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O'Reilly Burns Miley

'Pathetic' for Smoking Bong

12/14/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly lit up Miley Cyrus last night for lighting up a bong-load of salvia -- calling the former "Hannah Montana" star "pathetic" ... and officially calling an end to her reign as a role model.


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To #12:

"Of course, she's going to experiment with drugs like EVERY OTHER TEEN! Too bad she doesn't have any privacy!"

Are you just an effin' idiot or is this MILEY herself????

1345 days ago


she never was a role model

but its sad that people perceive people on tv to be people you look up too. you can enjoy there talents and enjoy the show they put on. but if your following footsteps to someone you just dont know your the idiot in the first place >_>.

p.s. if you didnt tell your kids that shes just a television star then your a bigger idiot....

Posted at 7:04 AM on Dec 14, 2010 by lol people

Exactly what I was thinking!! When did all this "role model" garbage start, anyway?? What happened to PARENTS being their kids "role model"??? Like "when I grow up, I wanna be just like my dad"....OR...."when I grow up, I'm NEVER gonna do that to my kids"
Seems to me, this has just become the "lazy mans way" of parenting these days. Then, they can blame these Hollywood FREAKS when things go wrong.
Eff these spoiled kids and drama queens like Lindsay, Paris, Brittney, etc...and YES, Miley Cyrus!! She became "famous" because her dad sang a stupid song that became a hit...for the life of me I'll NEVER understand WHY.
Disney saw dollar signs and the rest fell into place for her and her washed up dad to hold on to some semblance of a "career", as well....many years later. "Role model"?? Can you say LOSER and MEDIA HOUND???
Parents AND children, who try to "act" like these idiots, need a reality check.
AND, parents who teach their children to be like "so and so" are NOT being parents at all!!
What happened to "everyone is an individual"???
Do we REALLY want our kids to be like these "role models"?? Do you REALLY want a world of "Miley Cyrus's" running around?? Or "Paris Hilton's"???
And, the Hollywood freaks who TRY to pass themselves off as "role models"...they're just pathetic, self serving jerks.

1345 days ago


its just an opinion from another teenage girl. i think this story needs more of those. not just comments from judgemental adults.

1345 days ago


thank you #18

1345 days ago


Baby steps toward a life run a muck. So many other Hollywood people have gone down the same path. We've seen it time and time again.

Too bad Miley couldn't keep herself together. I disagree with TMZ Live on this one. These things are usually entries into other drugs. Miley has the money and time to pursue all sorts of bad things. Stronger Hollywood people have suc***bed bit by bit before her.

Now that her parents are divorced her refuge is gone and being eighteen allows her to do any stupid thing. Maybe in Hollywood this is "normal" but it is not "normal" in other parts of the country. Not everyone does drugs...salvia...drugs...whatever.

1345 days ago


@15 Right cause we all know that exceptional athletes and smoking out of a bong are mutually exclusive.

*cough*Michael Phelps*cough*

1345 days ago


Personally, I am a Miley fan. Everyone makes mistakes and i don't think she is "pathetic". It isn't her fault she has no privacy, and of course she's going to experiment with drugs like every other teen in the world. The fact that salvia is the most popular drug in the u.s. now that miley tried it just makes our country look pathetic..

Be your own person. Even if you have a role model doesnt mean you need to be exactly like them by doing everything they do. because that makes YOU look pathetic.

Posted at 7:28 AM on Dec 14, 2010 by anna

Her fans are CHILDREN. Their brains are not fully developed and they are easily influenced by their peers. Miley did everything she could think of to endear herself to our children and get their money. Now she's decided to change course and target another group for their money. Unfortunately, the children have been left hanging here and many are still following her lead. For example, the huge demand for salvia now that Miley promoted it. Most young people are not experimenting with drugs and many are very anti-drugs of any kind. That doesn't get publicized. Every druggie promotes their drug of choice because they know they are in the wrong and want support from others to justify their bad choices. Read the idiotic posts on here promoting drug use, if you can. There are a lot of young losers out there and Miley has become their hero. Where is she going to take them next?

1345 days ago


My Miley Cyrus Rant:

Can we leave this poor kid alone? She is 18, it was legal leave her the **** alone!

I am sorry that you are such a poor parent that you encouraged you children to look at some kid who was being pimped out by her parents and Mickey Mouse as a role model. Real role models are people like Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret Sanger, Gandhi, Madame Currie, and others who have actually done something productive in the world, not some little sk**k who can kind of sing. If you are distraught because your child’s role model was smoking whatever out of a bong, then you didn’t raise your child to have the right role models, period. Your fault, not Miley’s.

1345 days ago


Yeah, this from a guy addicted to OxiContin! Nice!

1345 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

#26 - you're wrong. WTf?

1345 days ago


#25: is right, its the parents role to teach from right and wrong, not a teenager who is just learning that for herself

1345 days ago


yeah #26 that was Rush Limbaugh... Pains me to defend Bill O'Reilly, but it is the truth

1345 days ago


Must be a slow news week for this pinhead. This is an 18 yr old girl celebrating, and experimenting, as we have all done, GIVE HER A BREAK!! She never asked to be a role model, if she is. She is trying to cope with her parents divorcing, as well as breaking this mold of a teen role model. She has said repeatedly she is not, and has tried to break free from this. I guess O'Reilly doesn't read the real news.

1345 days ago


What you didn't know? Made the news yr ago or so. He's such a hypocrite. Look it up online. OxyContin

1345 days ago


Maybe Bill should offer her a shower and loofahs

1345 days ago
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