Nicki Minaj's New Year's Bash Think Pink

12/13/2010 10:00 AM PST

Nicki Minaj's New Year's Bash -- Think Pink

Nicki Minaj is taking the whole "Pink Friday" thing to new levels -- because TMZ has learned her New Year's Eve party figures to feature more pink than Barbie's dream house.

Minaj is playing the role of host -- alongside Nik Richie of -- at Mansion in Miami, FL on NYE. We're told the club shelled out $50,000 on an all-pink decor -- including cotton candy machines, carpets, drapery, aerialists, dancers and a specially designed midnight light show in Nicki's honor.

Oh, and all the waitresses will be wearing butt pads in an homage to Nicki's infamous derriere.

Sounds more like a Sweet 16 than a NYE party.