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Lindsay Lohan -- Who You Calling Provocative?

12/13/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan gets called a lot of not-so-pleasant things but the label that crosses the line is ... 'provocative' -- and sources say she's ticked at CNN for using the unspeakable word to describe her.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo was "beyond upset" to see her name on CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" as one of the most provocative celebs of 2010. Lindsay made the top five -- along with Miley Cyrus, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen -- but Lady Gaga took the top prize. 

Either Lindsay doesn't know what provocative means ... or she's pissed she lost to Gaga.

Fun fact: Lindsay's also nominated for 'Best Mug Shot' of 2010.



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The only dumbo's around here are those that believe this half baked story, its garbage. Bring on the next fantasy TMZ.

Posted at 3:55 AM on Dec 13, 2010 by gloday1

Or, maybe you #15 for putting an apostrophe on the word dumbo. Lindsay, is that you????

1357 days ago


She's so dumb I just love her. Merry Christmas everyone!

1357 days ago


The gift that keeps on giving for FanSwarm (the Facebook game!). I have her in my portfolio and get points every time she gets on TMZ!

1357 days ago


oh lord this bitch! You did this to yourself! Call that paps when your falling out of clubs with your puss hanging out, ummm yeah your provocative all right! Feel lucky your named anything other then hot mess of the year!

1357 days ago


good for her showbiz tonite has to be worst hollywood based show on tv. the girl and that other dude are more annoying then any celeb

1357 days ago


Oh, just die batch. And her mother and she are all upset about Paltrow making fun of her on Glee. ha ha ha What took you soo long to get offended because people have been making fun of your drunk/drugged-out ass fall in the bushes for years. I feel she is NOT provocative, just a train wreck we are all watching. Provocative sounds unusual and mysterious, this tramp ain't. Hurry, get 'er done already! I am sure her womb is already dead. ha ha ha

1357 days ago


That was about the best compliment LL has received all year.

1357 days ago


I`m with #7 on this one; You are all forgetting the IQ this young woman has. She has NO CLUE what provocative means. She called up Dina Lohan and Dina probably looked up the article on the CNN website and told her "you didn't even beat out that skank, Gaga." And that is the reason she's pissed.

1357 days ago


"Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ"

Smells like something Michael Lohan would say. I doubt Lindsay really gives a crap about Showbiz tonight on CNN

Posted at 1:00 AM on Dec 13, 2010 by Jim in Cali

Or Dina...

1357 days ago


Lindz has no idea what provocative means, uneducated little tart-lolol

1357 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

... when "Turd Media Zits" says, "sources close to ... " they're talking about their own pap making up sh*t ...

-- like they did on the thing with Steven Tyler adn Miley Cyrus ...

-- pure, unadulterated, lying sh*t --

the pap makes a statmement and then they go and say that Steven Tyler said it ...

-- riiii-i-ight ...

-- I'm surprised that Steven hasn't had his lawyers sue their butts ...

-- butt I guess they're really not even worth the trouble ...

-- who really gives a crap about it ?

IF "Thick Minus Zero" ever had any credibility ... which is HIGHLY doubtful ...

-- it was an entirely false, misplaced credibility assigned to it by the most gullible butt-heads in the world ...

-- the people who actually believe thsi stuff ...

1356 days ago


There is no way in HELL that this chick is provocative. She's got it right!! She's boring, old news, a "has been", and a no talent brat!! If she's so uneducated that she doesn't even know the meaning of the work provocative than she deserves to fall into the endless pit of anonymity.

1356 days ago


They are being nice Lindsay,most people think you are a dumb f***,s***bag,sober or not.

1356 days ago


One needs a bit of "class" to be provocative....."LiLo," and evidently the parents, too, are SO lacking in that one trait, that I'll bet they have trouble even SPELLING it! Why do the media continue throwing this 'has been" out to the public? Is that the only way she can remain a "STAR?!" (not.)

1356 days ago

Paris Hilton     

All you lozers that are calling her one well take a long look at yourselves go out with your friends, don't stay at a computer all day writing stupid stuff oh wait you guys don't have friends. LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE says me Biches go find a life who ever is supporting lilo bless your soul.

1356 days ago
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