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Oprah Gives Away

More Than a Mil

in Australia

12/13/2010 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey dropped serious cash on some Australians during a taping of her show today ... including $1,000,000 worth of computer equipment to a local school.

O gave over $1 million of HP and Microsoft gear to the Canterbury Boys School -- including a laptop for every teacher and student.

In a particularly tear-jerking moment, Oprah presented a check to a man battling cancer in the amount of $250,000, courtesy of Microsoft. They also got an Xbox 360 video game system.

The episode will air some time in 2011.


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She gives away other people's stuff but how much is her's, the people in this country are hurting also if you didn't notice. Maybe you can think of your fellow children of the USA.
Have a nice trip in Australia and keep it up

1406 days ago


bahaha you americans make me laugh. always going on about being the greatest nation on earth and you dont even have health care! now youre all bitter over oprah giving some money to some deserving people whilst on her visit here. is a person more deserving of assistance just because they were born in the country she was born in and apparently "greatest nation on earth"? if youre so worried about people living in poverty go whinge to your government, thats their responsibility, not oprahs.

1406 days ago


circular economics in play.
Oprah.. is US.. you and me.. where do you think oprah gets her money.. from YOU.. via vendors, advertising dollars etc..
WE gave all that stuff away... Oprah is simply our santa claus.
If she DIDN'T give it away.. it would eventually end up with us thru income, gift and estate taxes...
Circular Economics.

1406 days ago


keep it up OPRA. You will for ever be remembered in Australia especially with the Opera House renamed after you ,however spending lavishly at this era when the HIV virus is killing so many,with Haiti ,Afghanistan and poorer states in Africa/Asia even in the U.S needs urgent assistance ,i suggest you should have thought of that in the first place.

1406 days ago


Oprah could afford to give, she's not married, has no children to support and she is probably the richest woman in the world. What about helping the schools in the USA?

1406 days ago


The very first comment was exactly what I've felt about Oprah for a LONG TIME! She helps every kid but those in the states. I remember her once saying that kids here were ungrateful but that is a why open ended statement. There are PLENTY of kids here in the states that would love to have an opportunity to learn and PLENTY of cancer patients here that could use a quarter of a million dollars.

I just don't get the fascination with this woman. And before anyone says its her money - I know that but Oprah MADE that money off people she won't give back to. I remember when she started off with a Jerry Springer type show - lots of 'black folk' drama and today she can't help any of her own get a leg up? Dang there is a hot spot waiting for you Oprah so enjoy all of your billions while you can because God isn't sleep and he knows the TRUE intentions of your heartlessness.

1406 days ago

Michelle Moore    

JLS, get your facts straight before having a go!! It IS a well known fact this trip came at a cost to Australian tax payers, but as I had already stated apparently Aus will get our money back from her advertising Australia overseas! It is also a well known fact she only contributed a small amount to this trip, most of what she has done in Australia was paid by us. I wasn't complaining bout that I was actually saying she should do more for the USA, which she does contribute to schools etc over there. You can keep Oprah, most of Australia could not care less bout her.

1406 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, and there are only 5 students in that school....yeah, m, uh huh...real generous...;D

1406 days ago


Hope Oprah finds an Aussie! They're sexy.. and Eat Kangaroo won't ever get me to go there.. Who thought of that? Terrible media and comments.


1406 days ago


Okay so I am usuallu a huge ooprah fan but for the life of me I can't understand why she is helping so many people in other countries when we have hungry, undereducated kids, and deperate people in this messed up country that could use her help! I am by far even close to be a millionaire but his Christmas I gave to my community! whats wrong with her. Is she anti american?

1405 days ago

Samantha King    

Gee whiz thanks Oprah for your generosity to one of the most exclusive boys schools in Australia!!!! For f's sake!!! What about the little country schools that the government is shutting down, because the council can no longer sustain them??? No??? Gotta give to the rich kids!!!

1404 days ago
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