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Michael Jackson -- 'Off the Wall' Remaster In the Works

12/13/2010 8:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Michael Jackson/Sony deal tell TMZ ... among the 10 albums in the works is a remaster of "Off the Wall" -- with the help of none other than Quincy Jones.

Michael Jackson Off the Wall
We're told the plan is for Quincy to take charge of the project, which will include some never-before-heard outtakes.

Another album will feature the soundtrack to the upcoming Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

There are reports circulating that Sony will release 10 original albums, but that's not true. In addition to the release of "MICHAEL" on Tuesday, we're told there will be at least one other album with original songs and at most two.



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Point taken Cathy and a very good one to mull over tyvm :)

1407 days ago



You're well informed about MJ, but misinformed about Branca. Branca was only gone from the scene for a few months AFTER Michael realized that Weisner et al. were responsible for a missing $965K and Branca was cleared, at least in MJ's eyes.

The Interfor report can be viewed two ways. However, the result is that Branca was back with Michael in time to negotiate the 60 Minutes rebuttal to Bashir's horrible docrapmentary. Johnny Roberts on just wrote a five part series (which was inaccurate in many ways) BUT he released do***ents that had never been seen before. Those do***ents show that Branca was involved in the $70 million loan from Bank of America in 2006. In addition, Joe Jackson's claim against the estate also has do***ents that PROVE UNEQUIVOCALLY that Branca did in fact work for MJ until 2006. Branca said he walked away because there were too many shady people surrounding Michael.

1407 days ago


There is so much musical feature on "Hold My Hand", which is difficult to distinguish the MJ in a few moments. That sucks.

1407 days ago


Right on Chico humilatly is good for ones sould I seem to be getting a lot of it lately. Believe me my intentions are good my info may be a bit ummm questionable? :(

In any event I thank you for the info gives me something to look up, it's nice to have an iteligent conversation on these boards for once and yes the same goes for you Cathy....

Peace to both of you and thank you for the eye openers :)

1407 days ago


Ty Cathy you gave me something to mull over :)

Peace :)

Posted at 8:01 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by Scott

Peace, Scott. Just wanting to express my opinion. I thank you for giving me the freedom to do that and for listening. Not everyone has the tolerance to do so as decently as you. :)

1407 days ago


15, ...... More for my collection. Woo Hoo. Can't wait.
Posted at 4:16 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by Daphne

The dialogue/attitude of a middle aged woman?
Woo Hoo?

1407 days ago


Ty Cathy it is so refreshing to have someone not comment in a negative way on these forums I look forward to your future posts and yes you 2 Chico.

I love to hear any informative info on MJ so please keep it coming...........

peace. :)

1407 days ago


i thought q said to leave his stuff be...well the good thing about that is it will piss off oprah LOL..she loves q and hates mj

1407 days ago


Tellit as you know I am a very defensive person but feeding you attention that you can't get at home really is wrong. That said have you checked with the doctors as to why you menstrate 29 out of 30 days a month or does that have more to do with Unwell or Greg as we call him?

Just concerned sweetie cause it's not normal.........

We really r concerned if u need a referral please let us know.

Peace babe :)

1407 days ago


Ty Cathy it is so refreshing to have someone not comment in a negative way on these forums

Posted at 8:20 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by Scott

Isn't it though? Amazing that people can disagree and still be decent to one another and listen to one another's viewpoints with intelligence and perhaps gain some insight from differing perspectives. Hope you'll stay with us, Scott. This board is desperately in need of more maturity. We have some great posters, but unfortunately not enough who are willing to discuss Michael, his life, and his legacy in a calm, intelligent, and open-minded manner.

1407 days ago


Reruns..reruns...reruns. So many people making so much dough from these tired albums. Poor MJ, sorry there are so many people out to get rich off the dead guy. Will this ever stop.

Posted at 4:15 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by sla


I totally agree! Anyone who is truly a MJ fan would know that he was meticulous about his work, and only wanted certain things released. He was very controlling because he knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew how he wanted his music released. Now it seems that the vultures are rereleasing new music, old music, anything to make a buck! This is NOT what MJ wanted!!

1407 days ago


q is revered in his field of expertise and he really is fantastic at what he does, but i think what always drove him crazy because he has a huge ego is that just about ANYTIME he is interviewed the person doing the interview asks about mj and whats he like etc, the same cannot be said for when mj was interviewed q name did NOT always coming up
it just grates on the guy, mj was so successful so young. and i think he was bitter that mj didnt want to continue the collaboration ..a young man wanting to try new things and an older guy saying the had a terrific thing going with the recordings.why stop there.. just two different generations.
i really deep down think that q really loves mj..jim
night all

1407 days ago

on MJJ's side    


1407 days ago


"In France, Sony's chairman - Mr. Nicolas Renault - said about "Keep Your Head Up", "Breaking News" and "Monster" :
"You know, the estate of Michael Jackson did not hide the intervention of another singer (James Gate) on these three songs."

Yea, right. This was right after he asked "Do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can?"
It's Sony BMG doofus and the guy's name is Christophe Lameignère. Disregard the above item by chuly because it's a FRAUD.

1407 days ago


i really deep down think that q really loves mj..jim
night all

Posted at 8:31 PM on Dec 13, 2010 by nan

Of course, he does. Anyone who would spend so much time on these boards gotta be an MJ fan. The question is, should we ignore him/her. It is a resounding Yes. LOL x 2.

1407 days ago
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