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Michael Moore Posts Bail for WikiLeaks Honcho

12/14/2010 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore has anted up $20,000 to help post bail for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.

Michael Moore WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Moore just blogged, he will do anything he can to keep WikiLeaks "alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars."

Moore takes note of Rep. Peter King, who called WikiLeaks a "terrorist organization."

Moore fired back, "And indeed they are! They exist to terrorize the liars and warmongers who have brought ruin to our nation and to others.

Perhaps the next war won't be so easy because the tables have been turned -- and now it's Big Brother who's being watched ... by us!"

It looks like Assange will get out on $310,000 bail.

UPDATE: Swedish prosecutors are challenging Julian's bail ... so he'll remain in custody for the time being.


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Someone should drop Moore in the middle of Antartica with Assange and let them butt **** each other. This is America, you are either with us or get the **** out! USA USA USA!

1376 days ago


innocent until proven guilty! thats why you have become a nation of hypocrites. it is sad seeing that you don´t actually live what you preach...

1376 days ago


PS; we the world really do NOT know if it was RAPE, so far the Swedish government did not provide nothing to show the world that indeed Mr Assange " did" rape 2 woman.

I call this BS from the swedish government.

1376 days ago


Bravo Wikileaks! At last the truth. Too bad some of these posters have a problem with that.

1376 days ago


I really can't believe how ignorant you americans are. The rest of the world has really lost hope that there are some smart ones, sadly I feel like there are just far too many stupid ones. Stop making everything about left and right.. liberal vs conservative.. its all a charade. Michael Moore has done nothing but try to help your country and open up your eyes to how stupid you all are and what sheep you have become. Your news agency says the word rape, or terrorist and that's all you take from a story. Get all the facts before you start waving your flags because as much as you tell yourselves other countries are jealous.. your are completely wrong. NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF YOU.. everyone else sees how incredibly stupid and controlled your country is. I'm not bashing america either I'd love to see you guys succeed and start questioning your government and become educated and **** off with this liberal vs conservative nonsense.. but I'm afraid you guys are too afraid to ever break free of the shackles the wealthy and elite have placed on you..

1376 days ago


lhartwell and Atom Don, what don't you understand about the fact that we are at wary. Should all military secrets be made public?

Posted at 11:18 AM on Dec 14, 2010 by Moe Green

No Moe..all military secrets should not be made public. But those that prove we were sent to war with less than honest reasoning should be. Those that prove we are going against the Geneva Convention should be. Those that prove our military or government are lying to us should be.

We should know the truth about what our military's intentions are. These are our sons being sent to fight a war that had no basis in reality. We should not be losing family members or friends there. (Yes I've lost both.)

This president is taking care of the last administrations mess. I see no reason for WikiLeaks to be stopped.

If our the government was HONEST with us WikiLeaks would not exist or if it did it would be redundant information.

1376 days ago


You guys do know that he is not being charged with rape right?! His actual charge is "s!! by surprise" in swed speak that means the condom broke during consensual s!!. Consensual people that means 2 willing participants, not rape, not force, not violent. Two people in an act of passion, with an oops. I don't know any guys that would break a condom purposefully after putting it on to begin with. Ironically, at least one of his accusers has worked with the CIA in the past. Hmmm....sounds like a wiki setup to me.

1376 days ago

Jose Gutierrez    

i agree with all whom are against the US government. The government holds details of what they do from all Americans. If you are not in the government, you dont know what is planned. There is an agenda that is being followed, and yes, all americans who have not took the time to realize that what are government is trying to do to us, those are the real s***bags... You are letting a group of people, who no longer have any respect to GOD or his son jesus christ, take over all of your rights... We are being raped by the US Government...

1376 days ago

larry tinn    

polls say s***bag? you ppl are'll be walking the cattle run next!

1376 days ago


This makes me happy.

1376 days ago


You all are aware that he is not being charged with rape.

He's being charged with "s@@ by surprise" which means the condom broke during consensual s@@.

why not try reading the news before writing such things.

1376 days ago

Missing piece    

Disgusting... yes its okay to leak the locations of offensive attacks on Terriost s***, yes its okay to put the lives of the the American women and men who are fighting for freedom. We have to make this stop..

1376 days ago


Let's see how many people like Wikileaks when bombs start dropping on our heads.

1376 days ago


This is news? Once again, Michael Moore is creating the 'news' and facts to adjust to his agenda. He has done that with every one of his crockumentaries. He just put his down payment on his next do***entary with Asange.

1376 days ago

melissa b    

#7- I agree 100% w you. Lets just all sit around w our thumbs up our asses while our GOVERNMENT throws everything we've fought for down the drain and continues to lie, cheat and steal. But oh no, after everything you idiots still trust them. I hope all of their dirty little secrets come out once and for all. This country is awesome and they are ruining it. Why why why why do you believe all the bullsh*t they shove down your throats?!

1376 days ago
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