you out. You need to rethink your direction because you have so much talent, but too much money and free time. I love you beautiful Miley!

1381 days ago


just another case of too much too soon! Not much hope for Miley if she is even considering this type of behavior let alone doing it in public or in a place where she could be photographed. Shows just how much common sense she does have at her age.

1381 days ago


Its sad that everyone around her keeps letting this happen.. Its obviously her parents fault because IF they cared they would have stopped her when she started dating a 20 something yr old UNDERWEAR MODEL at just 16!! So sad how they lose control of their kids, just because they see them as money makers! Somebody needs to get rid of these bad "Role-models" they suck!

1381 days ago

You guys suck    

People on this site are clueless. I guess that's what happens when your target demographic is middle-aged women. If you think she's anything but a normal 18 year old, you live under a rock. Almost everyone I know tried salvia around here age. It's harmless.

Bunhca gossip mongering idiots around here.

1381 days ago
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