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Michael Jackson -- 'Off the Wall' Remaster In the Works

12/13/2010 8:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Michael Jackson/Sony deal tell TMZ ... among the 10 albums in the works is a remaster of "Off the Wall" -- with the help of none other than Quincy Jones.

Michael Jackson Off the Wall
We're told the plan is for Quincy to take charge of the project, which will include some never-before-heard outtakes.

Another album will feature the soundtrack to the upcoming Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

There are reports circulating that Sony will release 10 original albums, but that's not true. In addition to the release of "MICHAEL" on Tuesday, we're told there will be at least one other album with original songs and at most two.



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Not Quincy Jones! I don't like Jones; He really thinks he has created MJ! He just forgot that Michael was still a big star and genius when he met him, instead of himself was still a LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody would know MJ without Jones's collaboration, but a lot of people would never know Jones without Michael! That's a fact!
Mr Jones, LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE and try to exist BY YOURSELF!

Posted at 5:26 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by Madeleine

LOL!!!!! I mean, ROTFLMAO! Up front, I guess I should admit that I'm not a huge Quincy Jones fan and never have been. I think he's arrogant and has a big knob on himself. IMO, he needs to shut his trap. But it's a bit of an exaggeration to say he would not have existed without Michael Jackson, or to call for him to exist on his own. LOL again! Jones was a "looser" when he met Michael? Hardly. Quincy Jones was and is a producer. He was never a singer and never claimed to be. He was working with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, and Ray Charles before Michael was BORN - and when Michael was still in diapers. Let's be realistic please. Those who don't know the facts or refuse to acknowledge them just come across as fools. Michael was incredibly talented for sure, and I'm a huge fan, but he was not the first incredibly talented human being to exist on this earth. Not everyone before or after him is a "looser", least of all Quincy Jones. Please.

1419 days ago


Does this mean that there will be long lines of little boys in their P/J's waiting for a treat? A big treat around $20-30 Mil!!

1419 days ago


DON'T want to hear no old music, I already have Off the Wall, the best album in my opinion. They don't have enough music for 10 albums, let's face it. They need to do a continuation of Jackson's An American Dream and bring in 200+ million at the box office. (Give me my portion for the ideal or I'll sue).

1419 days ago


Bring on a new version! Why not? It's a fun and happy song.

1419 days ago


Duh TMZ!!! This project was in the works when Michael was alive. Could you keep up please???


1419 days ago


I agree nobleday at the very least lets see what it sounds like before we judge it.

1419 days ago


So let's get this straight; the estate makes a deal with Sony for ten albums, then discovers there's only enough material for at most three albums (not including remixes), pretty funny, Michael's grinning ear to ear I am sure.

Here's what Sony could do to please the fans and make some money. RELEASE THE DAMNED TOURS ON VIDEO, BAD TOUR, VICTORY TOUR, HISTORY TOUR; Dangerous is already out there courtesy of HBO, I love it. That's what the fans want to see, not these damned remix albums; I have his originals, I want to listen to Michael, not all these dumb rappers who can't sing a note, so I'm more than pleased with my MJ Alive CD's. Sony, release the tours, you'll make a killing (oh, I forgot, that's already been done).

1419 days ago


No disrespect Juney but it's really not that funny. The contract is based on the amount of albums released. If they only have enough for say 3 albums the estate gets a prorated portion. That may not be a bad thing cause you know they will pervery MJ for any money possible. The kids will have enough money so all is good up in the hood :)

The only thing I am hoping for is integrity which I am sure will never happen. If sony thinks they can make a buck off MJ humming a song they will throw it together as an unrealeased tune.

Lets add to the miz Branka and company, it only gets worse. Why was he fired years ago? It centered on off shore accounts and embesselment.......

MJ had no choice but to hire him back as the people that surrounded him were ripping him off blind.....he was the worst of two evils. A week later he died :(

What I need and or want to know is when one of MJ's kids reaches the age of maturity do they then get handed the reins to make these decisions or are they forever in the estates hands?

A lot of damage can be done in ten years but like always my glass is half full I hope for more "quality" music and if it does not live up to MJ's expectations then I most certainly can remember him for what he created when he was alive.

As for the tower he had that contained his music that was stolen shortly after his death I wonder who has that?????

In any event I got sidetracked if the remixes turns on a new generation to his tunes so be it. I remember when my son said hey dad u gotta listen to this awesome tune.......LOL I said son heres the original now what do you think?

Keep the music alive folks share it with anyone who will listen.............

1419 days ago


um, who cares?

Posted at 3:29 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by sloppy seconds

You, who are always looking for news of MJ, as we all the world.

1419 days ago


Now futher to my comment think for a sec unless your a regular uninformed attention seeking troll here.....

Not only was MJ's family dysfunctional he also had to keep tabs on all his business affairs money and those around him.

WOW talk about a hand full no wonder he could not sleep. To bad his dysfunctional family and handlers chose not to get him help lets milk the cow.

It's sad very very very sad but no one views it like that only the plastic surgery and the charges he was aquitted on. On the upside Karma has a way of coming back around......


1419 days ago


Lets go one level deeper if I may.....

He has three kids all of which got to see Oprah, all of which know the staged autopsy is coming up.

No matter what you think of MJ would you tolerate this for your kids?

Wrong on so many levels........

1419 days ago


Not only was MJ's family dysfunctional he also had to keep tabs on all his business affairs money and those around him.

WOW talk about a hand full no wonder he could not sleep. To bad his dysfunctional family and handlers chose not to get him help lets milk the cow.

It's sad very very very sad but no one views it like that only the plastic surgery and the charges he was aquitted on.
Posted at 7:28 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by Scott

I agree that the Jackson family is dysfunctional (who wouldn't agree?), but you also have to consider that Michael was part of that family, that he grew up with those people, and that he too, had his own brand of dysfunction simply from being raised by them and around them. He does not escape the "dysfunction" label simply because he was the most famous.

I agree that the poor man undoubtedly could not sleep because fame and fortune and dysfunction overwhelmed him and took over his life. They talk about the price of fame -- this is it to the nth degree. The same thing happened to Elvis, the only difference being that Elvis did not become famous until he was about 21-22, so at least he had some years as a "regular" person. Michael did not even have that luxury.

I think it's a bit harsh to say his family did not get him help. I think they did try to get him help at various points. There were certainly enough of them, and you'll never convince me that no one cared or tried. Can I prove that? No. Probably no one will ever be able to prove it to the public, but still, I think it's true. When someone you love is suffering from addiction and mental illness that has built up over years of extraordinary cir***stances, it is easier said than done to get them help. The man was 50 years old and an adult and had money to do anything he wanted. In the end, he had the power to make his own choices and no one could force him to do or not do anything.

The whole story is one of ultimate triumph and ultimate tragedy. It is Shakespearean, actually. It was, imo, undoubtedly fueled by fate. In other words, I believe there was no stopping it -- the good or the bad. It went the way it was always intended to go, and ended inevitably. The tragedy of the ending was the price we had to pay for the best of it. All the while of course, people forget that this was a human being.

1419 days ago



1419 days ago


Ty Cathy you gave me something to mull over :)

Peace :)

1419 days ago
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