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Michael C. Hall's Wife

To File for Divorce

12/13/2010 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They play brother and sister on television and got married in real life -- but now Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have new roles ... they're gonna be exes, and TMZ has learned Jennifer is pulling the plug on the marriage.

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall Divorce
Sources tell TMZ Jennifer will file divorce papers this week, possibly tomorrow.

Hall and Carpenter have been separated for "some time."

The split was first reported by "Access Hollywood."



No Avatar


well that was quick...

1411 days ago

West Vasquez    

Who are these people and why are they on a celebrity news website?

1411 days ago


Yes, and she just had a baby during the summer

Pathetic losers

I remember the day "for better or worse" and "until death do us part" deal

Guess everyone thinks it's crap.

1411 days ago


So what I want to know is...if a guy divorces his wife, is she still his sister??

1411 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Anyone who’s ANYONE is getting divorced right NOW, It’s the IN thing to do. What - I Got served by like 3 broads myself today?? - - sweet. It’s a good thing cause there’s going to be a wave of amazing romances & cool marriages in the near future! My question is who are these d-bags getting married this month? Marriages wont come into style for at least another 9 months -lame.

1411 days ago


I am shocked. Only 2 years of marriage and have been separated "for some time"? That's too bad.
For those worried, Dexter has already been renewed for the 6th season.

1411 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Good! I'm sure Michael can do so much better than her.

...and I hope they kill Debra off next season. BTW- You fans do realize that they aren't even real brother and sister in the context of the show - he was adopted. You can bang your adoptive siblings.

1411 days ago

Gloria Unread    

I love that the title of this article is "Michael C. Hall's Wife to File for Divorce".

They didn't even use Jennifer's name. What a nice subtle jab, TMZ!

1411 days ago


I've been a fan of Michael C Hall since the Six Feet Under days. Plenty of people play gay characters on television, let's not forget Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, and ironically nobody calls them out for being "gay". I think a man has to be REEALLY secure with his masculinity to play a gay man on film, and while it does suck that he just got over cancer, nobody knows if there were problems in their marriage PRIOR to his diagnosis, and she stuck it out to be a good person until the "coast was clear", for lack of better verbiage. It's very, very, VERY difficult to work with someone you are in a relationship with, -especially- when you have to watch them make out with other people all day as part of their JOB. Did anyone else notice that Dexter/Deb moments were quite rare this season? I believe they are being quite professional about the whole thing, and Dexter will be back next season!

1411 days ago


hey Dexter is prolly the best tv show atm. Its sad that they are spliting, but i hope its for the better for both of them.

they are both good actors and we really like them.

Didnt know they were married btw!!

1411 days ago


Look - if some of you idiots want to say stupid things about how she looks, maybe you need to grow up. Remember, he fell in love with her and dumped his 1st wife of only 2 years. I have heard he is a cheat and probably doesn't make good husband material. At least she stuck with him thru his cancer battle. Who knows why they broke up but it is NOT because of her face.
Some of you people act like you're so beautiful and perfect.

1411 days ago


Next big thing in Hip Hop

1411 days ago


Sorry to hear that it didn't work but really living and working together just gets awkward no space to breath or grow. I absolutely love the show Dexter and I just can't imagine this whole incident not interfering with the growth of the show and that makes me mad and nervous,look at what happened to the Underworld movie series because the actress and the director decided to play house the series hasn't been the same.

1411 days ago


i dont care gay or not, id still hit that....

1411 days ago


That means goodbye Dexter! :/

1411 days ago
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